How Can I Get Lapras Nest in Pokemon Go Coordinates?
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How Can I Get Lapras Nest in Pokemon Go Coordinates?

A quick guide that will help you to easily locate Lapras nest pokemon go coordinates. The post includes valuable tips and strategies that you probably don’t know.
author of this article Jul 18,2020 / Posted by Felix Baynham
Lapras Nest Pokemon

Reassembling plesiosaur, Lapras is a dual water-ice pokemon, which is quite popular among the Pokemon Go players. With large brown eyes and a prominent horn on the forehead, it is one Pokemon that has an uncanny ability to draw the attention of Pokemon lovers.

However, the Lapras nest isn't as easy-peasy to find as you might perceive.

You require to formulate a strategic game plan to succeed.

Most of the Pokemon Go players have reported that they have discovered the Lapras nest pokemon go coordinates mostly around areas where there is a water body like

  • Canals
  • Oceans
  • Rivers
  • Lakes
  • etc.

So, are you ready to go out on a fascinating ride to catch Lapras Pokemon? Then, fasten your seatbelt, as we begin the merry-go-round.

What Are the Pokemon Go Nests?

Pokemon go nests

Did you ever find yourself in a scenario where you roamed around the streets the entire day and was unable to find one single pokemon? Yeah! This happens with most novice Pokemon Go players. They simply begin their pokemon catching journey with a systematic plan that includes knowing the pokemon to target and their most likely places to find their nests.

Unless you don’t want to find pokemon in bulk, nests are the place you will locate specific types of Pokemon. This implies when you seek after a powerful pokemon like Lapras.

Solitary type of pokemon such as Ralts are commonly found at their nests, however, not all pokemon are can be found through a nest

In particular, Pokemon that bring forth 10km eggs alongside distinct Pokemon won't be found in nests. This implies you shouldn't hope to discover legendary Pokemon, babies or regional Pokemon by going after a nest. Nest Pokemon additionally will, in general, be somewhat more fragile than a similar variety of Pokemon discovered outside of nests. It's additionally worth recalling that not all water-type Pokemon will produce through a nest.

In a nutshell, nests are the spawn points from where special types of pokemon like Lapras pop up. Finding a particular nest is a real hurdle,but worry, in the below post, we’ve thoroughly explained the process.

Where can I find Lapras nests?

find Lapras nests

Like any other Pokemon, Lapras is hiding somewhere, waiting for her master. Finding a specific Pokemon involves a lot of effort to locate Lapras nest coordinates Pokemon Go. This involves considering the true characteristics of this Pokemon.

The odds to locate Lapras nest pokemon go coordinates is far away from the urban world, it's typically around the suburbs where the mysterious and wonders of nature dwell.

The places you could find the nest of Lapras as are as follows:

  • River
  • Lake
  • Oceanside
  • Harbor, etc.

Tips to Increase the Chance of Getting Lapras Nest

Getting lapras nest

You can find specific pokemon like Lapras at places like PokeStops, Gyms, and different attractions using Google Maps and Ingress information.

It utilizes various kinds of regions inside the guide information to sort where a wide range of kinds of Pokémon ought to be found. Need some water Pokemon? Then, head to a trench, stream, or lake to build your odds of discovering them.

You can get essentially any kind of pokemon anywhere on the planet, but when it comes to Lapras pokemon, they are simply more typical in certain locations than others.

Make Friends to gain critical information about Lapras

In order to increase your odds of getting Lapras' nest, make use of the Pokemon community, speak to the Pokemon Go master those who have already captured this creature. Take their help and advice to make your dream of finding the Lapras nest come true. So, you'll have to build some good relationships for exchanging valuable information between one another, which helps you to become a better Pokemon master.

Download the dr.fone Software on your iPhone

dr.fone software find Lapras pokemon

Are you an introvert, who doesn't love to socialize or you don't live in the lap of nature- for instance, you're far away from water? Lapras is probably out of your reach. But, don’t you worry, as we’ve a reliable solution for you.

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Download the software dr.fone on your windows PC and then connect it to your iPhone. Doing so you'll have to power to transport your smartphone to another part of the world, away from the busy streets of New York City to relaxing beaches of Sydney as there you'll find Lapras pokemon. It tends to be a test time finding new Pokémon to get in Pokémon Go — it wouldn't be a fun game if the beasts were uniformly scattered (and nobody could ever contact Lapras).

dr.fone is an easy-to-use software that teleports your smartphone to any part of the world and get location; use it to catch more Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

How To Get Started with dr.fone Software

Step 1: Download the dr.fone on your system and install it on your iOS device, and launch the program.

dr fone guide 1

Step 2: From all options, opt for “Virtual Location,” then connect your iPhone to your computer. Then, click get started.

dr fone guide 2

Step 3: Now, in the new map, you’ll get your actual location. Activate the teleport mode by clicking the last one of the icons in series at the right top corner. Search any go you want to teleport by entering the location search box at the left top corner.

dr fone guide 3

Step 4: Your desired location will be displayed on your iPhone.

dr fone guide 4

You won't ever find diverse Pokémon if you don't explore new places. So, this is what this software does. Using this software is easy-peasy, just download, and the location is changed with just one click.


You must have heard the most common quote, “practice makes the man perfect,”and the same goes with the Pokemon chase. You won't be able to find Lapras pokemon, unless you try hard. Visit new locations, especially near the water body, to significantly improve your chances of locating the Lapras nest pokemon go coordinates. And, don't forget to speak to your best pal to help you out, but only he/she needs to be a pokemon aficionado.