How to Share and Check Locations Using Google Maps QR Code
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How to Share and Check Locations Using Google Maps QR Code

It is the right time to learn about Google location code. Do you have any idea on QR code maps location? Get to know about the tips and tricks of QR code from Google maps.
author of this article Apr 10,2020 / Posted by Felix Baynham

Due to the advent of Google maps location sharing has become an easy task. Identify your address on the world map and locate it out easily using the map view on your gadgets. Tanya is seriously involved in her wedding arrangements. Amidst her busy schedule, she could not find time to meet her friends who were scattered beyond boundaries for an invite. She was struggling and her poor time management skills led her to hunt for a better way to send a wedding invitation to her friends through the electronic media.

Finally, she has come up with an effective idea to create an event text with Google geocode the address. It is a sophisticated method to invite your friends and family for special events within a short period. This strategy assists you to share the location details easily with your friends and family without any issues just by a single tap.

Part 1: Why Google Maps QR Code?

You must be familiar with QR code which appears in the commercial products invisibly carrying price tags. Now you are going to learn about a QR code from Google maps which carries location details in a precise way.

So what is the reason to go for this QR code in Google Maps?

  • Share exact location data
  • Send the details to many people at a single click
  • Easy to figure out the location
  • Convenient and comfortable mode of sharing in an online platform
  • Customizable as per your desire

There are two types of QR code in Google maps

  • Static – it cannot be edited
  • Dynamic – It can be edited and traceable
qr code

Part 2: 2 ways to share Google Maps locations using a QR code

There are two effective ways to share Google Maps location using QR code. In the first method, you have to extract the location link in a separate platform and then make use of a QR generator to create a QR code. In the second method, the QR generator completes the entire task on a single platform without any difficulty.

Now, you can explore the related stepwise process in detail below

2.1:  Share locations using Google Maps and QR code generator

Step 1: Visit the Google maps and enter your desired location

google maps

Step 2: Identify the location on the map and press the chain icon

location link

Step 3: Copy the link and then make use of QR generator and enter the link address in the QR generator and press 'Generate QR Code'.

lgenerate dynamic

You have now successfully generated the QR code for your desired location and it is ready for sharing.

2.2:  Share locations using Map code generator

Step 1: Try out the free trial tool Scanova by visiting its official website. Utilize it’s a 14-day trial to explore the reliable features and choose 'Google Maps QR Code' from the QR code categories

select google maps

Step 2: Trigger a location search on the Google map using the Search Box option and press ‘Create QR code’ button

create qr

Step 3: Now name the QR code and choose the type as 'Static' or 'Dynamic' depending on your needs. Then, customize the QR code by selecting any one design pattern from the displayed images

customize qr

Step 4: After completing the customisation process tap the 'Update' button and then click 'Download'

qr design

Step 5: Select the image format and size of the QR code. Hit the 'Export' button.

export qr

The process ends with this step and you own a QR code carrying your location precisely. You can use this in your business cards, share in social media etc.

Part 3:  How to check Google Maps locations using a QR code

The QR code scanning process varies with the gadget version and some of the smartphones needs assistance from third party programs. Here in this illustration, you will be making use of 'Google Screen Search' to read the QR code. There is no need of QR scanner instead make use of the Google Screen Search to trace out the hidden location details on the QR code.

If you own an Android gadget with version 8 and above then follow the below guidelines

Step 1: Enable the ‘Screen Search’ option by tapping the ‘three horizontal lines at the top left side of the screen in the Google app – Settings – Screen Search’

screen search

Step 2: Scan the QR code using your device camera. Press 'Home' button and swipe it up to choose 'What’s on my screen?’. A pop up carrying the URL of the connected QR code appears on the screen.

scan qr

You can either tap the ‘Share’ button to send the URL to your friends or families else press the ‘Globe’ option to view the address on the browser.


Therefore, you had a brief introduction on the QR code maps location. Now you will be able to generate a dynamic QR code for locations and scan the codes precisely using the available tools in the digital market. It is high time to compete with the evolving technologies related to gadgets and apps. Explore the exciting facts of QR code which is now connected with the location on Google maps. Make use of the QR codes to share exact location details to your friends and families effortlessly.