Harry potter and Pokemon Go, which one do you like?
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Harry potter and Pokemon Go, which one do you like?

Pokemon Go or Wizards Unite? Which game app you need to download, let’s find out. Key differences and similarities between Pokemon Go and Wizards Unite.
author of this article Jul 18,2020 / Posted by Felix Baynham
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Niantic is a globally renowned mobile gaming company. They have designed & developed several breathtaking location-based game applications, which makes them popular among people of all age groups-be it a nine-years-old, teen, or a guy in his/her forties they all love it.

On 6th July 2016, the Niantic unveiled the thrilling game, Pokémon GO. This game made people go-gaga, as gamers are on the streets, catching just like Ash. After establishing their identity in the mobile gaming industry, Niantic released another location-based game Harry Potter: Wizard Unite, on June 21st, 2019. From there on, the debate between “Harry Potter vs. Pokemon Go-Which One to Play” is creating a lot of buzzes nowadays.

Ideally, you should install both the game Apps, but if you still want to go with one, then let’s find out the answer together.

What is Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

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Popularly known as the Harry Potter version of Pokemon Go, the Wizards Unite is a mobile game powered with Augmented Reality. This game is inspired by the Wizarding world created by globally well-known writer, JK Rowling. This fascinating game puts the magical power of wizards in the hands of every gamer.

Launched in 2019, this is co-designed & co-published by WB Games San Francisco and Niantic, Inc. Based on the original stories, the graphics are pretty-real, you’ll feel you are fighting against evil. Wizard Unite works on both Android devices and iPhones, you can download the game App from their respective play stores.

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You can play the Harry Potter: Wizard United game with some of your best pals to battle against the evil dangerous foes. The game asks for a lot of strategic planning with your fellow wizards and witches to master this game.

Just like the previous location game released by the company, Wizard United also has Augmented Reality made that transforms the real world items into wizarding characters to weave a story that actually seems real.

How to Play Wizard Unite?

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So, ready to play? Download the game App on your smartphone--Android and iPhone. To get started, you’ll have to sign up using your date-of-birth and Google or Facebook log-in credentials. Next, you’ll have to grant the GPS permission and device’s location. Next, is walking through the overall theme of the game story, and how to deal with the foundables--wizarding person and items that displaced the chaotic magic to you. One thing you need to note, this AR-game has a number of assets, which are downloaded side by side.

Tao the Wizard icon on the map to view your Ministry ID, and update it. The overall map of the game is similar to Pokemon Go.

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What About Spells? They play a significant role in this game. You’ll be casting out spells to overpower or defend against the evil magic. Also, the spell can be cast to get food from the inn. For casting a spell, you’ll have to check the hint that is appearing on the screen via your finger.

What is Pokemon Go?

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Even since its release in 2016, Pokemon Go is amongst the most popular mobile games. It is the fastest to make $100 million and had the most number of downloads in one month. As per the latest data, it has internationally 800 million downloads and grossed $2 billion. Pokemon Go is the first game to put a unique concept where people don’t have to sit all day on the couch none-stop playing video games; this game leverages people out to enjoy the sunshine. The Augmented Reality model turns the objects into pokemon, imagine your cat is now a Pikachu.

Socialising is one of the most significant talking points of the Pokemon Go game. The introverts, while capturing pokemon, can interact with people around and can make good friendships for life.

How To Play Pokemon Go?

First thing first, you’ll have to download the Pokemon Go App, available for both Android phones and iPhones. Then, you need to follow the initial steps as asked to sign up. Once you’re logged-in, Professor Willow will provide you with a quick introduction of the game. Additionally, he’ll help you obtain the first three pokemon of your choice --either a Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle or all of the three. After that, the control is in your hands, however if you have a query, then you can easily look into the quick tips section. The three key parts of playing Pokemon Go game include catching the Pokemon, visiting pokestops, and the gym battles.

