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Want to change Apple ID country? Solved!

One of the vital issues that nowadays people are arising is “change my Apple ID country”. If you wish to change you Apple ID country, here’s what you can do.
author of this article Apr 01,2020 / Posted by Felix Baynham

If you are a frequent traveler or you are willing to move from your current region to somewhere else, you need to keep in mind that it might happen that the application you frequently use in your current region that would not be available into your new region. To handle that situation, you can change Apple ID location so that you can access your favorite application or services in your new country or region. Down below we’ve discussed all the important methods and most essential points that you should keep into your mind before changing your account’s location.

Part 1: Attention before change Apple ID location

Things you must keep in mind before you’re going to change Apple account location.

  • Before changing your country or region you need to spend all your credit into your account.
  • Wait until your previous subscription period is over or simply cancel all the subscriptions that you have taken including ‘Apple Music’ and many more.
  • In case, you’re having any incomplete store credit refunds that needs to be processed, or any Season Passes, memberships, pre-order or movie rentals are yet to complete, ensure to wait for it to get fulfilled.
  • Please keep in mind that you must have ‘payment method’ for your new desired country or region.
  • Redownload your Television shows, applications, music, movies, and books on any other devices that you probably are going to use to play or read these books in the future. This is because it may happen that the book or music you would unable to find in your new ‘country’ or ‘region’.

Part 2: Reset Apple ID region on iPhone, iPad and ipod

If you are someone who is moving to some other region and find that you are unable to access your favorite Apple services. You probably need to change Apple ID location, by doing this your account will be modified and set its location on your wish. It would help and allow you to make purchases to those applications that are country or region restricted. Down below here is the step by step process with screen shot guiding you to change Apple ID location.

You can change your desired country or region by your iPod touch iPhone or iPad.

  1. Execute the ‘Settings’ application.
  2. Insert your ‘Name’, after that select ‘iTunes & App Store’.
  3. Select your corresponding ‘Apple ID’, after that click on ‘View Apple ID’. You may be asked to sign in.
  4. Select the option saying “Country/Region”.
  5. reset apple id region on iphone ipad and ipod 1
  6. Choose "Change Country or Region." If you are unable to see the above option you can contact to Apple Support.
  7. Choose your new desired country or region, and after that review the ‘Terms & Conditions’.
  8. reset apple id region on iphone ipad and ipod 2
  9. Click on ‘Agree’ located in the upper-right corner of the panel, then select the option saying “Agree” again to confirm.
  10. Select you desired ‘payment method’ and insert your ‘new payment info’ and associated ‘billing address’, then hit on ‘Next’. You must enter a valid payment method for your new country or region.

Part 3: Create a new apple ID combined with desired country

If you are willing to create a new apple ID combined with desired country so that you can access all your Apple services easily. Down below these are the steps and the corresponding screenshots of those steps that are going to guide you to have a new apple ID.

You can create your new Apple ID by using the App Store on your apple device.

  1. After opening the ‘App Store’ and click on your profile picture.
  2. Click on the option saying “Create New Apple ID”. You need to get signed out of iCloud in case you are unable to see the above option.
  3. create a new apple id combined with desired country 1
  4. Now carefully insert your ‘email’ and corresponding ‘password’, and Select the desired country or region that is associated with your ‘billing address’ for your method of payment. Please note that the ‘Email ID’ which you’ve given will now onwards be your Apple ID.
  5. Examine clearly all the ‘Terms and Conditions’ & ‘Apple Privacy Policy’, after clearly examining select ‘Agree’. Hit the ‘Next’ button afterwards.
  6. new apple id terms
  7. Carefully insert your name and birthday, after that select to subscribe to ‘Apple Updates’ if you wish to subscribe. This will remind you with every update related to the products, latest news, software and services from Apple. Hit Next.
  8. Carefully insert your billing and credit card info, after doing it hit ‘Next’. You can change the payment method later on also. Also, you can give these details later.
  9. Verify your ‘phone number’. By verifying your phone number, you will be able to recover your account and verify your identity later if required. Hit on ‘Next’.
  10. Have a look on your email for a ‘verification email’ from Apple and you need to follow the instructions to verify your Email ID.

Part 4: Change the Apple ID country under one Apple ID

If you are moving to any other region or you wish to change Apple ID region otherwise, so that you can access the services that aren’t available in your country, here is what you can do:

Note: Ensure that before you do this process you need to cancel all your subscription that you’ve taken either in iTunes Match, Apple Music or any other service that is attached with your local Apple ID.

  1. From your home screen-> launch ‘Settings’.
  2. Select ‘iTunes & App Store’.
  3. Choose ‘Apple ID’.
  4. Verify you Password or Touch ID, if it’s essential.
  5. Choose “Country/Region”.
  6. change the apple id country under one apple id 1f
  7. Select “Change Country or Region”.
  8. Choose a new country or region you desire.
  9. Select ‘Next’.
  10. Select ‘Agree’ to agreement to the ‘terms and conditions’.
  11. Insert your details of your payment.
  12. Insert your ‘billing information’.
  13. Select ‘Next’.
  14. billing

You are now good to go; you’ve now changed your country of Apple ID country under one Apple ID.

The Bottom Line

If you are someone who is willing to ‘change Apple ID region’, this article is for you. In this article we have discussed all the important points telling what are the methods and the important process that are required to change Apple ID region of your Apple account. Here, we have discussed what are the important points that you should keep in your mind before you change the Apple ID region.