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How to Play Harry Potter Wizards Unite Without Any Hassle?

This article is going to address everything about the Harry Potter Wizards unite gameplay. If you are interested in the game, this is a must read!
author of this article Jul 18,2020 / Posted by Felix Baynham

Harry Potter is another successful game in the world of augmented reality. Based on Harry Potter’s Wizard world and inspired by J.K. Rowling’s original stories, the game demands you to step outside to discover mysterious artefacts, explore and collect iconic and magical characters and monsters ad many other things! Harry Potter Wizards unite is designed for Android and iOS devices and is developed by Nintendo. Let us move further to dig deeper into this game’s basic so that you can play it effortlessly.

Part 1: Set up Wizards Unite on your iPhone or Android

To begin with the Harry Potter Wizards unite gameplay, you are supposed to grant the device’s location access. Then the next obvious step would be entering your credentials to sign in. These can be your date of birth and Facebook/Google credentials. Once you carry this out, you will have to agree with the terms and conditions of the game.

set up Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Post this, you need to fill your first and last name followed by choosing a code name. Once you are done with the registering process, you will be provided with the tutorial which basically gives you an idea about how you can find the foundable in the wizardiing world etc. When you complete the tutorial, you can proceed to set your Ministry ID. This can be done by hitting the wizard silhouette given at the bottom left. Also, you can now make alterations to your name, title, wand or Hogwarts house, create the portrait and make your look customized.

We would like you to note this as Wizards unite hack. Make sure to download everything using the Wi-Fi network. This is because the assets in the game are all based on your connection. So, a restrictive data plan might be a hindrance in downloading those.

Part 2: Know about rules in Wizards Unite

Here, you will know the meaning of some important terms used in Harry Potter Wizards unite gameplay that might be confusing to you for the first time. Look at the list below to find out what they actually mean!

2.1 Ingredients, Inns, Greenhouses, and Fortresses

  • Ingredients in the game are employed to brew potions that are helpful in the battles. From a number of 57 different ingredients including leech juice, honeywater, lady’s mantle etc. you can find them by winning battles or visiting the greenhouses as well as by defeating confoundables. The rare ones can be hard to find. You need to walk around the mini map and then tap on the ingredient you can find. The collected ones are later used for brewing potions. To get the ingredient prize disclosed, you will be prompted to choose the one plant from the five.
  • ingredients of harry potter game
  • When you play the game, there will be three points on the World Map where Inns is one of them. Inns are small buildings in various shapes or colors having different food in it. By having food in each inn, you will be awarded with the spell energy. In other words, at the inn, you can gain spell energy that will be essential in casting spells in the game at different stages.
  • inns of harry potter game
  • From the three points, another point is Greenhouses which is denoted as dotted buildings around the green area of map. The purpose of Greenhouses is to provide you with the ingredients to collect thereby using for potion brewing. You can pick a plant to get them collected and can return every five minutes to collect as they replenish in that duration. Also, Greenhouses let you gather energy to cast spells.
  • greenhouses of harry potter game
  • The third point in the map is Fortresses that demands you to team up as well as Runestone to enter it. The availability of Runestone can be possible by encountering the Foundables and treasure chests. Here, you along with your 4 players, can battle and dispel magical creatures as well as death eaters. This will help you attain XP and rewards that can be referred to as challenges. There are total 20 floors that each Fortress comprises. And with each floor, the difficulty level rises and it becomes more complex to battle the enemies than the last. To get closer to victory, battling together with the friends will be a good idea.
  • fortress of harry potter game

2.2 Traces, Foundables, and Confoundables

  • As you walk around the map, you will notice floating discs which are called Traces. Each trace of magic will be having a symbol signifying the Confoundable category, magical beasts or dark forces. Traces contain “Foundable” as well as display whether a Foundable is captured by Confoundable.
  • traces of harry potter game
  • Foundables are circular things noticeable everywhere and are to be rescued. These are hidden in Traces and guarded by Confoundables. Foundables can be anything from objects to people. In other words, you can find the foundables as magical objects or people like Hagird dispersed in the Muggle world. You have to free them by tracing the correct spell and then send back to wizard world. When you save a Foundable, it will be recorded in Registry and you will obtain XP.
  • If we talk about Confoundables, these are the spells responsible for trapping Foundables. These can be dark forces, magical beasts and curiosities. You need to take assistance of your spells to attack and defeat the confoundables.

