Top 10 Candy Crush Saga Cheats, Tips and Tricks You Need to Know
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Top 10 Candy Crush Saga Cheats, Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

In this article, I'm going to illustrate 10 different candy crush saga tips and cheats that can help you go up the level with no difficulties at all.
author of this article Apr 28,2020 / Posted by Felix Baynham

The number of requests that people will send you to join candy crush is no doubt alarming. But how can you go through this game with no difficulties at all? The answer is simple; apply Candy Crush Saga cheats and tips. What these Candy Crush Saga tips do is to help you go through different levels with no barriers at all, while at the same time earning as many points as possible.

In this article, I’m going to give you a total of 10 Candy Crush Saga cheats that will be your ultimate guide and savior when playing this highly addictive game. Bear in mind that each and every candy crush tips are different from one another as you progress.

Part 1: Go For the Combos

Do you want to score more and level up quickly? If yes is your answer, make sure that you grab the stripped candy and the wrapped candy each and every time you play. Both of these candies will wipe more than 80% of your board. With this trick, you are guaranteed to get to levels of over 181 something that is usually difficult when trying to slide the bars. If you want higher scores, go for candies that are wrapped up in another candy. This trick will ignite a square crush of more than 6x4.

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Part 2: Clear Off the Jellies

Another great candy crush tip is to clear of the jellies. Side jellies especially those located at the corners should be your last targets. These jellies are usually hard to clear off and only act by consuming your valuable time. Always take your precious time to see if you can pinpoint their matches. If you find it hard to get the candy match, proceed to the simple candies to reduce the squares and level up.

candy crush saga cheats

Part 3: Record Candy Crush Saga

iOS Screen Recorder can help you record each and every move you make when playing Candy Crush Saga. With your candy crush tips at hand; this is how you can record your screen using iOS Screen Recorder, and watch your moves and tricks for a later date.

Step 1: Download, Install, and Run iOS Screen Recorder

Download iOS Screen Recorder. Once the download is over, install and run the program.

Step 2: Connect Your Devices

Using the same network configurations, connect your iDevice and your PC to the same WIFI connection. Once connected, you will be in a position to see the screenshot listed below. Make sure that your iDevice screen and that of your PC match as shown below.

connect to record candy crush saga

Step 3: Launch AirPlay

In an upward motion, slide your finger on your screen to open the control center. Under the control center, tap on the “AirPlay” icon and then tap on the "iPhone" icon. Complete the task by tapping on the “Done” icon. A new interface will open up where you will be required to tap on the “dr.fone” icon. Tap on it and complete the task by tapping on the “Done” icon. This entire task is summarized in the screenshot below.

mirror candy crush saga

Step 4: Start Recording

Once you have taped on the “Done” icon in the previous step, a new interface with the recording option will open up. Tap on the red icon to record your candy crush game. You can also employ one of the above-mentioned candy crush tips and record them using this program just to be sure that everything is working just fine.

recording candy crush saga

There you have it. It's as simple as that.

Part 4: Make Smart Moves

By smart moves, I mean that you should know the candies that will give you the best score and clear off the square by a huge chunk. For example, when you move a stripped candy to the same direction as the last candy, the candy will make a horizontal stripe which will, in turn, explode in a parallel manner as well. As Candy Crush goes, the more candies you break, the higher your score go.

top 10 candy crush saga cheats

Part 5: Keep the +5 at Bay

If you can, crush a candy that gives you five extra seconds with each and every move you make. Each and every time you go after this candy, you get five extra seconds. You can confirm whether the timer is real by taking a look at your remaining time at the bottom of your screen.

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Part 6: Use the Chocolate Candy Wisely

The chocolate candy bar usually disappears the moment you consume it and only comes back in the next round. With this in mind, try your best to destroy the bar each and every time you spot it so as to make sure that it doesn’t appear in the next round. The reason as to why you should destroy the candy at all times is because it only works by absorbing the bombs but not eating up your nuts or fruits. In Candy Crush, we only need candies that can eat and reduce the square.

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Part 7: Always Start From the Bottom

Well; I never knew about this trick until recently. When you crush the candies from the bottom, the chances are high that the top candies will crash evenly and create more spaces which call for additional free moves. When you crush candies from the top, the force of gravity onto which the candies fall is minimal as compared to when you break them from the bottom.

candy crush saga cheats and tips

Part 8: Prioritize Your Threats

If you want to get up the ladder quickly and earn more points, always go after candies that mean more harm to you. In this case, start with eliminating the lower placed bombs and then go after the chocolates. Complete your mission by eliminating the blocks. In this manner, you will be in a position to preserve your time and earn more points.

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Part 9: Find Matching Patterns

This is basically the most used method when it comes to playing Candy Crush. Recognize the matching candies and move them accordingly. If you are good at memorizing, keep the patterns that bring in more points by linking to the special candies at your fingertips.

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Part 10: Change Your Phone Date

I never know about this Candy Crush Saga tips until recently when a friend of mine told me about it. The method is simple; just adjust the time of your phone, and you are ready to go. Different apps in your phone function by using your time and date. The moment you adjust your time, these apps will get “confused”. The same principal applies to Candy Crush Saga. Just turn off the automatic time option and change the date and time of your phone to a later date. When you launch Candy Crush Saga game again, you will have full extra lives. Keep in mind that this method may alter some of your apps such as alarms or reminders.

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Part 11: Go for Cross-Matching Stripes

If you happen to match more than two identical stripes together, you are going to get an explosion that gets rid of more than a third of your square. The good thing about this trick is the fact that you don’t have to be worried about the direction of the stripes. A single row will be wiped out horizontally, while the other row will be wiped out vertically giving you a cross sign (+) as shown below.

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Go through the challenging levels and make it through the different levels like a pro. Let your friends be your envy as you school them on how to play Candy Crush Saga by applying different Candy Crush Saga tips. It’s my hope that the next time you play Candy Crush Saga; you will be in a position to use these candy crush tips for your own good.