How Can Scent Capsules Improve Gameplay in Jurassic-World-Alive?
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How Can Scent Capsules Improve Gameplay in Jurassic-World-Alive?

Have you been wondering how scent capsules enhance gameplay in Jurassic World: alive? Here is a detailed guide and a recommendation on how to improve gameplay using Dr.Fone Virtual Location.
author of this article Apr 01,2021 / Posted by Felix Baynham

Scent Capsules release exclusive scents that draw more creatures to your position for up to 5 minutes, depending on the form of Scent Capsule. Just you, the capsule's creator, will see the attracted animals. The Scent Capsule's spawned creatures would have a little animation around them to indicate that they are only available to you. Your Inventory holds all of your Scent Capsules.


Part 1 What Are Scent Capsules?

Scent Capsules, which are consumable objects used to lure and spawn Jurassic World alive dinosaurs in the immediate vicinity, activate scents. Scent Capsules can be bought on the market, but they can also be produced from Stock Declines and Special Occasions. The latest Inventory icon that shows on your Map may be used to navigate your Scent Capsules.

When cycling, scents may be used to attract a range of species. Other Scent Capsules attract creatures from specific families. Scents can only draw and spawn dinosaurs for you, with no effect on other participants of the Jurassic World alive. Many Scents have a 20-minute timer that sits above the inventory button. And when you've hunted a predator drawn by the Scent, the timer can continue to run. Make the best of this timer by wandering around and attracting a number of animals.


How they Improve Game Experience.

The player can select from three separate styles of simple scent capsules: Normal, Uncommon, and Epic, as well as creature-specific scent capsules that attract creatures of a specific kind (i.e., Therapod scent capsules).

When you use a fragrance capsule, one species with the related rarity can spawn, but it is not guaranteed to be the first. The player's fragrance lingers, breeding monsters of varying rarity. As the player is driving, scent capsules perform well. Scent capsules only help the player who activated them; other players would not benefit from the scent capsules of other players.

Here are few tips about how to get the most out of your Jurassic-World-Alive Scent Capsules:


  • • Scent capsules work well if you move at a moderate speed. More animals would be attracted to you as a result of your actions. There's no need to sprint, however.
  • • Take caution not to travel too quickly. Creatures won't be able to catch up with you if you use a Scent Capsule in a vehicle or on public transit!
  • • Please keep in mind that a guaranteed Rare or Epic monster would not always be the first to emerge. It's impossible to predict when it'll appear!


what are the limitations?

In your Inventory, you can only have a limit of 2 Scents per Scent form. Additional Scents earned from Events and Activities are not applied until the Inventory cap is reached. Scents purchased directly from the Market, on the other hand, can also be added and will not count against the Inventory quota.

Scents don't last forever, but the timer that shows above your Inventory icon on the map will show you when a Scent is working and for how long.

Some Scents are known to attract specific rarities, which means they have a high chance of attracting a species of that rarity. The minimum assured scarcity forms required for each JW Scent Capsule will be shown.


Part 2 What is Dr.Fone Vitual Location?

Dr.Fone - Virtual Location

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Dr.Fone - Virtual Location is a fast and easy to use software that gives you features like GPS simulation and joystick control while playing Jurassic World: alive. 

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Dr.Fone Virtual Location software


Part 3 How Can Dr.Fone Vitual Location Further Improve Gaming Experience?

For iOS devices, there are no apps available to download from the App Store to spoof the GPS location, unlike Android. There is a special system app for setting up a fake location on Jurassic World: alive called Dr.Fone - Virtual Location (iOS) . This tool is very reliable and has many amazing features such as:

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Bottom line

If you are using an iPhone device to access Jurassic World: alive, you can use a location spoofer for help. If you are searching, there is one legit location spoofer for iOS – Dr.Fone Virtual Location. It is quite easy to change the existing location of an iPhone device. In fact, iOS devices offer the ability to change location using a third-party app. However, there are a few steps to learn how to change location on Jurassic World: alive. Please follow the instructions on the software’s official website to change your Jurassic World: alive location.


Dr.Fone Virtual Location 

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