Google Has Your Location Wrong? 8 Fixes to Restore to Normal
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Google Has Your Location Wrong? 8 Fixes to Restore to Normal

Is Google Search showing your location wrong? Here are 8 wonderful fixes for you to follow and ensure that your location is updated and you enjoy all the benefits.
author of this article Apr 02,2020 / Posted by Felix Baynham

Let us suppose that you planned a family trip to a holiday location which is new for you and wanted to use Google maps to reach that location. But, when searched for location, Google is showing wrong location.

In such cases, you will not be able to reach your destination and your whole plan goes into trash which is disappointing. Don’t Panic! Here are 8 fixes for your Google maps to show exact location and ensure that you have a safe and happy trip.

Part 1: How to Fix Google Map not Showing my Location

Fix 1: Grant location permission to browser or Google Maps

There are many location based apps which need to get the location permissions to know your exact location which include Product delivery apps, Maps and other third party apps.

For these apps you need to grant the location permissions to the browser or Google Maps by following the below steps on your android device. we are taking Chrome as an example.

Step 1: Open Chrome and tap on the menu at the upper right corner of the screen.

Step 2: Tap on “Settings”.

location permission 1

Step 3: Go to “Site Settings” > “Location”.

location permission 2

Step 4: Ensure that the Location access is enabled or not.

Fix 2: Change location mode to the high accuracy mode

When you are travelling from one place to another due to low signal of your mobile network, Google maps may show wrong location.  To avoid this and get to know the exact location you must enable the High accuracy mode on your Android phone.

To enable the high accuracy mode, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Go to the “Settings” firstly and then tap on “Location”.

Step 2: Switch the location on. Go to the “Mode” option and turn on “High Accuracy”.

lhigh accuracy mode

Fix 3: Use precise location or update location in your browser

It is very essential to use your precise location because Google uses your location to show the most relevant search results that are available in location. For example, if you are searching for some super market and if your location is updated, you can see all the super markets available in your location.

To use the precise location follow the below steps:

Step 1: On your Android phone or Tablet, open your browser and search for anything.

Step 2: Scroll bottom to see your location.

Step 3: To get your updated location, tap on “Use Precise Location”.

Note: These steps are not applicable for the “Google” app as you will not be able to see the “use Precise Location” option there.

use precise location

Fix 4: Check internet connectivity

The primary reason for Google Maps giving wrong location details is due to bad or no internet connection. If the internet on your android phone is active and running you will be able to get the exact location details.

To check whether you have an active internet connection or not, follow the below steps:

Step 1: On your Android phone, launch the “Settings”.

Step 2: Tap on “Connections”.

Step 3: If you have a Wi-Fi available, check whether “Wi-Fi” option is enabled or not.

Step 4: If you have an active mobile network, tap on “Mobile networks” and check whether the mobile data is active or not.

Bonus: Try to disable the network connection once and turn it on within 10-15 seconds. See if it works.

Fix 5: Check whether VPN is on

VPN networks might show your location wrong some times as they are the network which are present in some other location and allow you to connect remotely. If you find that your location is shown wrong when VPN is connected, you must have given all permissions unknowingly. So, it is recommended to turn off the VPN.

To off the VPN, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Start with going to “Settings” and tap on “Connections”.

Step 2: Now, head to “More Connection Settings”.

Step 3: You can check if any VPN is connected. If not, move to the next fix. If yes, disable it.


Fix 6: Disable a location spoofer and the Allow mock location feature

Mock Locations are mostly used to spoof your location when you are playing some location centric apps like gaming or dating apps. This can be a result why you get to see the wrong location on Google maps. Therefore, as the next suggestion, you need to turn off location spoofer app if any by simply diabling the mock location feature. Let us know how to do it.

Step 1: Firstly, Developer options need to be turned on. And for this, go to “Settings” and choose “About Phone”.

Step 2: Tap on the build number for seven times continuously so that you will get a prompt that “You are now a developer”.

enable developer option

Step 3: Now go to “Settings” > “Developer Options”.

Step 4: You will be able to see “Select mock location app” option. Tap on it and from the menu, tap “Nothing” to disable the feature as well as the spoofing app.

mock location disable

Fix 7: Use updated Google Maps and Play Services

If you are worried that Google maps is not finding your location, check whether your Google Maps and Google Play Services are updated or not. These two services are interconnected by the Google servers and hence need to be checked if outdated. Here is how you can check it and take actions accordingly.

Step 1: On your Android phone, open “Google Play Store”.

Step 2: Tap on the three horizontal lines at the top left and choose “My apps & games”.

Step 3: Look for the Google Maps app in the list of “Update” section.

Step 4: If it is there then it means the app is outdated and requires update. Tap on “Update” and open the app to check if still it shows wrong location.

Step 5: Do the same with Play Services as well.

update app

Fix 8: Go to unblocked areas with strong signals

If any of the above methods are not of any help for you, this is simply an unfortunate moment. Upon checking all the connectivity and network issues, if still you have not reached to the results, we are afraid that the signals are poor in the location where you are. Therefore, as a suggestion, you should try locating yourself where the signals are strong and the areas are not blocked.

The Bottom Line

Any of the above mentioned fixes will ensure that your Google Maps will not report any wrong location.  The key points to ensure when location is seen wrong are to check whether the internet connectivity is active and check whether you have allowed access to your location.

Follow these fixes to ensure that your location is updated and enjoy all the benefits provided by the Google Maps.