Geocache Containers: All Essentials You Should Know About
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Geocache Containers: All Essentials You Should Know About

Are you looking for the best geocache containers? Read this informative guide to know about different types of geocache containers and be a pro in geocaching.
author of this article Apr 02,2020 / Posted by Felix Baynham

“I want to be a pro geocacher and would like to make sure that my caches won’t be lost. For that I’m looking for the best geocaching containers. Can someone tell me about some good varieties of geocache containers I can try?”

This is a query recently posted by a geocaching enthusiast about finding an appropriate geocache container. Well, if you have also placed geocaches in the past, then you might know how important geocaching containers are. If the container is not good, then it can get lost or damage your things that can affect the whole geocaching experience. Don’t worry – in this post, I’m going to help you pick the best geocaching containers by providing a detailed list of various container types.

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Part 1: Different Types of Geocache Containers

While looking for geocaches, you could have seen that geocache containers can be of different types. From their size to their composition, there could be some unique geocache containers out there. Without any ado, let’s get to know about the major types of geocache containers that you can try.

1.1 Commonly Found Geocache Containers

To start with, I’m going to categorize geocache containers on the basis of their sizes. Here are some of these common types of geocache containers that you can explore.

1. Micro Geocache Containers

These are some of the smallest geocache containers out there that are pretty easy to hide, but hardest to find. You can find these clever geocache containers in almost any shape and camouflage them pretty easily. Bison capsules and matchboxes are often used to make these micro geocache containers. Though, the other participant would have to make a lot of effort to find them.

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2. Small Geocache Containers

These geocache containers are bigger than micro but are still relatively smaller in size. You can still keep something substantial in these types of geocache containers. Although, finding them would not be as tough as micro geocache containers. They are also pretty easy to place and hide. Film canisters and are often used as small geocache containers.

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3. Regular Geocache Containers

These are the most common types of geocache containers and finding them is relatively easier. You can place a handful of things inside and even leave a note for other participants as well. Though, it is tough to have a lot of regular-sized creative geocache containers at times. Tupperware and glass containers are mostly used in this category.

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4. Large Geocache Containers

Lastly, if you have a lot of stuff to include in the geocache, then you can have a large container. While it is easier to locate a large container, they are often known to have tons of things inside which can be a treat for others. In this, huge metal boxes or dump boxes are also used to place tons of things inside.

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1.2 Special Geocache Containers

Apart from these standard types of geocache containers, you can try to make your container special as well. Here are some of these geocache container ideas that you can implement.

1. Evil Geocache Containers

Don’t worry – these geocache containers won’t harm anyone. They are called devious geocache containers because they are extremely difficult to find. Mostly, micro and nano containers are categorized under this. You can hide these devious geocache containers and make it extremely tough for others to sign the log. They might be stepping on the container and could not find it. For instance, you can hide them behind buttons or in the most unpredictable places.

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2. Magnetic Geocache Containers

If you are aiming for some unique geocache containers, then you can get boxes with magnetic properties. In this way, you can easily hide them without getting noticed. If you wish to make magnetic micro geocache containers, then get hollow screws. They are just small enough to get a logbook inside and you can just attach them on any iron bar.

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3. Wood Geocache Containers

These are some of the most creative geocache container types due to their excellent camouflage. You can take a bark or log of wood and cut it into two parts. Now, make the base piece hollow from inside and hide the geocache in it. Since it would be covered in wood entirely, the other person won’t be able to find your cleaver geocache containers.

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4. Other Fun and Creative Geocache Containers

When it comes to making creative geocache containers, the sky is the limit. From making an artificial egg container to a pine seed lookalike, there are all kinds of things that you can do to make some clever geocache containers. Simply use your creativity and come up with some interesting ideas!

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Part 2: How to Pick the Right Geocache Containers?

As you can see, there could be different types of geocache containers out there. I would recommend the following quick suggestions before you pick your next geocache containers.

2.1 Durability

This is the most important thing that you should keep in mind while picking geocache containers. It should be made up of durable materials so that it can withstand any wear and tear over time. That is why picking a plastic or cardboard container is not recommended. You can go with metal containers, PU boxes, or even ammunition boxes to keep your geocache safe.

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2.2 Watertight

Needless to say, your geocache container should be watertight so that its logbook and other objects won’t be damaged by water. Check the lock carefully and even test it if you can to make sure that water won’t come inside the container.

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2.3 Well-marked

Your geocache containers should be well-marked so that the geocache participants can recognize them easily. If you want, you can just paste a label on the box with “Geocache” written on it with a request to not disturb it. Even if you have a small geocache container, try to label it in the best way possible.

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2.4 Other things to consider

Depending on your preferences, there are some other things that you can consider while getting geocache containers. For instance, even if you are planning to make evil geocache containers, make sure that it should be possible for others to find them. Besides that, you can also keep various environmental factors in mind and consider getting a bio-friendly container that can be reused or recycled.

Now when you know about the different types of geocache containers, you can easily come up with a pro geocache. As you can see, geocache containers come in all sizes and can be made of different things. Therefore, you can explore your options and come up with some cool geocache containers to hide. Just be sure to keep your safety and the well-being of other participants in mind while hiding your geocache containers. All the best!