Tinder Plus vs. Tinder Gold: Which Should You Actually Choose?
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Tinder Plus vs. Tinder Gold: Which Should You Actually Choose?

Having someone to talk to makes you feel good, and so Tinder gives you the opportunity. The app is available in two versions, namely Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus.
author of this article May 29,2020 / Posted by Felix Baynham

Tinder Plus vs. Tinder Gold: Which Should You Actually Choose?

There is a wide range of dating apps available in the virtual world, but out of all these apps, Tinder has become a huge hit. It can grab the attention of users from across the globe due to its unique features. The interactive screen grabs millions of users to use this app. In this article, we will be detailing the difference between Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold. So, without wasting any more time, let us begin.

Part 1: What Tinder Plus& Tinder Gold have in common?

Before learning about the difference between Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold, you must learn the standard features of Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold first. These include:

  • Passport

If you are going to a new destination, you can get a perfect match in the new location before you reach the place. It also provides you with matches from different locations. When you choose the location with a passport, Tinder will take the location into account assuming that you are about to visit the location. You can set up the date with the people in the new location before you arrive there. This feature is in Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus.

  • Rewind

It is another common feature that you find in Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus. If you have done left-swipe accidentally on someone whom you would like to date, you will get a chance to correct the mistake. You can press the rewind button to check the previous profile.

  • Unlimited likes

When you swipe right to cut off 100 people in 12 hours, you can still keep ongoing.

  • Super likes

You can super like a person by doing swipe-up. The matches that you set to super like will have blue stars on their name in the list.

  • Boost

It is a paid feature in both these versions of the tinder app. It allows you to appear on the top of the user list by skipping the other lines. Your profile will be displayed on the top in your geographical location for 30 minutes.

  • No ads

It is the characteristic feature that you can see both in the Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold. It allows you to conceal the advertisements that are annoying you while accessing the app.

no ads

Part 2: What Tinder Gold has but Tinder Plus lacks?

You can see the difference between Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold, by learning about the unique features that you find in Tinder Gold, which is lacking in Tinder plus

  • Top pics

The main difference between Tinder Gold and Plus is that top pics feature is available only in tinder gold. It showcases the new profiles from which you can select. The Tinder algorithm extracts the selection list. You do not need to follow the regular queue. The best part of this feature is that you can see new profiles every day. The profiles will disappear after 24 hours. There are a few keywords that are displayed for the users. These keywords are their character traits. You can quickly know the profession of the person such as doctor, businessman, and adventurer without opening their profile.

  • Who likes you

Another difference between Tinder Gold and Plus is that you can find who likes you feature only in Tinder gold but not in Tinder plus.

You will know beforehand that who all like you without even starting the swiping process. You can see the likes on the gallery form, and you can see whether the person likes you back. This feature allows you to start the conversion with the people without having to think much.

Part 3: What is the price difference?

There is a difference between Tinder Plus and Gold is pricing. The Tinder plus costs you around USD 9.99 per month for the youngsters who are below 30 years. People who are above 30 must pay USD 19.99 per month.

The price of Tinder plus is USD 29.99 per month. You are given a discount if you are planning to use the app continuously for 6 to 12 months. When you avail of this option, it would cost you around USD 12.56 for six months and USD 10 for a year.

You can see that there is a vast difference between Tinder Plus and Gold in pricing. You can choose the one that is within your budget.

Part 4: What are most useful features of Tinder Plus/ Gold?

  • Super boost

No one is interested in standing in the serpentine queues. The best part of this feature is that it allows the users to skip the line and see 100* potential matches.

  • Control whom you see

This feature is handy as it offers ample privacy to the users. The free users who are using this dating app can have access to balanced recommendations. It shows the profile based on various factors. It depends on your and the other person's ELO score.

You can view active individuals. It shows the profiles of the users who match with your traits.

control whom you see
  • Control who sees you

It is another security feature that is available in both Tinder plus and gold version of this dating app. Your profile will be shown to the people based on the score, as determined by the Tinder algorithm. Your profile can be viewed by the other person whom you like.

control who sees you
  • Hide distance

It is highly beneficial for the people who keep on moving from one place to another. If you are planning to swipe to the next destination and do not want people to swipe left by seeing the actual distance indicated on the profile.

  • Hide age

This feature allows you to hide the age.

hide age
  • Unlimited right swipes

It is available even to the free users using the dating app. You will have a limit on the number of users you can swipe in a day. However, when you go for the paid version, you can have an unlimited number of swipes in a day.

unlimited right swipes
  • Block users

If you find any user to be irritating, you and you do not want to converse with them any longer, and you can block the person. Once you block the person, you won't be able to unlock them.

If you wish to upgrade Tinder Plus to Gold, you must follow these steps:
  1. Open the tinder app.
  2. Tap the profile icon.
  3. Tap Settings and select Get Tinder gold.

These simple steps allow you to upgrade Tinder Plus to Gold.

Part 5: Final Verdict

You can find the right partner who matches your compatibility on the tinder app. The premium versions of this dating app are tinder plus and tinder gold. The Tinder Gold vs. Plus comes with extraordinary features that take your tinder experience to the next level. You can be a part of the tinder community just by choosing the right subscription for you. Based on the Tinder Gold vs. Plus features you wish to access on tinder app, you can select the correct version that suits you the most.