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About Fake GPS Joystick: All You Need to Know

Read this blog post to know what fake GPS joystick is, compelling reasons to have on your smartphone, along with a detailed review of top location spoofing solutions.
author of this article Jul 18,2020 / Posted by Felix Baynham
GPS Joystick

The GPS functionality of our smartphones has become a necessary prerequisite for many location-based applications like Ubber, similar to those implied for climate or mapping purposes. Now and again, GPS tracking seems to be a breach of one's privacy.

Regardless of whether you're a young person attempting to fool your best pals or trying to catch the best Pokémon by being at the best locations, there are fake GPS joystick applications to spoof your phone’s real-time GPS location— NYC, London, Rome or some other spots on the planet. These Apps allow users to change the location of their smartphone conveniently with the help of a virtual joystick.

These applications have a "JoyStick" feature, which makes it enjoyable to change your location in a split second. Before we go any further how the fake GPS joystick works, it is imperative to know what it actually is?

Part 1: What is a fake GPS joystick?

Fake GPS Joystick

A fake GPS joystick iOS/Android presents you the power to teleport to any part of the world with just a few taps. Utilize it to fake your GPS location, even on the move.

Download fake GPS joystick APK on your smartphone to have the freedom to overwrite your present location with the objective that you can trick your best pals that you are being on holiday in Las Vegas with someone special. It lets you find new people on dating Apps like Tinder, just be switching GPS from one city to another without moving.

Salient features of a fake GPS joystick

  • Permits users to change location promptly with the Joystick.
  • Enter latitude/longitude straightforwardly from the joystick.
  • Set focuses on the guide to make the route and to walk consequently.

Part 2: What can fake GPS joysticks be used for?

Changing the location on your iPhone or Android gadget includes fooling your device into telling applications that you're found someplace you're definitely not.Unfortunately, faking location on your Android or iPhone isn't a feature on your smartphone.

2.1 Use GPS Joystick on Dating App

Fake GPS Joystick On Dating App

There are real motivations to change your smartphone's GPS location. Perhaps you need to change your location, so something like a dating application believes you're a hundred miles away, great in case you're intending to relocate or want to broaden your area to find true loc; eventually be a step ahead of the dating game.

2.2 Use GPS Joystick on Pokemon Go

Fake GPS on Pokemon Go

Changing your location may likewise become necessary when you are playing location-based games like Pokemon GO. Rather than having to really head out a few miles away to catch a new Pokemon type, you could fool your smartphone into telling Pokemon GO that you're as of now there, and the game will accept your smartphone location accurately.

Different motivations to set up a fake GPS area may be if you need to "travel" to Dubai and registration to a café you've never really been to, or visit a well-known milestone to fool your Facebook companions into believing you're having a great time.

You can likewise utilize your smartphone GPS area to trick your family or companions in your location-sharing application.

All the above reasons can be satisfied with a fake GPS joystick iOS and Android App.

Part 3: 3 Methods to change your mobile location with a fake GPS joystick

Before you install any other spoofing app on your smartphone, making sure it is dependable and credible is imperative, otherwise you’ll find yourself in big troubles. If you install an unreliable App on your smartphone, you might run the risk of sharing your critical personal details without your knowledge.

With the above in mind, it is highly advisable to choose your smartphone fake GPS joystick for android and iOS software carefully; weigh in the pros and cons to make the right decision.

3.1 Dr.fone-virtual location

Use fake GPS joystick on iPhone with a GPS simulator

By taking the help of this convenient software, available for windows. any iPhone user can change their location. First, you need to download the dr.fone – Virtual Location (iOS) on your PC, and then connect it to your iPhone. It will show a guide like an interface, letting users mock their location to anyplace on the planet. Aside from that, users can likewise can mimic movement between various spots in their preferred speed. This means, while you are in NYC, you can fool anyone into believing that you are residing on a bike in the beautiful streets of Rome, thanks to the movement changes that come with this software.

One of the reasons that must make dr.fone so popular worldwide is that no jailbreak is required to fake your real-time GPS location using this software.

Another benefit that comes with dr.fone is the virtual joystick. You can move the jock sick from one location to another, and set the prefered for your smartphone manner. You’ll feel it's like playing your favorite childhood game

How to Use fake GPS joystick dr.fone software

methods of using GPS Joystick

Step 1 : Download the dr.fone software your PC(only available on windows)

Now, connect your iPhone to your PC.

map of fake GPS joystick

Step 2: Once the program is installed on your computer, launch the software.

Step 3: In the new window, the map will appear,displaying your present location. In case the location is not displayed, click the “Centre On” in the right corner of the screen.

