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Pokemon Go Spoofing iOS Apps: Which is the best?

It depends on your choice which Pokemon Go spoofing iOS app you want to choose. Nearly, each spoofing software does the same, but some are bundled with extra features.
author of this article Sep 19,2020 / Posted by Felix Baynham

Part 1: Introduction

Pokémon Go is entirely an AR-based game for iOS and Android smartphone that has been developed together by the Niantic, the Pokemon Company, and Nintendo. The game is highly addictive and gives the feeling of real-world experience to the players. The users can’t play this game without enabling GPS function on their device. It has been praised with many awards and nominated plenty of times. Moreover, it has encouraged physical activity among adults, but there is a limited number of species that users can catch. Players can deceive the game with the Pokemon Go spoofing iOS application and can catch an endless number of Pokémon. The game will not be able to access your exact location. Some spoof applications have stopped working in 2019, but the ones we are going to discuss here are doing in 2020.

Part 2: Best 5 Pokemon Go Spoofing iOS apps

The best Pokemon Go spoofing iOS 2020 that we have gathered after research are as follows:

1) Dr. Fone Virtual Location (iOS)

URL: https://drfone.wondershare.com/ios-virtual-location.html

best dr.fone virtual location

Dr. Fone Virtual Location (iOS) is considered as one of a kind Pokémon go spoofing ios application on the desktop. The Pokemon Go lovers can use this application to spoof their location easily. It is safe, secure, and you can mock your exact location at a single click. Use the application properly for Pokemon Go iPhone spoof. The only thing you have to do is connect your iPhone to the PC. It offers an unlimited number of locations to mock, and this can be done by adding the name of typing coordinates.


  • Ideal location changer; for the iOS13, iOS12/12.3, and so on.
  • Allow you to share spoof location on WhatsApp/ Snapchat etc.
  • Teleport to anywhere in the world.
  • Can simulate between two spots and multiple spots with ease


  • Spoof location without jailbreaking your iPhone
  • An easy to use application with a user-friendly interface
  • Compatible with every primary iOS device


  • Only free trial version can be downloaded

2) Relocate

URL: https://yalujailbreak.net/relocate-gps-location-spoofer/

relocate app

Relocate has been designed for the latest iOS models. It does more than what its name says. The app will not relocate; instead, it allows you to shift your location to some other place via a fake GPS interface. This acts as a trick to affect Pokemon Go application. It also helps in altitude spoofing. One can enter any gyms, catch new and a lot of Pokemons, and do many other things. This is a perfect spoofer pokemon go iOS that we should give a try.


  • Spoofing works with a single tap
  • Seek for a particular location using the search bar
  • Alter the location by pinning on the map
  • Stop or start location spoofing whenever you wish


  • Free and easy to use
  • Support all the devices on all devices even iOS 12


  • Jailbreak of the device is required
  • Pokemon Go can identify it

3) iTools

URL: https://www.thinkskysoft.com/itool-virtual-location/

itools app

iTools is a great tool to manage iPhone/iPad/iPod. It lets you do multiple things, including the transfer of videos, music and a lot more. Apart from it, this also works as a Pokemon Go spoofing iOS 2020 application. The software is supporting Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Vista, and XP models. It can be used for faking the GPS location on any iPad/iPhone. It doesn’t ask you to jailbreak your iOS device.


  • Available for Mac and Windows users.
  • It’s a multi-purpose tool for iOS device management.
  • Drop a pin anywhere to simulate, this will remain the same even after disconnecting the device from the PC.
  • Works on latest iOS devices too


  • Reliable and simple to use iOS spoofer
  • Can’t be detected by the Pokemon Go app
  • Offering endless data restore and backup option
  • Premium users can use the app freely


  • The free version only allows to spoof location three times only
  • Plans are starting from $5/month

4) Pokemon Go++

URL: http://www.cydiaimpactor.com/

pokemon go app

If you own a jailbroken iPhone, it’s great because this is an improved version of the game for those kinds of devices. The application is containing numerous features that let you spoof location and even teleport or walk fast in the game. It is equipped with some hacks but can also function for spoofing Pokemon Go iPhone. You can download this app from a third-party source only like TuTu or Cydia.


  • Spoof location on iOS devices whenever and wherever you want.
  • Set a personalized speed for your avatar to up to 8 times.
  • Turn to teleport on or off.
  • Supports joystick for smooth movements


  • Plethora of features
  • Spoof location manually


  • Specially made for Pokemon Go only
  • Works only with jailbroken devices
  • Your Pokemon account can be blocked

5) iPokeGo

URL: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/ipokego-for-pokemon-go/id1138277066

ipoke go

iPokeGo provide you with a set of tools to facilitate you in playing Pokemon Go. The app is specifically made for the Pokemon Go players. It has a lot of inbuilt free as well as paid features. The application permits the users to tweak the radar position. If Niantic detects this anyhow, then your account will be banned. Keep this in your mind before using it. Change themes, update location manually, and do much more with this Pokemon Go spoofing iOS app.


  • The radar features make it easier to spoof location manually.
  • Delivering several features that display a list of Pokemons and also one can hide them.
  • Offers; support for the Pokémon Go-Map and Pogom server.
  • Create a group of your favorite Pokemon list.


  • No jailbreak requirement
  • Simple and loaded with an intuitive interface


  • Mostly, there are paid features
  • Can lead to a ban on your Pokemon Go account


Out of the every Pokemon Go spoofing iOS application we talked, Dr. Fone Virtual location spoofer for iOS is the perfect tool that Pokemon Go player needs. Others are also good, but none can compete with it. The Pokémon Go security can’t detect it, and this is the plus point why you must use that app. We hope that you enjoyed reading this article. For any queries, make sure to drop a comment below. Also, let us know your views on this post.