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Why Does Chappy Gay App Announce to Shut Off

The all-inclusive Chappy for gay dating announced it was shutting down a few days after Valentine’s Day. Here are some tidbits that you did not know as to why Chappy has announced that it is shutting
author of this article Apr 23,2020 / Posted by Felix Baynham
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The popular Chappy app has announced that they are shutting down. They said that the Chappy team would now be working under the umbrella of another dating site called Bumble. With the transfer, all matches and conversations that had been fostered on Chappy would not be carried over to Bumble. This meant that all those who had formed relationships online would once again have to start all over again.

A lot of single queers from all over the UK met and had a silent vigil to mourn the shutting done of the app. Many wondered why this was happening. In this article, we look at Chappy and how it served the queer gay community, and why they were sad to see the app shut down.

Part 1: Brief Introduction to Chappy

Since 2017, Chappy has served the gay community in a manner that most gay dating apps do not. They are primarily an all-inclusive site that does not discriminate in any way. All members had to verify their accounts using Facebook and also accept the “Chappy Pledge” an oath that asks for all members to respect one another and no shame or demean others based on their looks.

This was a way of avoiding the stigmatizing culture found on other gay dating websites and apps, where most profiles show men with perfect, ripped bodies, and gays who have average looks would be demeaned and abused.

Chappy had curved out a niche for itself where it was shown to be an app where gays would be themselves and not aspire to fit a certain physical, religious or other pigeon hole as is seen on other gay dating sites.

Chappy made it possible for gay people to really show who they were. They were comfortable putting up profiles, even when they showed them to be skinny guys, rather than the stereotypic gym-all-day physique that is adored on other sites.

Part 2: Possible reasons why Chappy decided to shut off

The reason why Chappy is closing down is not because love among the community was not flourishing. The fact that gay people held a vigil from all over the UK is a testament as to the success that Chappy was having.

To truly understand the reasons, one has to look at how Bumble and Chappy were identical.

One of the FAQs on Chappy said that they were happy that Chappy had three great years, where hundreds of thousands joined and found love on the site. The mission for Chappy was to create a free space for gays to meet.

The site has joined up with Bumble because they have the same mission, which is to ensure that all gays can post profiles and meet without being demeaned. They were both providing a healthy and safe way for gays to meet.

Rather than compete, they felt it was better to join up and serve the same purpose.

Part 3: Is there any alternative app for guy?

Of course there is an alternative where you can meet gays and still be free from ridicule, especially if you do not have striking physical attributes.

Bumble is a place where you can safely meet gay people who are serious about having a long-term relationship. On other gay dating sites, you find people are obsessed with sex and sexuality, and pay less attention to the finer aspects of having a gay companion.

On Bumble, you can find people who become friends, people who love to hang out together, and those who want a meaningful relationship. Now that Chappy has teamed up with Bumble, you can be sure that Bumble will benefit from the experience of both apps. The only downside is that you will have to start making connections all over again.

In conclusion

In the past, there was never a great way to meet other gay people than that brought about by Chappy. Most of the sites were typical macho sites where those with average looks would be put down and ridiculed. Chappy was a great place to be oneself without judgment. It is a sad day for Chappy users, but they can have the same experience on Bumble.