Things about iTeleporter you shouldn't miss
start screen
No Jailbreak Needed!
No Computer Needed!
No Tweaked or Injected iOS Apps!
Download from official Check price from official


No need for a computer at any point
No need for jailbreak
iOS system level spoofing is accurate


Not suitable for Android devices
Only buyers will get access to the iOS companion app – not available on play store
The app or the device is not free - Pricey.


Change GPS location on iPhone: It will spoof your location at iOS system level to anywhere you want

3 in 1 dongle devices: It is a 3 in 1 dongle device that allows headphones, charging and GPS spoofing at the same time.

No jailbreak: No need to battle restrictions placed by the manufacturer (No Jailbreak)

No computer needed: No need to connect to any computer

Easy to use: Easy access and control of gaming apps in different locations


iOS models to work with
iOS models
It is compatible with iOS 9 and above. It works great with the latest iOS 13 as well.
Mobile apps to change GPS
Mobile LBS apps
Tinder/Life360/Pokemon Go/Snapchat/Twitter

Pricing Supported Features
Different Dongles For Free Paid
Double Location 2.0 No $399
Double Location Mini 2.0 No $279
Double Location Pro 2.0 No $299
Companion iOS App updates Not available Free for lifetime on purchase of Dongle

How to Use the Program

Choose Teleport mode from the upper right.
Search for your desired location to teleport.
Click "Move Here" to teleport to the location.
In 1-stop mode, select your destination.
Confirm your path and click "March".
Pause at any point at your convenience.
In Multi-stop mode, select any places to pass by.
Set the times to go back and forth.
Pause or march on at any point you like.