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How to Use Tinder on PC?

Tinder PC was made an option for the mobile app. This article tells you how to use Tinder on PC. Find the steps to get started.
author of this article Apr 14,2020 / Posted by Felix Baynham

Tinder PC was made an option after the mobile app was originally launched in 2012. Indeed, it is a dating application that was one of the front runners in the generation of mobile apps. In fact, in the initial years, one could use it as a Tinder app with no need for PC. In the next few years, it has realized that the dating platform could get hold of more users of the desktop version that was made easy to use as well.

The app was the result of a joint venture between IAC and Hatch Labs while the primary development firm was Xtreme Labs. By 2014 it had reached the height of popularity in the dating circles, registering about 1 billion swipes on it per day.

Consequently, the Tinder PC version was launched in 2017. It was named as Tinder Online. The aim was to provide convenience to the user who had mobile phones that could not offer extensive storage. Also, those who had stable internet connection on desktops would find it advantageous to use the web version. It could be used at ease on a desktop and even office goers could use the different features of the application at ease on their computers.

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1. Do You Know You Can Use Tinder on PC?

Tinder on computer is an option that was originally launched in 2017. The web version called Tinder Online, allowed users to continue using their accounts on the desktop. It was designed to be convenient for accessing desktop computers and avail the benefit of a more stable internet connection than mobile phones provided.

One could download Tinder for PC for several reasons. It helped to have access to a stable broadband connection on a desktop to browse this website. It also made it easier to upload photos of larger resolutions to one’s account from the desktop.

As for usage, the website can be used in the following ways:

  • This is equivalent to Tinder app for PC; one has to visit ‘’.
  • The desktop version offers only Facebook account login in; this is the major difference between the mobile app and Tinder PC; however today it also allows one to login with a phone number.
  • Layout and features on Tinder online PC remain the same, allowing users to be familiar with the website as one would be with the application.
  • The website offers an optimized version for messaging and chat; one can view the profile of a match as they chat.
  • The web version allows one to log in through Mac or Windows.
  • The web version removed the need to install emulator software like Swipe or Bluestack; those who wished to use the mobile app on their computers were doing so originally.

2. It is Easy to Get Started!

Tinder PC Login

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This is the first step to do when one comes to this website. In Tinder as per PC version, you can even choose to save your Tinder PC login details. There are two options to login such as in Tinder Snapchat. One can choose to log in via their Facebook login details or by using a mobile number.

Location and Verification

This is the next step. The website will ask the user to share his or her location before they proceed. The Tinder PC dating feature will prompt the user to Allow location tracking of their computer through their IP address. It will then ask for the email address or phone number verification if one is logging in for the first time. There would be a link sent to the user’s email address; one can simply click on the link and verify the same. It is similar for Snapchat Tinder and other dating and social platform linkups.

How to Check Out Matches?

The user interface of the website is optimized for desktop usage and there are certain extra features that one will find here.

  • Certain standard features apply here such as existing matches displayed on a grid on the left-hand side of the PC screen.
  • The new matches are distinguished by red dots.
  • It is easy to view a match or access their profiles by simply clicking on them.
  • The conversations are on messages.
  • When one clicks on a match or a message exchange, the platform for messaging comes in the middle of the screen.
  • To move the messaging screen out and check profiles, one needs to click on ‘X’.
  • When one is exchanging messages the profile of the match shows on the right; hence one can see your main photo as well as check out the rest of the user’s profile at any point in time.
  • On the website primary photo appears in front as well as in center as one reads and responds to messages; hence, if a conversation goes on for long, the photo remains in constant view all the time.
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Functions to Use

The website offers several functionalities. For instance, the messaging, matching and swiping formats remain the same. One can check out photos of potential matches and click on left to see the previous one or click on right to see the next one. One can click on the Info button to see bio and other details that come along with a picture.

One can read the profile of a match by scrolling down; they can also check out the Spotify and Instagram accounts of the matches.

There is a condensed view offered of matched profiles. The arrow icon helps one to return to the condensed format.

To scroll through match queues, there are different ways to do so. One can click on different icons using the mouse. One can also click as well as drag photos to the screen's left side where it is sorted under ‘Nope’; it can be swiped right for like. If you like the profile much then you can swipe it up under the Super Like category.

3. Tricks and Tips for Using Tinder on a PC

Tinder PC version offers most of the features that one will find in the mobile app. Also, there are certain additional features that one can use Tinder on PC.

These are elaborated below:

  • PC Login
  • Tinder app download for PC had been a requirement when the online web version had not been launched. Before the web version was launched many who wished to run this matchmaking platform on their desktop or laptop first installed emulator software. They then downloaded the iOS or Android app and used it on the emulator platform.

    The web version login offers the same options as on the mobile; one can do so by using their phone number or Facebook. If one is using a phone number, he or she will then have to key in the OTP that is sent as SMS or WhatsApp on one’s phone.

  • PC Swiping
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    The Swipe feature is something that makes this platform distinct and the function is available on the desktop version as well. Once a user logs in he or she finds potential matches. These can be swiped to the left or the right, depending on whether one wishes to put a match on hold or if they liked it. The swiping function becomes a drag and drops with the mouse when one is using their desktop account. As one swipe, the matches, as well as messages, appear in the left column of the account page on Tinder PC Windows version.

  • PC Chatting
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    As one chats with matches on the PC, the bio and photos of the matches become visible and can be scrolled through on the right-hand side column on the screen. It makes referencing easier and chats about photos and life events are smoother. It is also possible to send across songs to match as one chat through Spotify that is linked with this platform.

  • PC Profile
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    The PC version provides more options to make your profile pic impressive. Matches will look at the bigger versions of your photos when they use the desktop computer. Photos can make a difference as to how your matches perceive you and your messages. It has been proven that with different profile pics the reaction to the same messages is different.

  • Navigation Options
  • The user interface on the desktop such as Tinder PC Windows 10 version offers certain navigation benefits. For instance, if one wishes to browse the website discreetly in the office, there is a briefcase icon on the top left part of the main screen; this leads to work mode which will help the user to keep the web page discrete or hidden under spreadsheets. One can also use keyboard shortcuts. Also, there are different editing tools provided that help users make their photos impressive which in turn will ensure more likes and messages from interested people.


Those who find it cumbersome to use the app can resort to using their member account on Tinder Online easily. The desktop version helps one to see photos of matches in larger resolution and even work on their photos and profile pics to make them more impressive and the way they wish to appear.