Review of Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer Free
fake gps go start screen
Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer Free
Easily spoof the device location to anywhere in the world
Set routes to simulate the device movement in the selected speed
Save your frequently used locations as favorites for fast access
Location history to access the spoofed locations in the past
No rooting needed to be installed on leading Android devices


Freely available
No rooting required
Can set routes to simulate movement


Limited features for the free version
Can be detected by apps like Pokemon Go
Poor customer support


Spoof Android Location: The application provides a simple solution to look for any location in the world via its name or coordinates. This will let you seamlessly mock your device’s location.

Simulate movement on routes: With the Route mode of the application, users can simulate the movement of their device between any two spots. It also lets us select a speed for the movement.

Location History: Users can also see the past location history that they have mocked their device’s GPS in the past.

Mark Favorite Locations: To save time, users can also set certain locations as their favorites and quickly mock their device’s location to the selected coordinates.

No need to get rooted: Presently, the Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer Free works on all leading devices and does not need any root access.


Android models to work with
android version
Android 4.0.3 and later versions
Mobile apps to change GPS
Mobile LBS apps
Pokemon Go / The Walking Dead / Ghostbusters / Zombie Run / Tinder / Bumble / Grindr / Life360


Free Paid
Pricing $0.00 $4.99 (one-time fee)
Supported Features
Location spoofing Yes Yes
Routes creation Yes Yes
Update interval changing Yes Yes
Integration with other apps Yes Yes
Location history Yes Yes
Favorite locations Yes Yes
Stops and Gyms (for Pokemon Go) No Yes
Cooldown Chart No Yes
Joystick operations No Yes
Expert mode (more routing and spoofing options) No Yes

How to Use the Program

set Allow mock location
select a desired gps destination
teleport to destination
Enable Developer Options and mark the application as the default mock location app.
Look for any location to spoof on the app via name or coordinates.
Confirm to teleport to the location. Save it to favorites if you like.
select destination and source
confirm to move
movement along a route
Go to the Route Mode and mark both the locations to simulate the movement. Tweak route settings.
Tap on the Start button and commence the simulation across the route.
Along with the simulated movement, you can play AR games without at home.

User Experience & Reliability

User-friendly and fast: It is pretty easy to spoof the device location using Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer Free. Though, to simulate movement between two spots, some users can encounter issues.

No rooting Android: The application is compatible with all the leading devices and does not require any root access as well.

Risks of getting detected by LBS apps: A lot of users (particularly of Pokemon Go) have complained about getting the account banned after being detected by the gaming app. To avoid this, the app has come up with advanced features like cooldown for the Pro version.

Customer service: Presently, the customer service of the application is not that responsive or reliable. It might take days to resolve an issue and chances are that your queries might go unanswered if you have the free version.

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