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How to find back Find My Friends app?

Are you missing Find my Friends app icon and you are wondering it is on your device?
author of this article Jul 18,2020 / Posted by Felix Baynham

Find My Friend app Mac is a useful program that makes it plain sailing for Apple users to track the location of their friends, families, and partners. However, our systems are far from perfect with Find My Friend program proving not an island too. You might have tried in vain to locate the missing Find My Friend app on your device and you are stuck wondering what trigger you should pull. Fortunately, this article will help you fix out this mess by giving a detailed guide on how to trace the missing Find My Friends app on iMac with ease.

Why Does Find My Friends App Missing

Lots of Apple users have been complaining about Find My Friend app missing in their devices. Although several bugs could trigger this scenario, it could be far less the cause. If you are using iOS 13 and above, then there is a high chance that the Find My has replaced Find My Friend app. This is because Apple announced a merge between Find My Friend and Find My iPhone applications to form Find My app. The Find My Friend app on iOS below 13 was available as a widget. Unfortunately, this Find My Friends widget is no longer available on iOS 13. This means if you want to track your friends or family members whom you shared location details via Find My Friend app, then you can use the Find My app instead.

How to Find My Friends App Back

As aforementioned, the leading cause behind the missing Find My Friend app on your iPhone is mainly due to the replacement by the new Find My application. Find My app will automatically take the place of the Find My Friend app on your device. To locate Find My app, use the Spotlight to locate it on your Home Screen as follows.

Step 1. Using your iPhone, go to the Home Screen then drag it down from the center to provide the search bar.

Step 2. Type the “Find My” phrase and initiate a search. If the app is available, then Spotlight will display the folder. If the app is not installed, then Spotlight will direct you to the App Store for download.

search for find my app

To ease things up and quickly trace the Find My app, you can create a shortcut widget for the Find My app as follows:

Step 1. Run the shortcut app on your iPhone device.

Step 2. Locate and hit the “Add+” button to create a new shortcut.

Step 3. Type the “Find My” into the provided search field and hit the “Find My app.” Now select the desired action from the options given.

type find my app

Finally, if the Find My Friend icon is missing because of other technical reasons, then it is recommended you try the following options.

  • Update your iOS to iOS 13.
  • Try to restart your iPhone and check whether the icon is back.
  • Try clearing the WeChat Cache to free more memory space.
  • If the problem persists, try to reset all the system settings.
  • If all the above options fail, then try a tool for fixing iOS issues.

Can I use Find my Friends App to change my location

My Friends app is a beneficial program for tracking the actual location of friends, your family members, or partners who agreed to share the location details with you. However, the capabilities of Find My Friend app is narrow and cannot extend to hiding the location details. The program’s complicated processes may frustrate your entire experience and are, therefore, not a plausible option to run such processes.

Fortunately, there are plenty of powerful applications capable of effectively altering your current location. If you curate from the multiplicity of these tools, you will realize that none beats dr. fone virtual location tool. This program is an ideal iOS location changer that enables users to hide their location by changing their exact location details in a bid to keep their privacy. It is not accidental that droves of people across the globe are making dr. fone their ultimate iOS location changer. Ranging from the incredible user experience, a variety of location changing modes, and the user-friendly interface makes it a top iOS location changer platform. With this iOS location changer, you can perform the following;

  • Teleport iPhone GPS to any location you desire across the world.
  • Create desired routes to move along on the map to trick location-based applications.
  • Edit the speed on the map along routes to create virtual movements on the map. This allows users to avoid static GPS mocking by tuning their speed to resemble walking speed, cycling speed, and driving speed.
  • Work with a vast range of location-based AR games or programs.

How To Change Your Location Using dr.fone Virtual Location

Before proceeding, first, make sure that you have downloaded and installed dr. fone –Virtual Location (iOS) in your device.

Step 1. Tap to run dr. fone –Virtual Location (iOS) on your device to get into the main interface.

launch dr fone

Step 2. On the main interface, locate and tap the “Virtual Location” option. Connect the iPhone with the PC using a suitable media. Now hit the “Get Started” option from the new window.

get started dr fone

Step 3. The subsequent window will give a map featuring where you are located. To change your location, the program provides up to three modes. The three icons located on the top-right of this window represents the three modes to adjust your location details. In our case, we shall implement this using the “teleport” mode. To select this mode, simply select the rightmost icon of the three methods.

choose teleport mode dr fone

Step 4. You will be provided with a field to enter the name of the place you want to make it appear as your current location. Just enter the name and click the “Go” button to proceed.

enter location dr fone

Step 5. The program will then display a pop-up window on the interface. Click “Move Here” to finally switch the location of your phone.

click move here dr fone