2.3 Professions

Harry Potter Wizards unite also have the three classes known as Professions. These are Auror, Magizoologist and Professor. Each of the profession has its own skill tree, part, specialties and drawbacks. You can have one profession when you reach level 6 and then proceed to the journey in a better way possessing unique skills.

  • Aurors are strong and powerful when it comes to attacking. These are Harry Potters and cast spells to fight Dark Arts or Dark Forces. However, this profession lacks when it comes to defending.
  • Wizards unite has Magizoologists who defeat beasts. If you are concern about defense, these hold the strong spot in that. Magizoologists are Hagrids that assists teammates as well as are efficient in guarding themselves from damage.
  • Professors spell casts against curiosities and they are McGonagalls. They are equal when it comes to attack and defense.

Be a little tactical in choosing the profession keeping in mind the way you wish to progress in the game.

profession of harry potter game

2.4 Potions

Potions are the things in Wizard Unite that are advantageous in healing you while in the battle, refilling the spell energy, give bonuses or upgrading the XP gains. In order to begin brewing potions, you need to hit level 4. For this, you will need to collect the ingredients.

potions of harry potter game

2.5 Portkeys

Portkeys can be considered the same as eggs in the Pokemon Go if you have played it. These come from Portmanteaus which are a kind of a triangular box appearing on the map as you walk around. You will require a key to open it. A portal will be created when you activate them and you will be asked to complete a task to earn XP, foundables or ingredients.

portkeys of harry potter game

2.6 Spells

Spells in Harry Potter Wizard Unite have a great part. These are used and casted in order to conquer the bad guys or collect food. You also cast spells to control and release the confounding magic. After this, you need to keep the object in its proper place. You can use a plenty of spells and to activate one, all you need is to trace the glyph on the screen. Please note that the speed and accuracy of casting the spells will decide your special bonus. Also, if the trace is not detected properly, you will be prompted to recast as a result of incomplete spell.

Part 3: How to play Harry Potter Wizards Unite without moving

3.1 Play Harry Potter Wizards Unite at home with iPhone

If you are the one lazy fellow and want Harry Potter Wizards unite gameplay without moving, you can use a location simulator tool. And the one that stands best in this category is dr.fone – Virtual Location (iOS). The tool is designed for iOS users who want to make their location fake and can play the game without any movement. You are not just going to Harry Potter Wizards unite spoofing but can create routes on the map. It helps you teleport anywhere in the world. Let us know how this location simulator works.

How to Spoof Harry Potter Wizards Unite

To get started, download the program on your computer using the main page of the dr.fone – Virtual Location (iOS). Go for the installation right after that. Now, follow the parts given below as per your choice.

Part 1: Simulate route between 2 Places

Step 1: Open the Software

When you have installed the software, launch it and choose the “Virtual Location” from the tabs given on the main screen.

drfone home

Step 2: Get the iPhone Connected

When you are done with the first step, connect your iPhone with the computer and click on the “Get Started” button as shown in the image below.

connect to virtual location program

Step 3: Activate One-Stop Mode

A map screen will come in front of you now. All you need is to choose the first icon from the three icons located at the upper right corner. This will enable the “One-stop Mode”.

Subsequently, you can select the place on the map where you want to spoof location. On the pop-up box that comes, you will observe the distance of the selected spot.

Now, take help of the slider located at the bottom of the screen and pick out the travelling speed that suits you the best. Further the process with clicking on “Move Here” from the pop-up box.

start movement

Step 4: Start Spoofing

Now, a pop-up will come again. Here, you have to enter the number that will indicate how many times you wish to go back and forth to the desired location. Enter it and click on “March” after that.

route spoofing mode

The position will be seen moving on the map now according to the speed you set in the previous steps.

movement on map

Part 2: Simulate route among multiple Places

Step 1: Launch the Program

Run the program and click on “Virtual Location” from the main screen. Connect your iPhone and select the “Get Started” button.