Step 4: Activate the Teleport mode by clicking the third icon on the upper right corner. Next, is entering the location you want to spoof, search it and hit the Go tab.

fake location with fake GPS joystick

Step 5: You can easily shift from one location to the another using the GPS joystick feature.

Salient Features of dr.fone software

  • Spoof GPS location on iPhone: Enter your location conveniently in the search box, when you want to spoof your GPS location on your iPhone.
  • Fake GPS movement along genuine streets: Select a desired spot on the map. Your GPS area can move from the present spot to the chosen one at a speed you can want. It depends whether you’re walking, running or riding a motorbike.
  • Fake GPS movement along desired spots: Select a number of desired spots on the map. You can move along these spots at any speed you want. You can choose these spots along genuine streets or in some other manner you need.
  • Farce with GPS joystick: Control GPS development by utilizing the joystick. On the other hand, utilize the keys W, A, S, and D or keys Up, Left, Down, and Right on the console to control GPS development.
  • Full screen map sees: You can change to full screen map view to discover all the more fascinating spots to transport to or simulate GPS movement.
  • Verifiable areas: The GPS locations you have chosen on the guide are variable or with full confidence you can tell anyone that you’ve been to a particular place
  • Multi-gadget support: You can associate three distinct iOS gadgets to a similar PC for GPS location parodying or movement simulation.


  • Easy-to-follow interface design
  • 24*7 customer service
  • Less risk of detection by location-based apps


  • No support for Android

Dr.Fone works with all the main iPhone models, including the gadgets running on the most recent iOS 13. One can download the application on their Mac or Windows framework, interface their iPhone to it, and fake their area in a hurry.

3.2 iTools

iTools GPS joystick


At present, people are in search of dependable ways to change GPS locations on their iPhones. Since Apple released iOS10, no official App can jailbreak iOS10. With the above in mind, iTools now can help iOS users to change their GPS location without breaking the Apple norm.

iTools can deal with the majority of iOS gadgets. It can likewise move and reinforce everything on your iOS gadgets, including music, photographs, contacts, documents, recordings, Apps. iTools is perfect with all the iOS gadgets, including the iPhone of any models, iPad, and iPod. Also, it may very well be introduced on the two Windows PC and Mac. iTools has gone with the advancement of iOS gadgets since the iPhone3. It assisted more than 10 million iOS clients with managing their iOS gadgets more straightforwardly and astutely.

Presently, iTools has the "virtual location" included for the two windows rendition and Mac adaptation. Which is actually an uplifting news in light of the fact that regardless of whether you are using a Windows PC or Macintosh PC, you can download the updated version of iTools and use it to change the GPS area on the iPhone.

Numerous iOS users like to utilize iTools to change their GPS area, as it is extremely easy to use. For example, you can become acquainted with a spot better before you travel there; You can trick your companions or associates with the GPS location that you were here and there; Some individuals utilize this feature to check in on work; Other individuals utilize it to mess around like Pokemon Go.

To summarize, iTools is a convenient and safe approach to change GPS location on the iPhone. Regardless of what you need to do with this "virtual location" feature of iTools, it can fulfill you. Also, iTools additionally don’t require jailbreaking your iOS gadget. You can utilize it to reinforce or move data from your iOS to PC conveniently.

Shortcomings of iTools

  • Doesn’t works for Android devices
  • Trial version has limited features

3.3 iSpoofer

iSpoofer GPS joystick


With iSpoofer you can teleport location of your iOS gadget, spoof to anyplace in LBS(Location Based Service) games without really moving or strolling. iSpoofer doesn't adjust or change any information in the game; however, let your smartphone accept that it is in a different spot than the actual area.

For years, jailbreak is the best and only way to spoof GPS areas for iOS gadgets. It implies bypassing the limitations that Apple puts on iOS and obtaining full responsibility for the gadget. In any case, it additionally evacuates the security assurance of iOS. iSpoofer, on the other hand, is a lot more secure; no jailbreak required.

You can fake GPS location on more than one gadget simultaneously with iSpoofer. Additionally, it supports GPX documents, customizing the routes, adjusting the movement speed, etc.

Salient highlights of iSpoofer

  • Change the GPS location of your iPhone or iPad to progress quicker in locations-based games like Pokemon Go or services (LBS) without moving around.
  • This product is perfect with Apple gadgets powered with iOS 8.0 or more and doesn't require jailbreak.
  • Perfect with GPX documents and route customization.
  • Permits us to modify our movement speed to imagine that we're strolling, running or going in a vehicle.

Shortcomings of iSpoofer

  • Doesn’t work on Android devices
  • Sometimes the location-based applications detect that you are fooling your GPS location.


At last, you probably got to know the real benefits of fake GPS joystick iOS, along with an overview of top location spoofing solutions. It is advisable to read it thoroughly and make a decision based on your requirements.

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