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Best 7 Android Family Locator Find Locations of Your Family

Family locator apps help you keep your family members safe by tracking their real-time movement. Check out the best family locator apk apps for Android devices.
author of this article Apr 21,2020 / Posted by Felix Baynham

When it comes to their children and family members, people are always ready to take that extra step to ensure their loved ones are safe all the time. Of course, this becomes quite challenging when the kids have just stepped into their teenage years and started going out more often.

Thanks to technology, however, you can still know if your kid’s safe using a family locator app. If your kid owns an Android smartphone, you can easily use it to track his location from your own device. There are dozens of family locator apps like Google Maps family locator that you can install on your child’s smartphone and get real-time updates of their whereabouts anytime you want.

However, since there are too many options to choose from, it may get a bit challenging to find the right family locator application. To make your job easier, we have scribbled down a list of best 7 family locator apps you can install on an Android smartphone and know the whereabouts of family members.

Best Android Family Locator

1.Google maps family locator


Rating: 4.3/5

Google Maps is the most commonly used navigation app that lets you find the best route to reach a destination. However, you can also use the app to find the whereabouts of a family member. Google recently introduced a new feature to Google Maps that lets people share their real-time location with family and friends either for a specific or indefinite time-span.

Here’s how you can set up Google Maps Family Locator to see the real-time location of your family members.

Step 1: Open Google Maps app on your family member’s (whose location you want to track) smartphone.

Step 2: Tap on the “Account Circle” in the top right corner and choose the “location sharing” option from the menu.

Step 3: In the contact list, select your name and choose the time period for which you want to share the location.


  • User-Friendly Interface
  • No Third-party app installation required as Google Maps is a pre-installed app on every Android smartphone.
  • Liberty to set the time-span for location sharing.


  • Privacy Threat.
  • Google location sharing doesn’t work in some countries.
google maps family locator

2.Sygic family locator


Rating: 3.8/5

Sygic Family Locator is an extremely useful app for parents who are always concerned about their young children. In addition to helping you track the whereabouts of your kids, Sygic Family Locator also lets you set unsafe zones for the kid. The moment your child will enter these unsafe zones, you’ll receive an alert on your smartphone.

You can also see the location history of your children to know where they’ve been in the past 7 days. The cross-platform compatibility of the app is another reason why it’s among the best Android family locators in the market. Here’s how you can use Sygic Family Locator to add a family member and track their location.

Step 1: Open the Sygic Family locator on your smartphone.

Step 2: Tap on the “Menu” button in the top-left corner and select the “Family” tab.

Step 3: Click the “+” button and enter the family member’s details (Name, e-mail, phone number). Click on the “Save” button to save the details.


  • See the full-location history of a family member.
  • Excellent Cross-Platform compatibility.


  • Slow real-time location updates.
  • Doesn’t work when the battery is low.
gsygic family locator

3.gpswox family locator


Rating: 4.1/5

GPSWOX Family locator is a complete package with an extensive range of features that help you ensure that your family members are safe. The app will send you alert if your family member has a low battery in their smartphone along with their current location. It means if your kids get home late from their tuitions, you can easily reach them, even if their phones are completely drained off. The app will also send alerts when a family member drives their vehicle over the speed limit.

Here’s how you can use the GPSWOX Family locator on your smartphone.

Step 1: Install the GPSWO family locator apk on your device and create a new account using the right credentials.

Step 2: Open the app and tap on the “menu” button in the top left corner.

Step 3: You’ll see a list of options where you can set speed-limit alerts, low-battery alerts, place alerts, etc. Choose the right option and specify the range to set these alerts. Whenever a family member will overspeed or drain their smartphone’s battery, you’ll receive an alert on your smartphone with their current location.


  • Liberty to set different alerts.
  • Checks the current location of a lost/misplaced smartphone.
  • Creates a circle of family members for complete privacy.


  • Slow Location Updates.

4.Life360 family locator


Rating: 4.5/5

Life360 Family Locator apk is a platform that has been designed while keeping the entire family in mind. You can use the app to stay connected with all the family members and even chat with them through the app itself.

Apart from this, Life360 will also update you with the real-time movement of family members. So, if your kid is driving a car, the app will show his real-time navigation, making it easier to know his current whereabouts. With the app, your kids will also be able to see your real-time location. Although, you can turn off location sharing anytime you want.

Here’s how to use the Life360 family locator to keep a track of your family members.

Step 1: Install the Life360 family locator on everyone’s smartphone in your family.

Step 2: Create a group of all the family members.

Step 3: From the listed options, set-up the alerts as per your preferences.


  • Automatically sends alerts to each family member in case of a car crash.
  • Access Location History.
  • Private chat with specific family members.


  • Quickly drains the battery when all the features are activated.

5.zoemob family locator


Rating: 4.1/5

ZOEMOB is like every other family locator app listed here with a couple of additional features. Along with real-time location tracking, location history monitoring, and speed limit alerts, the app also emphasizes more on family communication. For instance, children can directly ask permission from their parents (Can I go to my friend’s house after school?) through the app itself.

Follow these steps to use ZOEMOB to track the location of your family members.

Step 1:Set up the account of each family member on the ZOEMOB family locatorapp.

Step 2:Tap on the Menu button and create a family group.

Step 3:In the same menu window, choose from different options to set up alerts.


  • User-Friendly Interface.
  • Check the real-time location of multiple family members simultaneously.


  • Poor Customer-Support.

6.safe365 family locator


Rating: 4.5/5

Safe365 is a family locator app that’s specifically designed to keep track of elder family members, be it your parents or grandparents. You can use the app to keep elders safe all the time by monitoring their real-time location updates. The app lets you create a daily routine, with all the activities, for elders in your family. You can then monitor their location to check if they haven’t lost their way.

Here’s how you can use the app to track of parents and grandparents.

Step 1: Download the app and send an invitation link to your elders.

Step 2: Ask them to install the app on their smartphone and create their daily-routine by including all the activities.

Step 3: You’ll need to ask your elders to share their activities with you otherwise you won’t be able to monitor their location.

Step 4: Once the permission is granted, track their activities anytime you want.


  • Safe365 family locator has exclusive features to keep elders safe.
  • Dedicated “Emergency Button” to receive alerts when your parents or grandparents are in a situation of distress.


  • Poor Cross-Platform Compatibility.

7.24 family locator


Rating: 4.5/5

24 Family Locator is yet another useful family locator apkfor Android users. Since the app utilizes Google Maps API, it’s interface looks much similar to the Google Maps app itself. You can add family members to your group and create alerts for different situations. Apart from the general features, the app will also send alerts when a family member enters or leaves a specific place. It means you can always check if your kids are entering and leaving the school premises on time or not.

ollow these steps to use 24 Family Locator app on your smartphone.

Step 1: Install the app and create an account by entering the right credentials.

Step 2: Tap on the “+” button to add family members to your group.

Step 3: Set up alerts to receive real-time updates of your family members.


  • Set designated routes for your family members so that they don’t get lost.
  • Send Emergency alerts when you need help.


  • Unless you’re using the premium version, the refresh interval is 5 seconds. It means you won’t receive real-time location updates.


These are some of the best family locator apps you can install on an Android device. With their extensive features, it’ll become way easier to keep a track of all the family members. So, whether you have children who go to school every day or elders who aren’t good with remembering locations, the above-mentioned apps will help you keep your family members safe all the time. We hope that you liked this post and will share your views with us. Stay tuned for more such informative topics.