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Location-based services are serving people all day round, including Apple and Google location services, news feeds, AR games, dating apps, map navigation, location modification apps, etc. With the growing popularity of location-based services, we just have a simple mission, which is to help you improve and enjoy your life more. This means that we’re dedicated to focusing on how to simplify your life with location-based services. So Virtual Location is aiming to provide you information and recommend the best software that relative to your iPhone or Android GPS location.

We cover information for enlightening you about the use of virtual location:

  • - How to more effectively use Apple and Google location services to position precisely and stay you away from information leaks.
  • - Test popular GPS modification tools on the market to help make your most valuable choice.
  • - Study the play strategy of mobile games like Pokemon Go and Harry Potter Wizards Unite, and teach you how to grow and win in a short time.
  • - Help you understand the use of various dating software app which based on your location, and gain more suitable match.
  • - Explore the use of various location sharing app to simplify your life and protect your privacy.
  • - And more…

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