In-depth Review of dr.fone - Virtual Location (iOS)

Dr.Fone - Virtual Location (iOS)

Spoof GPS location of iPhone in 1 click
Simulate GPS movement as desired
Joystick feature to ease spoofing
Full screen HD map view
Location history recorded


24*7 customer service
Less risks to be banned
Easy-to-follow interface design


Installs only on PC/Mac. No mobile apps.
No support for Android


Spoof GPS location on iPhone: Enter any place name or coordinates, then you can spoof GPS location on iPhone.

Spoof GPS movement along real roads: Select a wanted spot on the map. Then your GPS location can move from the current spot to the selected one at a speed you can customize. The movement path is along real roads on the map.

Spoof GPS movement along wanted spots: Select a series of wanted spots on the map. Then you can move along these spots at any speed you want.You can select these spots along real roads or in any other way you want.

Spoof with GPS joystick: Control GPS movement by using the joystick. Alternatively, use the keys W, A, S, and D or keys Up, Left, Down, and Right on keyboard to control GPS movement.

Full screen map view: You can switch to full screen map view to find more interesting places to teleport to or simulate GPS movement.

Historical locations: The GPS locations you have spoofed on the map will be saved for future use.

Multi-device support: You can connect 3 different iOS devices to the same computer for GPS location spoofing or movement simulation.


Computer system for install
computer system
Windows XP or later
macOS 10.13 or later
iOS models to work with
iOS models
iPhone 4
iPhone 5
iPhone 6
iPhone 7
iPhone 8
iPhone X/XS/XR
iPhone 11
iPad mini/2/7/10
iPad Air
iPod touch
iOS apps to spoof GPS on
Mobile LBS apps
Pokemon Go
Wizards Unite
Find My
Jurassic World Alive


2 Hour Free Trial Monthly License Quarterly License Yearly License
Price $0.00 $9.95 $19.95 $59.95
Licensed iOS device number 5 5 5 5
Licensed PC number 1 1 1 1
Auto renewal by default
(Cancel anytime)
No Yes Yes Yes
Supported features
GPS teleporting Yes Yes Yes Yes
1-stop movement simulation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multi-stop movement simulation Yes Yes Yes Yes

How to Use the Program

Choose Teleport mode from the upper right.
Search for your desired location to teleport.
Click "Move Here" to teleport to the location.
In 1-stop mode, select your destination.
Confirm your path and click "March".
Pause at any point at your convenience.
Click on the Start button in the middle. Then your GPS will move automatically.
Click on the left and right keys to change directions anytime.
Use keyboard for more flexible GPS control if you like.

User Experience & Reliability

Website Friendliness: Compared to other location spoofer programs, Dr.Fone - Virtual Location (iOS) is from a branded software vendor, Wondershare, and its website is smoothly organized. You can easily find what you are looking for, like product introduction, operation guide, reviews, and buy page with different licenses. But we can hardly find enough information to refer to from iSpoofer or iTools websites.

Ease of Use: This iOS location changer works without relying on iTunes. This means you can set it up in less than 5 minutes. Plus, a full-feature 2H spoofing trial (not very long though) is available, making sure you can fully understand how it works before making a purchase decision.

Risks of being banned: This iOS location spoofer works with famous AR games like Pokemon Go in fact, but it does not claim that on its website, and during use, you may encounter too-fast-speed or too-long-distance warnings that aims to ensure your account safety during Pokemon Go spoofing.

Customer service: This GPS location spoofer product shares the 24x7 customer service of Wondershare, making it easy to figure out the problem when things go wrong on the product. But for iSpoofer and iTools, they don't even have a dedicated customer service.

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