How to Find and Share a Precise Location Using 3 Words
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How to Find and Share a Precise Location Using 3 Words

Do you have any idea on 3 word address? It is an exciting topic to explore. You must learn about this unique encoding system and acquire funny word combination indicating the geographical location. To
author of this article Apr 10,2020 / Posted by Felix Baynham

Lilly received a three-word address from her friend when she asked her to share the current location. Lilly was confused in reading out those words. She couldn’t believe whether the words indicate a place on the Google map. Lilly’s friend played a prank with her and finally revealed the content behind those three words.

An incredible three word address knocks your maps to locate the exact location on the globe. It is a remarkable encoding system assigns three unique words to represent a location on the map. The what3words is a program which assists to generate the three word address. This tool came into existence in the year 2013 and works using a fixed algorithm within a limited database. This encoding system converts the geographic coordinates into three dictionary words precisely.

Part 1: What is a three-word address/location

The basic concept behind this encoding system is that the entire world map is divided into grids which are made up of 57 *10^12 squares and each square measures 3 meters. Every square has a fixed three words combination and it is available in 36 languages. The working files of What3words are organised within 10MB. The permanent algorithm of What3words is responsible to generate the unique three words for each location on the map.

You can now make use of this program to identify your three word address representing your current location. In the year 2018, Mercedes Benz bought the major shares of What3words to utilize this concept in their navigation system. It is an interesting concept which serves as a basis for upcoming innovation in various fields.

The three word address appears in small letters separated by a dot.

Here are five funny three word address

  • stiff.little.finger
  • needy.member.smoked
  • shame.without.regret
  • forgotten.previous.husband
three word address

Part 2:  How to get the three words for any location

Learn to generate the three word address using What3words app.

Step 1: Download What3words app and tap search bar to enter the location address

enter address

Step 2: Next, you must zoom in and hit the 'Satellite mode' icon. In the satellite view click the exact place and drag it to find out the three word address.

satellite view

Step 3: When you tap the square you can witness the three word address on top of the screen.

location address

Part 3: How to find an address/location using 3 words

It is high time to capture your exact location address from this three word address using What3words tool

Step 1: Disclose the What3words app after the download process. Then enter the 3 word address on the search bar and tap the 'Search' icon.

type 3 word

Step 2: Next, you have to hit the 'Zoom in' icon and tap the ' Globe' image to obtain the satellite view.

satellite view

You can now locate the exact address of 3 words on Google map easily.

Part 4: How to share an address/location

Now, you can share a precise format location address using this What3words app.

Step 1: Download and open the What3words app and then tap three horizontal lines at the top left side of the screen. Select 'Saved Locations' and choose the 3-word address from the list.

select 3 word

Step 2: Hit the 'Share' icon and choose the medium of sharing. The medium of sharing can be social media apps, Bluetooth etc.

share address

Part 5: How to navigate to the 3-word location

You can easily acquire an accurate direction to your desired location using this sophisticated What3words app.

Step 1: Initiate the What3words app after a successful download and then enter the correct three word address on the search bar by retaining it’s format 'word.word.word'. All the letters should be small and do not forget to add dots between the words

type 3 word

Step 2: Finally, hit the 'Navigate' button at the bottom of the screen.

select navigate

Step 3: Now, you can choose the desired navigation app to identify the direction from your current location.

choose app


It is time up to end our discussion on three word address. This type of address locator is completely an innovative idea which adds on with interesting texts. Some of the 3-word address seems to be very funny. You can explore a lot beyond the above-discussed texts. Quickly download What3words app to know more about its functionalities in detail. It is the perfect time to figure out the three word address of your current location. Get ready and tap the download button of What3words app for exciting information.