10 Annoying Types of Guys You Will Meet on Grindr
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10 Annoying Types of Guys You Will Meet on Grindr

Dating on Grindr is a game-changer for many people from the LGBTQ community. However, there are various character types that you should be aware of. Here are 10 annoying types of guys that you will me
author of this article Apr 20,2020 / Posted by Felix Baynham

Dating apps, whether straight or gay have one big downturn in common. The fact that many people are not honest about the personal information they post can be frustrating and annoying to users. Some people pump up their profiles with pictures and information that is not true. This article looks at 10 of the most annoying character types that you will meet on Grindr.

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Part 1: Boring response after greeting; no social skills

boring gay guy

Interacting with some guys can drive you up the wall. Talking to a guy with no social skills at all can be as boring as watching a puddle of water drying up. Take a look at this conversation

  • You: Hi, how have you been?”
  • Guy: Great
  • You: Well, today I went up to the mountains for a hike and perhaps we could go there once we get to know each other well.
  • Guy: That’s cool.
  • You: well, what do you do for fun?
  • Guy: Lots of stuff

Now this conversation can go on for a very long time, and you will be pulling your hair out by the roots by the time you finally sign off.

Some people have no social skills or are just plain scared of coming out. These are the people who are as boring as a board when you finally get to meet them in person.

The first impressions truly matter. You want to know that the handsome guy who you are seeing on your screen can add value to your life, be it a short term fling or a long-lasting journey.

You should be wary of people who do not have the time to connect with you. You don’t want someone who will make you feel like you are dating a zombie.

Some of these guys may have personal baggage, which you don't want to carry. Ask yourself, "Why would a guy add a profile to Grindr and be such a tool in the end?" Possibly the guy may be faking it.

Part 2: The "Keep bothering" guy

guy frustrated with a bothersome gay guy

Now there is another kind of guy who simply cannot get the hint. Imagine a situation where you have put out your best on your profile, and you are getting a lot of responses from guys looking to date you.

Of course, there will be those who make you go like, “Wow!” and then there are those that will make you be like, “Drat!”

You want to narrow down your conversations to only those who make your heart skip a beat, so naturally, you carry on conversations with these guys and ignore those of the other guy.

However, the guy does not get the hint.

After a few weeks, the guy contacts you once more and wants to know how you have been since you last spoke. You probably never responded to the invitation to chat.

These are the guys who simply cannot take a hint.

You don’t want to chat with him because you don’t want to string him along. You have your eye on someone else, and things are going great, so he should try someone else, right? Wrong.

These guys can make your life on Grindr a living hell. You block his profile so he cannot communicate with you, but he has your direct phone number and starts calling you or leaving messages on your phone.

You should always be wary of the “Keep bothering” guy. He could eventually be a stalker, and this is a serious security threat. When you see a guy refusing to take a hint, be blunt and tell him you have found your partner, and if he still doesn’t get it, report the profile to Grindr.

Part 3: Only for sex guy

sexy guy thinks about sex all the time

Sex is a wonderful part of any relationship, straight or gay. However, when a guy is on the prowl looking for people just for sex, then it can be annoying.

This is the kind of guy with nothing else on his mind other than another roll in the hay. This is the guy who has nothing to add to your conversation other than sex, sex, sex, and more sex.

The “Only for sex” guy probably has wonderful profile pictures, but all have a heavy leaning towards sex. He will pose seductively on his profile and looking at his profile description is like reading something out of a borderline porn magazine.

When looking for a meaningful relationship on Grindr, you want to chat with people who have other interesting things to talk about apart from sex.

How about the challenges brought about by being gay in an intolerant culture? How about how great it feels when you are out shopping with someone you truly care about.

You may even go further to talk about your careers and day-to-day life activities that add value to life.

The "Only for sex" guy starts well and then dives deep into sexual conversations.

These guys may be looking for a real relationship, but if you want your life to be fulfilling in other ways and just not the bedroom antics, you should look for a well-rounded partner; one who you can take to the movies, have dinner and then come home for a wonderful loving night of sex.

Although this may be flattering to some, it is a red flag that you should not ignore. If you are using Grindr to get a partner, who may end up being the one you want for life, you should stay away from the guys who are only looking for a sexual encounter.

Part 4: The guy who only shows his perfect body

always thinking of the body

There is this guy who thinks that his perfect body will do all the talking for him. He has a ripped body, washboard abs, hands like jackhammers and will put half-naked or fully-naked pictures on his profile.

The first time you see his pictures, your mouth falls to the floor and you are like, “Yes! This is the one”

However, when you reply to his greeting, he sends you a picture, where he is wrapped in a bathing towel, and says, “I have just come from an after-work-out shower, and was thinking of you all the time.”

This may be flattering to some people and many would like to continue with the conversation in this manner.

However, for anyone looking for a deeper relationship, this is a guy who you should ignore.

The guy is always talking about his body and the exercise routines, diet plans that he uses to keep such a perfect body. The conversation may be beneficial for you if you want to tone up your body, but for a meaningful relationship? No way!

There is nothing wrong with having the perfect body. It is a big plus for gay guys to look fit and toned. However, this should not be the focal point of a meaningful relationship.

Ideally, you should strike a balance and have a guy with the perfect body, but one who thinks beyond the physical. He should be able to engage you in other areas of your life other than the physical.

It is similar to a straight guy having a perfect woman with nothing between the ears.

Do you simply want a guy to carry around and show off to people and who is a tool when you are all alone? Think not!

