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8 Most Used Potions in Harry Potter Wizards Unite

There are movies such as the Harry Potter series that we absolutely love. For the fanatics and Potter heads, there is a game in which you make Harry Potter potions.
author of this article Apr 01,2020 / Posted by Felix Baynham

From the creators of the mobile game Pokémon GO, the world of gaming has been further enriched with another astonishing reality game for mobile called Harry Potter Wizards Unite. This game features some extraordinary potions which help the gamer complete tasks. These Harry potter game potions are uniquely brewed for particular tasks. Each potion requires separate ingredients, brewing duration, and master note. In this article, you will come to know, in a precise way, about the eight most-used potions in this game. What are its ingredients? How much time do they take for brewing? What do their master notes say? Let's find out.

Part 1: About Potions in Harry Potter Wizards Unite

The game of Harry Potter Wizards Unite is somewhat inspired by the films and books of Harry Potter, written by J. K. Rowling. It is an augmented reality game (AR game), which was launched on 21st June, in the year 2019. You can play the game in mobile devices with Android and iOS platforms. 

What are these potions?

The potions in Harry Potter are magical drinks that help you do several tasks in the game. In the game, you have to accomplish several activities. Crafting different kinds of potions is one of them. At first, you have to reach level four to be able to brew potions. There are various options for different scenes. For example, there are healing potion wizards unite, which is used to restore your stamina when you have lost a battle.

How do you make Harry potter potions?

There are several options and several ways to concoct them. Different potions need different ingredients. You have to collect the ingredients for the potions from the given map of the world in the game, and from the Greenhouses to create the required Harry potter game potions

The process in gaming term

To be able to brew a potion, first, you need to click on the icon of a briefcase. Then you have to select the 'potion' option. There are slots where you can tap to get the process started. If you lack any ingredient for any of the potions Harry Potter Wizard unite, you can fill it in with in-game gold. 

What does it mean by Master Notes?

It is an exciting activity in the game. Every potion has its master note. These master notes signify some actions which the player can do to shorten the brewing span. 

How to get a master note?

The master notes for Harry potter game potions can help you brew a potion quicker. You can get a master note of a potion while you are in the brewing process. You just have to tap on the handle of the spoon that pokes out from the cauldron. In the note, you can learn about some unique motions. Performing those motions over the brewing cauldron will reduce the time required to concoct the magic potion. The reduction amount will be shown to you in percentage. 

Part 2: 8 Useful Potions in Harry Potter Wizards Unite

In this article, we will talk about the eight most useful potions Harry Potter Wizards unite. They are the healing potion Harry potter, Exstimulo Potions, Dawdle Draught, Wit Sharpening Potion, Invigoration Potions, Baruffio's Brain Elixir, Bountiful Brew and Memory Potion. Here are the essential pieces of information related to these magic potions.

1.Healing potion

This potion unlocks at the sixth level of the game. When do you need this potion? Well, this potion, as evident from its name, restores stamina. When you have been defeated in a game battle, this potion is very helpful. 

Brewing time: it takes two complete hours to be ready.

Ingredients: The items which are required for these healing potion wizards unite are four. You will need two Dittanies, one liver of a dragon, pus from three Bubo tubers, and one piece of Wormwood. 

Master notes: The motions for reducing brewing time are- first pinch out, then turn clockwise, then multiple taps, and lastly, pinch in. It can reduce the preparation time by fifteen percent.

healing potion

2.Exstimulo Potions

The game unlocks the potion at the fourth level. This magical liquid improves the player's spell cast by three spell casts in Challenges with Wizarding and Traces.

Brewing time: It takes only two hours for brewing.

Ingredients: one snowdrop, one Granian Hair, one bitter root, and one Re'em Blood.

Master notes: You have first to swipe it up, then swipe down, and finally turn clockwise to earn a fifteen percent.

hexstimulo potion

3.Dawdle Draught

This potion is available at level ten. This potion reduces the power of the Confoundables and their chances of abducting the Foundables.

Brewing time: The brewing time is six hours.

Ingredients: Two Valerian Roots, One Butterscotch, one shell of the Hermit Crab, and one Sopophorous Bean.

Master notes: at first, and you need to shake your device. Then a clockwise turn and two consecutive anti-clockwise turns are required. Finally, you have to pinch in for reducing the brewing period by fifteen percent.

dawdle draught

4.Wit Sharpening Potion

Description: This potion gets unlocked at level fifteen.

Brewing time: The total brewing period is four hours.

Ingredients: Four ginger roots, three Newt Spleens, one Armadillo bile, and a Ground Scarab Beetles.

Master notes: Just pinch out and swipe up twice and multiple taps for reducing brew time by fifteen percent.

wit sharpening

5.Invigoration Potions

Description: The players can unlock this potion at the level of eight. This potion helps in focusing on Wizarding Challenges. The focus is granted for the strategic spells.

Brewing time: the required brewing time is three hours.

Ingredients: Two Lovages, one Scurvey grass, one Honeywater, and a Vervain infusion are required.

Master notes: the required motion is swiping right, swiping up, again swiping up and pinching out. The reduction is by fifteen percent.

invigoration- draught

6.Baruffio's Brain Elixir

Description: It unlocks at the level of four. This potion gives the player additional Wizard XP.

Brewing time: This potion takes a long twelve hours for brewing.

Ingredients: One frog brain, two stool of Leaping Toad, one dragon claw powder, and one Runespoor Egg are the items needed for this potion.

Master notes: following the master note can deduct the time of brewing by fifteen percent. The motions are- turn clockwise and then pinch in. Then left swipe and pinch out. Lastly, shake your mobile device.

baruffio brain exilir

7.Bountiful Brew

Description: This magic potion is used widely by volunteer witches and wizards. The use of this potion is unknown.

Brewing time: The required time for brewing is two hours and thirty minutes.

Ingredients: Three fairy wings are needed to prepare this potion.

Master notes Multiple taps on the cauldron of the potion. Then clockwise turn and swipe up twice will reduce brewing span by fifteen percent.

bountiful brew

8.Memory Potion

Description: It grants extra Family XP as you complete every Trace.

Brewing time: It is two hours, fifteen minutes.

Ingredients: Three fairy wings are needed to brew this potion.

Master notes: Multiple taps on the cauldron, pinching out, swiping up twice, and then a clockwise turn is required to reduce the brewing time by fifteen percent.

memory potion

The Bottom Line

This was the description of the eight most useful potions in the game of Harry Potter Wizards Unite. These bottled wonders are excellent materials for accomplishing various activities. The game becomes much more interesting with these magical potions.

Now, you know every important thing about the Harry potter potions. So, let's play and win!