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The Best Ways to Play Wizards Unite Fortress

Grab your best pals and take on the foes in the fortresses of Wizard Unite. A comprehensive guide that provides worthy tricks, tips, and latest strategies.
author of this article Apr 21,2020 / Posted by Felix Baynham
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Harry Potter: Wizards is amongst the most popular fascinating augmented reality games that take mobile gamers to an exciting world of wizards. This game works pretty simply: download the App, create the wizarding ID, upload the picture of yourself, and then set on a journey to retrieving the Foundbles in the region. Like the previous Pokemon Go App, you don’t have to play this game sitting all day long on the couch. A fortress in the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is a five-individual dungeon situation that needs a Runestone to enter. The players of diverse professions have to team-up and have to progress through the Fortress floors. The rewards will be better for higher levels, but they are challenging to complete.

Part 1: What Do Wizards Unite Fortresses Stand For?

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The fortresses of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is when and your partner wizards gang-up to accomplish the big wizarding challenges for driving rewards & experience. It is just similar to raids from Pokemon Go, along with the werewolves. The runestones that you’ve obtained from leveling up are spent during the different wizarding challenges.

Fortresses are unarguably the most elemental part of this AR game because here, teamwork has a major role to play. Here, you can also teamwork with others for wizards for getting extra rewards from the wizarding challenges.

Fortresses in the Harry Potter game are quite visible on the map; they are red-roofed, large castles that are spread across the entire game map. Each Wizard Unite fortress has a myriad of chambers, and there you’ll have to accomplish different tasks to complete the wizarding challenge. When you first enter a fortress, you’ll have access to one chamber at a time, as you achieve one task you move ahead to another one, and so on until all the chambers are done. The greater the difficulty of the chamber, the better rewards.

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The challenges of the wizarding game is a series of battles that are linked to a ticking clock. The number of enemies you have to topple along with the timer can easily be seen at the top of the Arena screen. So, your mission is defeating the foes, before your time runs out. In case you are unable to achieve, you’ll be left with nothing.

You can either set out on a journey to conquer a wizard unite fortress on your own or join hands with your fellow wizards to improve your odds of winning. The significant difference between the Pokemon Go and Wizard Unite is that for the later game, you don’t require any particular level to be achieved before you strike the forts. Just one thing that you need to keep in mind is that there is an adequate amount of spell energy, and this becomes even more important when you are alone.

If you see a particular fortress enveloped with a swirling green aura on the map, in that case, active wizarding challenges are happening. You can jump to join forces with players around, and you’ll get an additional bonus of experience for working in a team.

Regardless you opt for solo raids or team work, it is best if you take up wizarding challenges every day to earn free gold. and boost your experience.

How Do Enter Wizards Unite Fortresses?

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When a player is within the wizards unit fortress range, he/she must click the fortress on the map, and then the challenge begins. A fortress is a large structure much taller compared to the Inn. It presents players with never-before opportunities to test their skills and experience gained playing this game against the mighty foes.

Harry Potter fortress locations are easily discovered on the map, mainly owing to their imposing overall appeal. Now, just like an Inn whenever a player comes near to the fortress, its size becomes even bigger. It is a signal that you are up for one heck of a challenge.

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When you’ve clicked on the fortress, you want to enter. If you are trying the fortress challenge for the first time, then a pop-up will come up that says, “Ruins-Level I.” Once the first level has been accomplished, you move onto the next, however, you can still come back to play the previous one once again. The difficulty level shoots up in a big way, so you’ve geared up to confront tough battles that will challenge your capabilities. For high-levels, going solo would be a big mistake; you need to find a fellow wizard to defeat all the foes.

Now, when the user has opted for the level, a complete menu will pop-up, which is illustrating all the runestones present in the user’s inventory. In order to get into the wizard united fortress and accomplish the challenge, you’ll have to pay runestone. The runestones define the number of the Challenge XP has been gained, in line with the extra fragments that will be dropped (if any). When you are on a mission to defy all the foes with multiple players, each user has to submit the runestone.

When all the participants have selected the runestones and next, you’ll enter the queue, and the countdown will commence. The bigger the level of the game challenge is, the queue will be longer. Also, the countdown defines the number of difficulties a particular fortress has. The higher the chambers, the more difficult.

Part 2: How Do Wizards Unite Fortresses?

Wizard Unite fortresses are large dotted towers around the map;they are a location, especially for combat. Before you take on the big challenge of defying the odds, find a few friends who are ready to join hands with you to defy all the foes. One thing you need to note that you must not share your profession with your fellow wizard. However, if you don’t find friends around you who are ready to battle it out, you don’t need to wait to find someone, take the wizard fortress battle all by yourself. But, for solo battles, a lot of your practice is needed.

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Step 1: Tap on The Fortress On the Map To Enter It

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Step 2: Next, Tap On the Chamber You Would Like To Enter

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Step 3: Select the Runestone to Commence The Challenge Within the Chamber

Step 4: You’ll Have To Wait For the Chamber To Open

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Step 5: Tap On The Enemy Avatar

Step 6: So, Are You Ready? Tap The Start

Step 7: Next is Hovering Your Wand Over the Star Reticule, and Wait So That is Gets Fill

Step 8: You’ll Have to Complete The Offensive Spell, Present On The Screen You Want To Attack

Step 9: You Need To Complete The Defensie Spells on the Screen To Protect Yourself

Step 10: Kill Your Opponents

Step 11: Collect the Spoils as You Conquer

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Before you commence the foe battle, you must have a few potions on hand. An essential potion when you set on your battle to defeat the fortress enemies on your own are the health potions. They ensure, in case your opponent is more powerful than you, you can heal all by yourself and don’t get really knocked out. As a piece of advice, it is recommended that you have about three to five potions per-challenge, and if you grab a Strong Health Potion, that’s perfect. Also, by having Invigoration Draughts, you can significantly uplift your focus, which enhances the focus of casting preliminary skills. But, it serves the purpose only when you achieve the high chamber levels inside the Fortress.


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Harry Potter: Wizard Unite has taken the enthralling experiences of playing an augmented reality game to a whole new level. This game developed by Niantic has phenomenally taken the baton from Pokemon Go. The Wizard Unite has improved in terms of graphics and complexity to keep the players engaged all day long.

This game is an interesting hook for the Harry Potter fans across the globe, and you’ll create the opportunity to interact with people who love the characters that are created by the famous english author, JK Rowling. There is so much to be explored, you’ll fall for the breathtaking fortress battles, no matter how many times the enemies will knock you; well, that’s the uncanny ability of this game.

This Game App is available for iPhones and Android devices. You can download Wizard Unite from Google and the Apple play store. The App is free, and you can install it like any game application on your smartphone.

So, why think or rethink, start your magical journey right away.

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