How to Turn off/on Find My Airpods without Hassle
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How to Turn off/on Find My Airpods without Hassle

Are you a newbie to handle Airpods for your iOS gadgets? Do you know how to setup find my Airpods on iPhone? Look down for informative content regarding the optimum utilisation of Airpods.
author of this article Jul 14,2020 / Posted by Felix Baynham

Sarah, a technical enthusiastic bought a new Airpods to connect with her latest iPhone but she couldn’t identify the right controls to establish the desired tasks. Now, looking for online assistance to resolve the queries related to the Airpods.

There are ample Airpods users acquire perfect guidance from the online tutorials to sort out the setup problems with Airpods. As you all know that, Airpods are excellent earbuds with wireless feature and you can listen to your favourite tracks easily. This iPhone accessory evolved with an unclear start but now knocks the entire horizons through its dazzling functionalities. Initially, it has limited customisation options and now you can figure out a wide range of controls in pace with technological advancement. In a deeper note, learn how to setup find my Airpods on iPhone?

Part 1: Turn on Find My Airpods by pairing it with your iPhone

Airpods plays a vital in entertaining you with the non-stop musical journey. It has built-in ample features. You must pair with your iPhone before enabling its functionalities. It is high time to connect your Airpods with iPhone and listen to quality tracks effortlessly. The first step is to pair your AirPods with your iPhone. Follow the below instructions to establish the pairing process.

Step 1: Unlock your iPhone and place it near the disclosed Airpods


Step 2: Hit ' Connect' from the animation setup process


Step 3: Follow the wizard and complete the setup accordingly and then finally tap 'Done'.

wizard done

Another alternative way for pairing

In your iPhone, make a login into your iCloud account which enables automatic setup of your Airpods. This accessory will be connected with all your iOS gadgets when you signup into the iCloud platform using the same Apple ID credentials.

How to turn on Find My Airpods after pairing it with your iPhone?

Step 1: Go to the 'Settings’ option in your iPhone

settings iphone

Step 2: Select 'Bluetooth' and surf for the Airpods

list airpods

Step 3: Hit 'i' near your Airpod's name and click the play/ pause option to enable the menu ' Double-tap on Airpods'.

settings airpod

Part 2: 3 ways to turn off Find My Airpods

There are three different ways to turn off Find my Airpods. Take a quick look at the remarkable solutions to turn off your Airpods effectively.

2.1 Wait till the battery of Airpods die

In general, the battery life of Airpods has many controversies. As per the recent study many users complaint on the battery performance of the Airpods. The Airpods which were released at the time of 2016 seems to have poor battery life. The Airpods works only for half an hour efficiently when it is fully charged. In the year 2018, the newly arrived Airpods had some improvement concerning battery life. If you want to turn off Airpods until its battery dies works well on the early releases of Airpods whereas the newly arrived Airpods have good command on the battery charges and hence it is not advisable to carry out this technique to turn off the Airpods.

2.2 Bring Airpods out of the signal range of iPhone

If you take a closer look at the signal range of iPhone when connected with Airpods it is said that the devices should be within 33 meters for proper functioning. In case if you take the Airpods away from your iPhone beyond 33 meters then the Airpods will be turned off automatically due to out of signal range. This value 33 meters suits for the first generation Airpods. When you buy an Airpod make a note on its signal range to turn off during difficult times. This method is little effective when compared to the above method. You can separate the gadgets beyond the acceptable level and disconnect it easily.

2.3 Unpair Airpods from iPhone

The Airpod works only after pairing with your iPhone. If you unpair the Airpods from your iPhone then automatically the Airpod is disabled effortlessly. It is an effective method but you must unpair it manually by navigating into the settings of your iPhone. To unpair, the Airpod follow the below steps

Step 1: Go to the Settings option in your iPhone

Step 2: Hit 'Bluetooth' then press the information button near the Airpod and click 'Forget this Device'.

Step 2: Tap again to confirm the cancel process and this will lead to the device removed from the iCloud platform.


Part 3: 2 ways to find lost AirPods

How do you deal with the situation when you had lost your Airpods unfortunately and How to find the lost Airpods quickly? The technique must be cost-effective and it should involve simple steps to complete the hunting process.

3.1 Find lost Airpods using your iPhone

In this method, you must make use of your iPhone to get back your lost Airpods.

Step 1: Trigger the Find my iPhone app and enter your Apple ID credentials.


Step 2: Click your Airpod from the listed connected devices with your iPhone

list connected airpods

3.2 Find lost Airpods using the iCloud website

Here, you will be making use of the iCloud platform to identify your lost Airpods. Surf through the below guidelines for successful spotting of Airpods

Step 1: Sign in to your iCloud platform by entering the Apple ID username and passwords

sign in icloud

Step 2: Now, open ‘Find My iPhone' and tap ' All Devices’. Select your Airpods from the displayed list.



Now you had a clear understanding of how to turn off find my Airpods and explored various effective techniques to accomplish the desired tasks. You can enable find my Airpods when it is necessary and disable it as per your requirement. Apart from the normal on and off functionalities with your Airpods, you had a detailed study on how to get back your lost Airpods easily using iPhone and iCloud platform. Enlighten and update your skills on Airpods’ connectivity and it’s related functionalities for potential utilisation of the devices