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7 Types of Tinder Guys You Should Avoid

Nowadays, where millions of people are taking advantage of Tinder, some people are not sure whether it is a good idea to use it or not. So, what kinds of Tinder Guys should be avoiding? Check here!
author of this article May 09,2020 / Posted by Felix Baynham

In the past days, it was quite difficult to find partners and get dates. Especially, if you were not ready for long term commitments. You had no choice but to get referrals and go on blind dates. But the dating game has changed now. Instead of getting married to the first person, someone refers to, you can choose your partner. Technology has rewarded us with the ability to judge people while sitting at home and choose partners on a dating application, Tinder. Approving or rejecting tinder men based on their pictures and basic information is quite easy these days.

Before proceeding further, you need to have a basic knowledge of Tinder. How it works and its uses. Tinder is the most popular dating application that allows people to find matches by swiping. The best thing about this application is that tinder guys will not be able to contact you unless they have matched with them. You like profiles or photos of someone to match them. Tinder comes with different features. Free users can get access to a limited number of features. But if you want to take full advantage out of it, then it is better to get a premium version.

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Unlike other social applications, no one can reach you unless you like their profile. Well, most tinder men are looking for one-night stands. Thus, they keep swiping right whoever pops up on their screen. Therefore, you must be careful to find the right partner. Different tinder guys have different motives. Therefore, if you do not want to end up with the wrong person and regret later, then it is better to have a head start before starting the use of tinder.

7 types of guys on Tinder

Applications like Tinder are changing the entire approach of dating and finding partners. If you are a career woman and you do not have time to date, then this application will be best for you. But you might be wondering, is it safe to talk to a stranger? Well, we have a kicker for you. You will see a lot of scams and lies on Tinder who are just looking for a hookup. Just like any other social application tinder is full of fake IDs, liars, fake profiles, and exaggerated personal information. There is a little risk, but tinder will make it a lot easier for you to find your dream man. Moreover, if you want to dodge married men on tinder, then try to do some digging before planning a hangout. No matter what kind of guy you are dealing with, it belongs to one of the following 7 categories of men.

The Only Here for Sex

First, let's talk about the first and the most common category of tinder men. This is crazy but true to a great extent that one of the best tinder profiles men are looking for only one-night stands. They have no intention of a long-term commitment or a serious relationship. Instead, they are only there to find a sex buddy. Moreover, most of these men are dating more than one woman. Well, if you are also looking for a party and hook up, then go for them. Else, you must be a little more careful while using Tinder. The good thing is that you can recognize such tinder men while engaging with them. Such guys will start flirting on the first chance. They will ask you out in the first or second chat. It gets worse because such men are good with words and taking the attention of women. Well, we have a kicker for you. Clear your intentions in the first chat and whenever you notice anything fishy block the guy straight away.

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The one who fake pictures for profiles

Well, now the other kind of tinder plus matches that you need to be aware of are those that use fake pictures and information to attract women. The use of fake pictures and information is quite common in social applications. But when it comes to finding a partner, one cannot afford to waste time with those men who are faking an identity. Going on a date with such matches will prove to be your worst nightmare. But here's the kicker for you. Ask about the Facebook or Instagram profile of the guy after interacting. If any guy is hesitant in sharing such profiles, then it is a red flag that he is a fake. Moreover, check if the Facebook account is real or fake. Anyone can check the authenticity of the account by doing some research.

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The pet zealot

Now, let us talk about an entirely different group of tinder men. Most men try to attract women by posting pictures with their pets. And the best part is that most women fall for it. Posting a picture with their pet puts them in the best place to get tinder matches. If the profile of the guy is loaded with pictures of his pets, then we will not advise you to date him. Such men mostly turn out to be the worst manipulators. They are confusing to a great extent. Moreover, all they are trying to do is to look cool and kind by posting their cute relationship with their pets.

The fitness junkie

Well, you might be wondering what is wrong with being fit. Well, let us remind you that excess of everything is bad. The profile of the fitness junkie will be filled with the same shirtless mirror poses. Moreover, you will not see anything else than his muscles in the profile. Plus, fitness junkies turn out to be a real headache in a long-term relationship. They have a kind of superiority complex plus they like controlling others. Moreover, some of these tinder men are a scam. They use photoshopped pictures in the bio to attract pretty girls.

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The weird Geek

The next category is the weirdos. The weird geeks use their original photos and information. But trust me you cannot afford to date them. You will see close selfies or profile pictures with their creepy smiles. Plus, they will not add too much information about them as there is nothing much to tell. Such tinder men are either divorced or desperately single. They swipe right on every single girl because they have got tired of being single. They pop up on tinder to find some partner as no women in real life will date them due to their weird personality and desperate nature. It is easy to locate such tinder guys as they take pictures mostly with their webcam and add a long list of video games and movies in their profile.

The guy that still lives at home

Well, you might be wondering why haven't we discussed the mama's boy. So, here they are. It is quite easy to identify such men as they will not stop talking about their family or parents. You will also see a selfie of the boy with his mother in the profile. Well, such boys can turn out to be nice. But if you are not looking for a long-term relationship, then it will be better for you to look somewhere else. Even if you are looking for a real thing, then it will not be easy to date them. If you have already swiped right on their picture, then be ready to meet his mother on the second or third date. Such guys have a good nature, but they do not have a life of their own. They live with their parents and probably are jobless. Therefore, it is better to think before swiping right.

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The world traveler

The profile pictures and bio of world travelers will be enough for you to identify them. Most of these men are handsome and they have a good personality too. Moreover, dating such guys is quite interesting. Most of them do not have a permanent home as they keep traveling most of the time. Well, if you are a travel freak too, then go for it. Else, do not swipe right. Here's the deal, although they are cool and amazing, they will only spend a little time with you because of their busy routine. Therefore, the chances of a serious relationship are not quite good.

The final word for finding the perfect guy

Although it is difficult to find the perfect tinder plus match, do not lose hope. You must be a little wise while engaging with tinder men to find your perfect match. Do not fall for looks or sweet words. Instead, try to interact with those men who explain their personality and job in their bio. Moreover, they post different pictures in different poses to let people know about their lifestyle. This guy might be an average looking guy, but most of the time, such guys turn out to be the best. They clear their intention in the first conversation. Moreover, they talk about themself in addition to asking questions. Once you have succeeded in coming across any such man, they do not delay in going out with him. Choose some public places like a coffee shop or cafe for the first date. Well, we hope that our tips will help you in the future for finding the right tinder plus more matches.