How to Change Grindr Location on Android Device?

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How to Change Grindr Location on Android Device?

Do you want to learn how to spoof Grindr location in your Android devices? Then, you are in the right space to discover effective methods. Disclose this article for exciting facts on changing location
author of this article Oct 12,2020 / Posted by Felix Baynham

Sherly, an app enthusiast curious in exploring unique social applications in the cyberspace. She is looking for optimum ways to spoof the Grindr location for research purpose.

Shirley can figure out here the optimum ways to establish the location spoofing techniques in the Grindr program. The Grindr app is an exclusive dating webpage for gay, bisexual and trans people.

Like that of other dating websites, you can create a profile and connect with like-minded users in this platform to have great fun. When you step into the Grindr app you can find nearby profiles flashing in your home page to ease your selection process.

This app tracks the location details of every individual user which seems to end up with privacy issues. In this article, enlighten with reliable methods to fake the GPS Grindr location effortlessly.

spoof grindr location

Part 1: How to change Grindr location on Android

You can change the Grindr location on Android devices quickly by following the below guidelines.

1.1 Use VPN

Virtual Private Networks help you to change the IP address of your device and spoof your location in no time. There is ample VPN application available in the Google Play store like Nord, Hola etc. You can choose the desired location for your device using this technique.

Step 1: Download the VPN app from the play store and install in your device. Then, launch the program and register for its premium services.

use the vpn

Step 2: Log in to your account by entering the credentials and select the supporting servers to a fake location in Grindr.

log in to your account
select servers

1.2 Use Fake GPS app

If you surf into the online platform you will end up with immense collections of fake GPS apps to spoof the device location for Grindr programs.

Step 1: Unlock your Android device and tap ‘Settings -> About Phone -> Build Number’. Hit the build number seven times to enable the developer mode. Go to the ‘Settings -> Developer Option’ and check in the ‘Allow mock location’ feature.

Developer option

Step 2: Now, step into the Google Play store and install ‘Fake GPS location’ app. Then, hit ‘Settings -> Developer Option -> Mock location apps’ and select the ‘Fake GPS location’ app from the list. Next, launch the tool and drop a pin on fake location in the map view to spoof Grindr location

spoof grindr location

1.3 Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer Free app

It is a location spoofing app for Android devices. You can use this program to fake the location of your gadget effortlessly.

Step 1: Enable the developer option in your device by tapping ‘Settings -> About Phone -> Build Number’. Press the build number seven times. Then, go to the ‘Developer Option’ by navigating through the ‘Settings’ screen to enable the ‘Allow mock location’ option.

allow mock location option

Step 2: Install Fake GPS Location Spoofer Free app from Google play store and click ‘Settings -> Developer Option -> Mock Location app’. Choose this app from the expanded list and launch the tool.

fake gps location spoofer free app

Step 3: The app opens with the current location on the map and now you can change the location. Pin your favourite spot on the map and then tap the ‘Play’ button and ‘Without Ads’ to modify the location of your device.

modify the location

Part 2: Risks of Changing Grindr Location on Android

The potential risks in changing Grindr Location on Android leads to the following issues

  • Your Grindr account may be banned due to fake location.
  • The other apps in your device mislead because of the wrong location in your device.
  • When you make common searches related to nearby hotels, shops etc during emergencies you will get the wrong data.
  • The Grindr app searches for your nearby matching profiles and thereby you will lose your nearest crush.

Part 3: How about Changing Grindr Location on iOS?

You can change the Grindr location on iOS gadgets using sophisticated tools in the digital market. Take a quick look at the creative programs below.

Dr. fone – Virtual Location (

Dr.Fone changes grindr location

This app is a prestigious product of Wondershare with stunning features. There are two versions to support Android and iOS gadgets. This program allows you to teleport your live location to anywhere around the world just by a single click.


  • Simple user-interface design.
  • The controls are explicit for easy reach.
  • A search box on the map view allows the user to enter the desired address to fake the device location.
  • You can also enter the GPS co-ordinates to spot your favourite fake location on the map.
  • You can assign multiple fake locations on the map.


  • You do not require any special technical skills to use this app. It is enough if you press the right buttons to fake the location.
  • Download and install process is quick and completes without any interruptions.


  • The Virtual location feature is applicable only for iPhone and you will not be able to use this app to fake location on the Android devices.


Finally, you are in the last lines on the discussion of spoof Grindr location using sophisticated GPS faking apps in the digital market. The dr. fone- virtual location is the incredible tool to spoof your device location optimally. You can easily fake the location in your gadgets just by few clicks. Connect with this article to explore the location spoofing techniques and choose the perfect app for your needs.