Part 5: The personal trainer

the personal trainer

Similar to the guy who only thinks about his perfect body, the personal trainer will only look at the physical attributes of a person. In this case, he is not obsessed with how his body looks like but wants to change who you are by trying to make you as great as he is.

Sometimes, the personal trainer is a straight guy who is looking for clients to train.

After you see his profile on Grindr, your eyes pop out and you hastily send him a greeting and the conversation goes something like this:

  • You; Hey, hot rod, I would like to get to know you better.
  • Personal Trainer: Oh yeah? Well, that truly great. I spend a lot of time at the gym, and that is how I keep in shape. Would you like to join me?

At that point, you should realize that this guy is not interested in getting to know you for purposes of building a relationship but instead wants to make you join him on training exercises that can make you more attractive.

If the guy is truly gay, and he sees you have a dreamy face but a bad body, he should first get to know the real you, before broaching the subject of building up your body.

The personal trainer is not interested in you. Get the hint and quickly trash his conversations. At times, getting involved with such people may only make you feel worse about yourself, especially if you are not physically endowed with bulging muscles.

Part 6: The guy who never shows his face

profile pic with no face

There is the guy who never shows his photo on his Grindr profile. Granted, there may be people who want to hide their identity, especially if they are just starting to go public about their gay preferences.

So he appears on your direct messaging, asking to get to know you. Mysterious people are sometimes attractive to some people.

However, when you ask him to send you a private picture, he refuses, saying that it is a bit too early; you get more intrigued and continue having a great chat with him for some days. When you feel like you have an understanding, you ask for his private picture once more, and he says that he will send it later.

This is a sign that this guy will never reveal how he looks to you, and you should simply break off the chat with him.

Some of these people are so conflicted about their gay status and this will bring about hardships should you ever met in person.

These are the guys who will never want to appear too “comfortable” with you when out in public. He wants you to look like good buddies so people don't know that you are both gay.

The dangers of dating people on Grindr who don’t want to show their faces are immense. Always be careful and try to look for more accommodating people on the app.

Part 7: The world traveler

the world traveler

Grindr is an app that lets you meet gay people from all over the world. This is great especially when it comes to meeting people from exotic places.

However, the world traveler is the kind of guy who wants to keep relationships, real or imagined, with people from all over the world.

He will connect with a gay person from another continent, and then look for one in an exotic island, and this can go on for a while.

All he talks about are the guys he knows from other geographic regions, some of which you did not know existed.

He will tell you that he can take you on a trip to Aruba, and that is just a con.

The World Traveller is someone who is trying to impress people he meets, perhaps covering up for some issues.

When you meet this kind of guy, you should first check on the authenticity of his claims. Be sure that this is not a guy who wants to use travel stories to get you into bed and then run for the hills. This could just be a player who might end up breaking your heart.

Part 8: The Sugar Daddy

the gay sugar daddy

Everybody loves someone who will take care of them and pay special attention to their needs. You may a down-on-your-luck student with a bunch of student loans to pay off, and the prospect of having a sugar daddy is one that you cannot resist.

However, you should be wary, if you are looking for a serious relationship. The problem with having a sugar daddy is that he ends up acting as if he owns you. In the end, you will have to give in to his demands, but some may be too twisted even for the most adventurous of gays.

Be careful when dealing with the sugar daddy types; all those gifts that he showers you with may end up costing you your self-esteem and scar you for life.

Part 9: The guy who insists he is straight

I am not gay

You browse through profiles on Grindr and you come across a guy who you like from the get-go. He is handsome and physically attractive and you start conjuring steamy romantic times with him.

You strike up a conversation and right from the start, things go quite well. He is the guy that you have been looking for.

However, there is just one thing that is hindering him from committing.

He still says that he is straight

This can be very frustrating, especially when all the signs show that he is gay. He knows just the right things to say, acts in a gay-like fashion, dresses like a gay guy but still insists that he is straight.

This is quite common among people who have families, careers and other important life-attributes that stop them from following their true feelings. He may be the CEO of a company and does not want to come out and admit that he is gay. So he interacts with gay people privately on Grindr but refuses to take the next step, claiming that he is still straight.

This is the time for you to let the guy know that he should embrace who he truly is and then give him space to ponder it, and finally admit it. If he does, he will be grateful and will find it easy to form a meaningful relationship with you. In the meantime, turn away and look for guys who are real and have no issue admitting that they are gay.

Part 10: The liar who uses other people pictures

using model pictures and not real pictures

Have you ever seen a profile on Grindr, with a picture of a guy who looks like a professional fashion model? I bet your heart skipped a beat and you wanted to propose there and then.

This is quite common on many dating apps; people look for anonymous images online and then post them as their own. These shameless liars will insist that these are their real pictures even when they know they are not.

To ascertain such claims, try and get a series of pictures that the guy has taken, at home or in a private environment, which a fashion model would not put online.

If he is the one, he can even send you a private picture taken when he is in the shower; such should not necessarily show the privates, but this is an image that one cannot get easily online if it is not his.

People who use images that are not theirs have something to hide. You should be looking for gays who are happy with their real selves. It does not matter whether they are not too cute, or do not have an amazing physical attribute, but they should be real.

If you start a relationship on a lie, then nothing about it can be true thereafter. It will be one lie after another.

Go out and get people who are honest about how they look and are proud of it.

In conclusion

Grindr is one of the leading dating apps for gay all over the world. You get to meet people from all walks of life and every corner of the globe. However, as with all other dating apps, you should do your due diligence and make sure that you don't get involved with these 10 annoying gay character types on Grindr. The profiles should be a true reflection of the persons behind them. If you get red flags, then take the high road and look for people who truly meet the needs you want.