Step 2: Select Multi-Spot Mode

On the map screen that comes next, click on the “multi-spot mode” i.e. second icon from the three icons at the upper right. Now, choose the locations where you wish to move.

Wait for the pop-up now that will show you the distance of your locations. You can now set the moving speed. For this, the slider at the bottom will help you. you can choose the walking, cycling or car speed. Take help of what suits you best.

Then click on the “Move Here” button from the pop-up that is on the screen.

locate target place

Step 3: Enter Back and Forth Travelling Time

After this, a pop-up will again come which will ask you to enter the number of times you want to move back and forth. Do it and click on “March”. That’s it!

set travel times

3.2 Play Harry Potter Wizards Unite without moving with Android

You might be wondering how you can do the same as above if you are an Android user. Well! You can take help of a spoofer app. From a lot of location spoofing apps, we are going to use Fake GPS Location by Lexa Tools. The app makes Harry Potter Wizards unite spoofing easier when you are using the Android device. Here is how to use this app if you are interested in spoofing and playing the game without moving.

Step 1: Go to the Play Store and look for the app to install it. Once you have installed it, launch it to proceed.

Step 2: Go into “Settings” to enable the developer options now. Once you are in Settings, look for the “About Phone” option in your device.

Step 3: From the options now, scroll down for “Build Number” of your device. Tap on it 7 times and you will notice the developer options will turn on.

Step 4: Now, Developer Options menu will be shown in the Settings. In this menu, you need to check on the box next to “Allow Mock Locations”.

go to developer options

Step 5: Now, again go to the Developer Options and scroll for the “Mock location app”. When you tap on it, you need to choose the “Fake GPS” option.

Allow mock location app

Step 6: Open the Fake GPS app again and then you can search for the location you want. When done, click on the green Play button and you are good to go!

spoof location in harry potter game

Part 4: What if Harry Potter Wizards Unite is not released in my country?

With its launch, Harry Potter Wizards unite was released in U.S. and UK. Contrasting the initial days, the game is now successfully live in over 130 countries including Brazil, Hong Kong, Spain, Singapore, Mexico, Ireland and more. We know that the game must have made you excited and you wish to play it as soon as you get time. What if the game is not officially released in your country? Before the gloomy mood overpowers you, let us tell you that we have solution for that too.

You can completely rely on dr.fone – Virtual Location (iOS) if you are dying to play the game irrespective of it being released in your country. With the help of its teleport feature, you can set your location as a country where the game is available and then play the game easily. Once you teleport, you can then simulate your movement using the tool and have fun. To ease your burden, here is how to play Harry Potter Wizards unite when it is not available in your country.

Step by Step Guide to Play Harry Potter Wizards unite when it is not Released in Your Country

Step 1: Launch the Program

Download dr.fone – Virtual Location (iOS) on your computer and then install it. Once you have done it successfully, you can simply open the program. Choose “Virtual Location” on the main screen.

drfone home

Step 2: Begin the Process

Now, get your iPhone plugged with the computer using the lightening cable and then click on “Get Started” button given on the screen to proceed.

start virtual location program

Step 3: Enable Teleport Mode

  1. You will find a window where you can see a map all over it. Here, you need to find your location. If you can’t find the correct location, simply hit on the “Center On” icon given at the lower right portion of the screen.
  2. use Teleport Mode
  3. Once this is done, you have to click on the third icon from the three icons noticeable at the top right. By doing this, you will be activating the teleport mode. You can now enter the name of the country in the given field and hit “Go”.
  4. enter the name of the country
  5. The program will get the place where you want to teleport and you will be seen a pop-up box. It will show you the distance of the selected place. All you need is to click “Move Here” and your location will be changed.
  6. switch to fake location

Now that you have teleported to somewhere else than your location, you can simulate the movements between two spots or multiple spots. You can refer to the steps mentioned in the part 3 for this.