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For Dummies: Location Knowledge about Google Pay

Why Google pay is suitable for you for pay offline? Learn to locate Google Pay ATM near you.
author of this article Apr 02,2020 / Posted by Felix Baynham

Google started its wallet service with Google Wallet in 2011 and Android Pay in 2015. In 2018, their merging leads to the formation of a highly secure online payment system “Google Pay”. It is not merely a digital wallet or payment system. People from various parts of a country can purchase movie tickets or order items and pay for it securely sitting at home. The peer-to-peer payment between loved ones is also possible. In addition, you can locate stores that accept Google Pay near you, Google Pay ATM locations, gas stations that accept Google Pay and so on. It is available for Android users with NFC (Near Field Communication) and HCE (Host Card Emulation) support.

Part 1: Why Google Pay for payment?

Google Pay processes payment quite faster when compared to other payment systems. The app is protected with multiple layers of security to avoid malicious payments. It uses NFC which works the same as contactless payment. Many e-commerce sites, offline markets, gas stations, departmental stores support Google Pay for transactions. It has a bundle of features that ease the transactions among different users.


  • It enables an easy way of online integration.
  • Merchants can increase the sale of their products.
  • With zero transaction fees, users get a quick mode of payment.
  • Transactions are processed within a few seconds.
  • Get rewards, loyalty cards, and much more.
  • Tokenization method helps in avoiding the data breaches.

Part 2: Where are places that accept Google Pay?

Visit a departmental store near you. You will see either the contactless payment symbol or the Google Pay logo at the cash register. If you want to do it from the comfort of your home, then it is possible using the app itself. Millions of stores around you are accepting Google Pay. You mainly have to start with adding a card to find stores that accept Google Pay near you.

Steps to Add cards to your account

Step 1: Install the Google Pay application 

The first thing you have to do is set up the application properly. Install and launch it. Tap on “Get Started”. After that, hit “Connect to Gmail” and provide location access to it. 

Step 2: Add Payment Method

Open the “Payment” tab and then click on “Add Payment Method”. This can also be done with the “Home” tab. Now, hit “Pay with your Phone in Stores”. Choose the “Set it up” option. Now, if you have already added the card on Google Play Store or another service at Google then it will ask you to add it on Google Pay or not.

add card gpay

Step 3: Adding a new card

You have to tap on “Add a new card”. Hold the card for a while in front of the camera. Wait for the camera to capture the data on it. Verify the information like card’s data and CVC number. After doing it, click on “Save”. 

Steps to Find the  Places That Accept Google Pay

Step 1: Launch Google Pay

Open the Google Pay application to locate places that accept Google PayMostly, it will show you the data of places located closest to your home.

Step 2: Get the stores list

At the home screen, you can view the “Google Pay Nearby” option after scrolling for a whileThe app will show you the list of stores near you when Google Pay is accepted. To get a broad list of stores, you can tap on “See More”.

find place gpay

Part 3: How to find Use Google Pay at ATM for Withdrawing Cash?

Some ATMs support Google pay but you have to ensure from the bank first. Being contactless, this is the specialty of Google Pay ATMs. In case, you forget your ATM card at your home or lost it, then use a unique code given by the bank. Google Pay ATM near you accepts the contactless cash withdraw feature. Contactless ATMs are simply those that are sported with a contactless reader. Instead of bankcard, use your mobile device to withdraw money from the ATM.

Steps to Withdraw Money from a Contactless ATM

Step 1: Open Google Pay

Visit the nearest contactless ATM or spot it with the app. Unlock your phone after reaching. Launch the Google Pay app.

Step 2: Choose the card

Now, you are required to choose the virtual debit card depending on your bank.

Step 3: Get Money

You can withdraw the desired money by tapping on the contactless symbol present on the ATM. Type the PIN of your card. The ATM will take a minute to verify your details and finalize the transaction.

withdraw cash gpay

Part 4: How to do location change if I’m abroad?

When you are not in your home country then it’s essential to create a new profile. Google Pay country changing is not available for any user. Changing your location really influences the working of Google Pay but you can fix it with a new profile. Once you create a new payment profile, it will not affect the payments you have made for the current services. Google Pay location is especially for improving user experience. The steps that you have to follow should be like this:

Step 1: Sign in to Google Pay

Launch Google Pay in your device. Sign in to the Settings option. Go to your Payments profile and the next to “Country”, click “Edit” and then “Continue”.

Step 2: Change the location

Select the country related to the payment profile. Enter the address information. In the end, just click on “Submit”.

Final Words

Google Pay is better in terms of security, speed, and reliability so considering it as your default payment application would be a great choice. You can find gas stations that accept Google Pay, order food items from the nearby stores and transfer money quickly to a loved one. It provides you numerous facilities along with easing online transactions, offline contactless purchases, withdrawing money from ATM, etc.