How to Spoof Location on Android?
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How to Spoof Location on Android?

Wondering how to fake GPS on Android? If so, then you have come to the right place to learn everything about spoofing or faking your location on an Android device.
author of this article Jun 23,2020 / Posted by Felix Baynham

Yes, it is true that you can trick your Android device into telling location-based apps that you're somewhere you're not, thanks to fake GPS Android apps. Well, this might appear like a weird thing to do as most of us rely on GPS for purposes that need our current location such as weather updates or finding directions.

However, there are absolutely legitimate reasons to spoof your device's location. In this post, we're going to help you learn how to fake location on Android devices, irrespective of your reason for doing so.

Part 1: Why do we need to Spoof Location on Android?

We all know that Android operating system is highly versatile. The platform continues to surprise even seasoned users with the type of functionalities it offers and its in-built support.

Faking your GPS location is another useful feature that is available on most of the modern Android devices, no matter the manufacturer. There are endless reasons why you may need a GPS spoofing app Android

spoof location on Android

There are several scenarios where you might have to fake your GPS location and it could be for genuine or fun purposes.

  • Faking a location is helpful when you like to trick dating apps in believing that you're somewhere you're not actually. It is ideal to do so if you're planning for moving to a new place and want to stay ahead of the online dating game.
  • Spoofing your GPS location is also helpful when you are using location-based apps such as Pokemon Go. If you don't want to travel many miles away from your home to catch more Pokemons, then you can fake your location to trick the Pokemon Go app in believing that you're already there.
pogp spoof location on Android
  • If you would like to travel to Switzerland and check-in to a restaurant that you've never visited before or visit a popular attraction to trick your social media friends into believing that you're on an adventure vacation. So if you ask how to spoof my location Android? We have the solution for you.
  • Faking GPS location is also great to fool your dear ones in your location-sharing app.

These are the most common situations when you might find yourself in the need of spoofing your location on an Android device. To learn about Pokemon Go spoofing on Android in-depth, we recommend you continue reading the post.

Regardless of the reason, the actual procedure to spoof your GPS location on Android is as easy and straightforward. In fact, the process won't require you to root your smartphone.

Part 2: Step by Step of How to Fake GPS Location on Android?

step of spoof location on Android

If you want to fake GPS no root or without root on Android device, then you need to enable a mock location feature on your device.It enables you to manually spoof the location of your device to anywhere in the world.

It is a component of developer options on all Android devices. No worries!! To help you get started with faking a location on your phone, below is the step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Get a fake GPS app

To commence the process, open Google Play Store and look for the GPS location spoofing apps. You'll definitely find a lot of options. To help you pick the ideal and best fake GPS location app for Android, we recommend you select a fake GPS app that has a good rating and positive reviews.

Step 2: Turn on Developer Options

spoof location on Android developer options

Now, you need to enable Developer Options on your device. For that, go to your device's settings and look for the System > About Phone > Build Number. Tap the "Build Number" until you get "you are now a developer" message.

After that, head back to your device's settings and find out the Developer options to enable it.

Step 3: Select the mock location app

As the title suggest, a mock location app lets allows you to manually change the location of your Android device to any other desired place. Introduced as a Developer option on Android, the feature is now frequently used by people to fake their GPS location in Android.

spoof location on Android mock location

Needless to mention, in order to mock locations on your device, you have to first enable its Developer Options and make Mock Settings Android. It is also important to note that this feature is unavailable on iPhones. If you own an iPhone and want to mock your GPS location, you can use Dr.Fone Virtual Location app on your device.

Now, under the Developer Options menu, find out the "Select Mock Location App" option. Then, select the fake GPS location app that you have recently installed on your Android phone.

Step 4: Spoof your GPS location

Allowing the mock locations feature on your Android is only the half part of the entire job. If you wish to change the location of your device, then you need to use a spoofing (fake GPS) app. Thankfully, there are tons of reliable free and paid best location spoofer Android on the Play Store that you can download.

Mocking locations on your Android device is only the half part done of the entire job. In order to change the GPS location of your device, you have to use a spoof GPS location Android. Luckily, there are a large number of free and reliable apps available for the purpose.

For this tutorial, we will use the lightweight Fake GPS app on your device.

spoof location on Android app

First, enable the Developer Options on your device. You will notice a "Mock Location App" option. Tap on it, and you will get a list of all location spoofing apps on your device. Choose the Fake GPS app and set it as the default mock location app.

Next, you have to launch the Fake GPS app on your device. Now, drop the pin on the map you see on your screen to any desired location. The app also lets you search for any location, thanks to the search bar on the top of your screen. Choose the location and tap on the start button to enable spoofing.

spoof location on Android map

Now, you can quit your fake GPS app and go to Google Maps app or another location-based app to check if it has really been faked or spoofed.

That's how GPS spoofing on Android device works. As you can see that it's easy thanks to GPS spoofing apps available out there. If you ever want to get back your real location, go to the fake GPS app and hit the Stop button.

Part 3: Mock GPS with joystick

spoof location with joystick on Android

The refined and secure Mock GPS Android spoofing app allows users to easily and quickly shift your GPS location without involve any significant effort. The app features a dedicate menu that allows you to conveniently switch to any of your recently teleported regions or locations.

For this, you will need to set the location settings of your device to High Accuracy. In this way, the app will give you the best results.

You will see an easy-to-use joystick on your screen. The joystick enables you to quickly shift the location of your GPS on your Android device. Because of its unmatched performance, the app has gained positive customer reviews that make the app a good option for you. Fortunately, the app is compatible with devices that operating Android 4.0 and up. It is also good for Android 8.0 fake GPS setting.

spoof location with joystick on Android setting

Part 4: The Risky and Attention You Should Know after Using GPS fake App

Even though it can be great fun to fake GPS Android APK, it isn't always helpful. In addition, because GPS location spoofing isn't an in-built option on Android devices, it isn't a tap away to make it possible and location fakers don't work for all apps that need your location.

After getting a fake GPS location app on your device to use it, for instance, a video game, you may find that other location-based apps will also use your fake location. For instance, the game might work great by using your spoofed location to your advantage.

fake location with joystick on Android

However, if you now open your other apps such as navigation app in order to get directions somewhere, then you'll need to either disable the location spoofer or manually change your starting location.

In addition, some apps such as Pokemon Go, for instance, can, in some cases, determine when your location is being faked. If that happens, then you could be permanently blocked or suspended if you attempt to violate rules in an app that reliant on a lot on accurately locating your location.

fake location with joystick

Needless to say, if you want to fake your location without enabling a mock location feature on your Android device, then it's a must to root the device and it's quite a big risk. So, mock GPS Android is a helpful option.

The Bottom Line:

That's everything you should know about to fake GPS location on Android devices.Spoofing your location comes quite in handy in several cases. The steps mentioned here to spoof your location works for every Android device, be it Samsung, Xiaomi, Google, Huawei, etc.

But, you should also make yourself aware of the risks you can face after using a fake GPS app on your Android device.

Hopefully, this entire guide would make you a master at mocking and/or the GPS location on your Android device very easily. You might need and use these techniques to mock locations so that you can make the most of dating, streaming, gaming, or any other desired apps you might want to use.