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Tinder Plus: The Thing You can't-Miss

Tinder plus is made to provide extra features to those who make a paid subscription to the service. Learn more features of Tinder plus through this articles.
author of this article Apr 15,2020 / Posted by Felix Baynham

Tinder plus is made to provide extra features to those who make a paid subscription to the service. If you opt for Tinder plus APK for your Android phone this will provide free boosts every month. One could even opt for five or 10 boosts through packages. Boost helps one to skip lines and increase their visibility on the app. Tinder plus is worth it for those who are actively looking for dates in their area. It can make a difference within minutes of subscribing for the same. Tinder plus price comes with extra features and other upgrades like Gold version for those who wish to get active and dating.

1. What is Tinder Plus?

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The dating app was initially launched in 2012. In the initial years, it was a free service since 2015 when download Tinder plus was launched. March 2015 had announcements of its launch along with details of the new features that the upgrade would offer.

Before one opted to download Tinder plus APK he or she could read up the additional benefits that it provides. For instance, the free version did not provide an option for a user to change locations or to undo swipes. These were made available in the paid version. One could also have liked for an unlimited number of matches under Tinder plus APK 2020.

Tinder plus cost was the other differentiation feature added. There are different tiers to the premium service that one could opt for. These were applicable for different age groups of subscribers as well as those who wished to have certain features at a premium more than the others such as Gold being Tinder plus.

In the sections below we discuss the pricing aspects and what one can hope to obtain when they opt for the paid membership service. One can get all necessary information before they opt to cancel Tinder plus.

2. What Benefits can Tinder Plus bring Me?

There are several Tinder plus benefits that one can obtain such as:

  • Unlimited likes
  • No ads
  • Passport
  • Rewind
  • Super likes
  • 1 Boost every month

Here we look at these features in detail.

  • Unlimited Likes
  • Among the Tinder plus features, this is one of the main advantages.

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    It entitles a user to unlimited swipes to the right; within a 12 to 24 hour period, one can make as many as 110 swipes to the right. Usually, the free app asks people to check back after 12 hours when the swiping becomes locked.

  • Rewind
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    This is another feature that one likes. The Tinder plus discount that gets you this premium service also allows you to undo or rewind a left swipe you might have made, deciding not to like somebody. This can be easily undone by using the Rewind option.

  • Super Likes
  • Besides the unlimited number of swipes you can do, Tinder plus review shows that you can also categorize people in the Super Like category, up to 5 a day.

  • No Ads
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    This is a useful feature that Tinder plus provides. It helps one to see no ads as one browses through the different matches or when one is having a conversation with the other. The Plus feature ensures that one has a clutter-free interface and no ads take up space in this app or on the desktop.

  • Passport
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    This is a unique feature that makes Tinder plus APK the latest version much wanted. It allows one to find matches in another location, an aspect that one can get only in the paid version. Hence, if you wish to have dates awaiting you in your upcoming vacation destination, all you need to do is swipe to different locations and find potential matches there. Passport feature works with showing the actual distance from matches as per the location or address you specify. It is possible to have up to four locations under the Passport feature.

  • 1 Boost Every Month
  • This is another advantage that Tinder plus iOS can provide. Your profile becomes one of the top profiles worth this feature and remains so for about 30 minutes; this helps increase 10x times’ views of your profile.

3. Cost of Tinder Plus

The costing of the app was a controversial one from the time it was launched. That is because it comprises two price tiers which depend on what age a subscriber is. For those who are under 28 years of age, they can subscribe to Tinder plus apk for £3.99 per month. Those who are older however, the service becomes costly at £14.99 per month such as Tinder for 40 plus customers. The same would be the price for Tinder 50 plus customers.

To get Tinder plus it would also depend on the country where you subscribe. Americans are charged a monthly fee of $9.99 per month when they are under 30 years of age; if one is over the age of 30 they would need to pay a monthly fee of $19.99. These details or more are also available under the basic app through which one can opt to buy Tinder plus or cancel Tinder plus Android version.

The initial launch saw the application has different prices for different countries. Those in developing nations could simply pay as little as $3 per month. Today, if you wish to subscribe to Tinder plus 2020, all you need to do is download the app for free, for your Android or iOS device. Once you have installed it, the account settings provide the option for one to opt for Plus and higher levels.

If you are wondering where to get a Tinder plus discount coupon, this is hard to come by. You can only get a discount as per your age. Hence, if you sign up under the younger age limit, you end up paying a lower subscription price as compared to those who are older. The upgrade to the golden version is about $29.99 for a month for older members which is a steep price for many.

4. How to Subscribe to Tinder Plus?

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There are several additional benefits that Tinder Plus offers. For those who are actively looking to link up for dates with people nearby, Tinder makes it possible. With Tinder Plus there are several premium features to try such as unlimited likes, super likes, and a boost per month, Passport, Rewind as well as an ad-free interface.

If you wish to subscribe, the following steps get you there:

  • Download the App
  • Tinder plus subscription starts after you download the basic version and have successfully formed an account on it. The Tinder plus app or the latest version is available for download on Google Play or Apple store depending on the kind of mobile device you own. Once you have downloaded the Tinder plus APK file.

    You are ready to get started.

  • Login
  • If you wish to experience Tinder plus iPhone get started by logging in. There are two ways to log in to the basic application, either by using Facebook credentials or by using your phone number. You can then choose to stay logged in.

  • Setup Account
  • If you wish to use Tinder plus android version, get started with your account. Under settings, you can find the subscription option. However, it is advisable that you first complete the account information and settings. These comprise specifying your location, whether you wish to sign up for push notifications and so forth. You also need to set up the profile icon. Choose appropriate photos to upload and use the editing tools provided to set up your profile picture.

  • Opt for Subscription
  • Under Settings, you can opt for Tinder plus a cheap version. Alternately you can opt for Tinder plus Gold as well. Tinder plus boost is one of the many premium features that you can upgrade for. With the golden version, there are certain features to enjoy in addition to what you get with Plus.

5. Anything to Note when Using Tinder Plus?

Tinder plus on Reddit provides several advantages. For instance, the passport feature helps one to become one of the boosted profiles in that area or when one resorts back to its original location. It is also a small upgrade away from Tinder Gold. If you have already paid for Tinder Plus and are getting results, paying for a long-term subscription to Gold will be economical and show results as well.


Those who are already seeing results with the free dating app can opt for the paid version. It helps to boost their profile’s exposure, help them change locations as well as increase the number of matches they can like or view in a day. Those who travel frequently will need the upgrade much more so that they need not remain restricted to one location. The access to the different plans is easily given through the Account Settings. One can look up the latest version of the app and opt for the subscription plan that suits their budget and needs.