7 Essential Tips on How to Hide a Geocache Like a Pro
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7 Essential Tips on How to Hide a Geocache Like a Pro

Do you wish to learn how to place a geocache, but can’t find any solution? Read this extensive guide to learn how to make a geocache trackable like a pro.
author of this article Mar 28,2020 / Posted by Felix Baynham

If you are active in the geocaching community, then you might be having this doubt too. An ongoing global recreational event, geocache lets us hide and find all kinds of objects for fun. While it is comparatively easier to look for geocaches nearby, a lot of people find it hard to learn how to place a geocache. After all, geocaching is not only about finding caches, it is equally about placing new objects in different locations. In this guide, I’m going to tell you how do you place a geocache in a secure and creative way.

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Part 1: What you should take care of while hiding a Geocache?

First and foremost, I’m going to list out the things that you should take care of while hiding a geocache. Ideally, before you learn how to hide a geocache with the app, make sure that you consider the following things in mind.

1.1 Get permission from the local administration

This is the most important thing that you need to take care of while placing a geocache. If you are hiding it in a private property, then let the owner know about it and take their permissions. Although, it is not recommended to place caches in a private area since they are not accessible easily.

If you are placing it in a public area, then take the needed permissions from the local authority. Ideally, you need to get written permission from the municipality or the respective local administration. Chances are that you would be needed to let them know the exact things that you are placing. Make sure that you take all the legal measures so that your geocache won’t be removed by the local authorities later on.

1.2 Protect the environment

Another important thing that you need to consider is that your geocache should not harm its surroundings. For instance, it should not have any non-biodegradable or hazardous substances that can harm the environment. Also, you should avoid digging a hole and placing the cache in it since it can harm the soil. Try to be as humble as possible while placing the geocache and respect the environment around you.

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1.3 Protect it from water, animals, insects, and other triggers

Learning how to place a geocache is not enough as you need to make sure that it stays safe in the future. Since you can’t be there all the time to maintain your geocache and protect it, I would recommend checking its surroundings. For instance, placing the geocache underwater is not recommended. Also, make sure it is placed in such a way that an animal, insect, or anything else won’t be able to harm it.

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Part 2: What you shouldn’t do while hiding a Geocache?

After checking the things that you should take care of while hiding a geocache, let’s get to know about what we should avoid.

2.1 Don’t place a geocache in a dangerous location

To learn how to place a geocache, you should make sure that it is not placed anywhere dangerous. While you are placing it, you should ask yourself whether other people would be able to find the geocache or not. For instance, placing it at cliffs, nearby electric poles, in close vicinity to predators, etc. is avoided. Remember, your aim is to create a fun experience for others and not to place them in any unforeseen danger.

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2.3 Don’t put it in a restricted or private area

Needless to say, if you would place the geocache in a restricted location, then the other participants won’t be able to find it. Even if you get permission from the owner of the land to hide the geocache, they might not allow trespassers to come to their property looking for a cache.

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2.4 Don’t put it in a sensitive zone

This is another thing that you should take care of while placing the geocache. Make sure that the location is not so sensitive that the seeker might get hurt looking for it. Also, if the spot is sensitive, then your geocache can easily be knocked down or destroyed by anything else. Try to make sure that the geocache is in a safe and accessible location that doesn’t require constant monitoring.

2.5 Don’t place the cache where it is easily available

While it is recommended to place the geocache in a location where others can find it, don’t make it too obvious. For instance, you can place it inside the trunk of a tree or conceal it with leaves, branches, and other objects. In this way, you can make it a treasure hunt, letting the other participants make some effort to look for the hidden geocache.

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Bonus: How to Make a Geocache Trackable?

Now when you know how to place a geocache like a pro, you are all set to let others know about it. Once you have placed the cache successfully, it is important to add it to the database for other people to find it. To learn how to make a geocache trackable, just follow these steps.

  1. Firstly, make sure that you have placed a log book inside the geocache and have followed the geocaching guidelines in advance.
  2. Now, go to the geocaching submit pageto enter the location of your geocache. You can either look for a location by entering its pin code/city or click on the “Continue” button if you already know the hiding spot.
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  4. Afterward, you need to provide all the essential details about the hidden geocache. Start by selecting its type and entering the exact coordinates (longitude and latitude) of that place.
  5. Besides that, you also need to enter details about the waypoint, the size of the geocache, and enter other things related to the geocache. That’s it! In the end, just submit the details about your geocache and it would be added to the database for others to find.
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There you go! After following this guide, you would certainly be able to learn how to place a geocache in a secure and creative way. Once your geocache has been placed, you can go to your account and check the experience of other users as well. In this way, you can be an active part of the geocaching community and provide a fruitful experience to others. Go ahead and follow these tips to hide your first geocache and share this guide with others to teach them how do you hide a geocache as well.