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iPhone GPS Tracker: All about Tracking iPhone and Turning off Tracking

Do you want to spy on your dear ones?
author of this article Jul 18,2020 / Posted by Felix Baynham

Do you want to spy on your dear ones? Then track the iPhone to know more about their whereabouts. Christine wants to surprise her boyfriend by giving amazing gifts on his birthday. It was not just one gift, a series of memorable things throughout his day. However, she was stuck up in implementing this plan. Her friend was a busy businessperson and travelling across cities for work. She was very confused and felt it would be difficult for her to reach him on his birthday.

One of her colleagues directed her in tracking the phones to know the real-time location using iPhone GPS tracker. It was helpful for her at that time to surprise her love at his workplace with memorable moments. There are many advance features embedded on the tracking tools to assist the users in an optimum manner.

location tracking

Part 1: Two ways to track iPhone without them knowing

1.1 Use an iPhone GPS Tracker app

There are immense collections of iPhone GPS tracker app in the digital market. If you make a detailed research on it, you will end up with a dilemma. It must be a little tough situation. Take a quick look at the eminent iPhone GPS Tracker that is exclusively for tracking the whereabouts of multiple iPhone ‘FollowMee’. It is an excellent location tracker with boundless fascinating features in it.

Step 1: Register an account

You must create an account with FollowMee to explore its incredible tracking features. Enter the fields to complete the registration procedure.

followmee register

Step 2: Download the app

It is high time to download and install the app in your device. Choose the appropriate version as per your gadget’s OS.

followmee download

Follow the download process in your child’s device, which require tracking and register with the same account details during installation to establish the connection between the two devices.

Step 3: Log in to the FollowMee account

Add the iPhone gadgets and monitor the respective location on the map by entering into your account at the FollowMee app portal. A clear location display of the added devices is visible with precise details using the FollowMee app

followmee register
followmee track location

1.2 Turn the old phone into a GPS tracker

There are multiple methods to convert the old iPhone into a GPS tracker. The inbuilt ‘Find my iPhone’ feature contributes a lot in making use of the old phone as a GPS tracker. You can also make use of any third party tracker software in implementing this functionality in your old phone. Here ‘Find my app’ serves as a tool for location tracking.

Step 1: Enable the Location settings

In your old iPhone, go to ‘Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services’. Here you must enable the toggle button of Location services to access location details of this old iPhone.

location access

Step 2: Share Location

To share the location details of the old phone you have to tap ‘Settings -> select your name at the top of the screen -> Find My -> Share my location’ in your old iPhone. Turn on the toggle switch nearby the ‘Share my location’ option.

settings old iphone

Step 3: Work with ‘Find My App’

Now open the ‘Find My App’ tool in your old iPhone and tap the ‘People’ option to select device number from your contacts or enter your new phone number. The chosen people will be able to sense the location of this old iPhone anytime and anywhere. Next, hit ‘Start Sharing Location’ and check-in ‘Share indefinitely’ option for uninterrupted location tracking service. This setting will establish a link between the old iPhone and your gadget for tracking purpose.

start sharing

Now your old iPhone acts as an effective GPS tracker. You can hide this phone in any vehicle to track its location details round the clock.

Make use of the ‘Find My App’ to track the old iPhone location details. It is possible to view the location information on the map with the help of this program.

Part 2: 3 ways to turn off location tracking on iPhone

2.1 Switch to a fake location to turn off location tracking

You can turn off the location tracking by embedding a virtual location in your iPhone. It is possible to fake the real location details with the help of an effective program dr.fone from Wondershare.

Step 1: Quick Download

Go to the official website of Wondershare’s dr.fone ‘https://drfone.wondershare.com/’ for a download and install the program in your computer by following the wizard. You must click the icon to explore its features.

In the home page, choose the ‘Virtual Location’ option

drfone home

Step 2: Connect your iPhone

After the program launch, connect your iPhone with the computer and hit the ‘Get Started’ button.

virtual location 01

Step 3: Actual location view

The next screen moves to a map view displaying the actual location of the iPhone.

virtual location 03

Step 4: Select the ‘Teleport mode’

At the top right side of the screen, select the third icon ‘Teleport Mode’ and enter fake location details. Finally hit the ‘Go’ button to change the location details of the connected iPhone.

virtual location 04

Step 5: Fake location

The map view shifts to the new fake location and you must tap the ‘Move here’ button to confirm the new location.

virtual location 05

Step 6: View the fake location

You must open the map in your iPhone and view the current location details. It will display the fake location information, which was set using the dr.fone ‘Virtual Location’ feature.

virtual location 07

2.2 Turn off location tracking on iPhone completely from settings

You can forbid the location access from the settings of the iPhone effortlessly. It is enough if you follow the below simple steps to get rid of location tracking issues.

Step 1: Select ‘Settings’

Go to the ‘Settings’ option in the home screen of your iPhone.

iphone settings

Step 2: Choose ‘Privacy’

Then you must hit the ‘Privacy’ option and disable the ‘Location Services’. It is a toggle switch and here you must switch off to prevent the location access.

disable location

2.3 Disable Significant Locations on iPhone

Step 1: Locate the Settings

In the home screen of your iPhone, select ‘Settings’ and then tap ‘Privacy’ option

iphone settings

Step 2: Enable ‘Location Services’

In the Privacy, screen hit the ‘Location Services’ option

privacy location services

Step 3: Select ‘System Services’

You must scroll down to view the ‘System Services’ option in the ‘Location Services’ list and press this option to proceed.

system services

Step 4: Disable ‘Significant Location’

In the next screen of ‘System Services,’ you have to switch off the ‘Significant Location’ option. A pop up appears requesting for the passcode to confirm the changes in the settings. Enter the passcode and authenticate the changes made on this screen.

significant location


It is time to conclude the discussion on location tracking. Utilize effective apps to track the location details of your teens and kids. Choose an ideal tracker, which records precise data on your kid's whereabouts. Make use of the tracker apps to monitor your children and operate it within legal boundaries. The dr.fone app is the perfect program to fake your location details for privacy reasons. It has innumerable features to explore and assist you to overcome unnecessary cyber issues, which causes by tracking. Hurry up and download this program to shift your phone location at your favourite spots worldwide.