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Now, the next part is how will I catch the pokemon? It's pretty simple, simply walk around the streets, open the game App and you’ll receive notifications for the pokemon nearby.Tap on the pokemon which is showing on the map and the catching interface will open up to catch the pokemon. This is a ring around the pokemon that determines the complexity of catching the pokemon, if it's green, then it's breezy-easy, while red is the most difficult. The pokemon are available to grab at various Combat levels, which defines how powerful your pokemon will be.

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The pokestops are the landmarks of paramount importance on the map, by visiting these you can acquire essential items and gadgets--pokeballs, eggs,potions, revives, etc. Whenever you are in proximity of a pokestop, the map icon will expand, alarming you.

Your character will level up as you get experience from catching the pokemon, pokestops, and fighting at the gyms.

The Similarities and Differences Between Harry Potter and Pokemon Go Game.

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There are a myriad of similarities between Wizard Unite and Harry Potter. The overall theme of the game is related. Just as in the earlier released Pokemon Go game, with the Harry Potter game around exploring the real world to complete the game objectives.

  • In Pokemon Go, the hunt is to collect more and more pokemon, while in the Harry Potter version it's about hunting the evil witches and creatures from the fascinating world of wizards.
  • In the Harry Potter version the Gyms of the Pokemon Go are known as the Fortresses. In both the games, you can team-up with friends to accomplish different challenges.
  • In the Pokemon Go game, there is a Pokedex that keeps track of the pokemon collected, while Registry in Harry Potter that fills out as you grab flundables.
  • Another similarity includes that both the Harry Potter game & Pokemon Go can be downloaded from Apple and Google Play store for free.

To join the Harry Potter game, you can also use your Pokemon Go ID. Just like for Pokemon Go, you can sign in via Facebook and Google. You can decide on any name you want or let your system select the name randomly. And, you can change the name anytime you want. Same as Pokemon Go, the overall map is similar.

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Apart from the similarity of theme between Harry Potter & Pokemon Go games, there are a number of elements that are analogous to one another.

  • While the essential elements of Wizard Unite & Pokemon Go are related, the differences vary from one another in many ways. First is the sheer amount of content in the Wizard Unite game that features a variety of quest objectives to accomplish.
  • Compared to Pokemon Go, the Wizard United has gotten more significant in terms of fully-voiced dialogue, the story has improved, and comprehensive-plot running presents a great experience.
  • The Wizards Unite has more traditional RPG-like elements compared to Pokemon Go. Once you've achieved the level sixth in the game, then you'll be able to pick the profession, which lets you unlock the unique capabilities.
  • In addition to that, the Wizard Unite game also has a potion-brewing system.
  • The Wizard Unite game is far more massive in comparison to the story. The pieces and bits of this location-based game are related to one another weaving a story, and most of the characters are voice-acted, which makes you feel like a real hero.

If you get bored playing both the Harry Potter and Pokemon Go game in your backyard, then you teleport your iPhone or Android device to any part of the world. How is it possible? The answer is dr fone.wondershare.com- it changes the location of your smartphone to any part of the world, be it busy-streets of New York or the mind-soothing Asian site- you will be there with just one click. The App sets up a virtual GPS location, so your smartphone believes it is there so that you can have more fun with the above location-based Apps. However, this software only works with iPhones.

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For iOS you can use dr.fone – Virtual Location to help. Reference:



Don’t worry; there is another solution to virtually take your Android device to any part on the map; it is the Android GPS Changer. You can download the App from the Google play store for free. The App is easy to use, just a few clicks, and you are in a new world.


At last, when you’ve read through the fundamental’s details of both the Harry Potter game and Pokemon Go, along with the significant similarities and differences, you probably have made up your mind which one to choose. Ideally, you must play both the games as they are unique in their manner. For instance, if you are a childhood Pokemon lover, then you’ll get addicted to the Pokemon game. On the other hand, if you admire the books of JK Rowling written around the Harry Potter wizard guy, in that case, downloading the Wizard Unite game App is worth an addition.

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