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How to Share Current Location with/without Google Maps on Android

This article will provide you with amazing solutions that can be used to share current location on Android. So, if you want to hover like a helicopter in the life of your loved ones, know about these
author of this article Mar 27,2020 / Posted by Felix Baynham

Today everyone wants to know about the live location of their family members, especially kids. Parents want to hover around their kids like helicopters. In this era of smartphones, surveillance is quite possible with different applications like Google maps and other amazing live location trackers. We have to admit that Google Maps is the internet’s boon to mankind, and with it we can keep a track of where our family members are. No matter if you are a parent of a teenager or a teenager who wants to know the live location of your friend, you can easily share the current location with Google maps and other apps. Here, in this article, we will help you learning sharing current location on Android in various ways. Let us begin.

Solution 1: Share current location with Google Maps

With Google maps, you can easily share your live location, directions, and maps to different places. Google maps are one of the most convenient ways to share the location as well as directions with your loved ones. Google map current location sharing is quite easy, and you can follow all these steps to share current locations on Android phones.

  • Open Google maps on your Android phone. The app comes preinstalled when you buy your phone.
  • Tap on the “Menu” option followed by “Share Location”.
share location google maps-1
  • Tap on the option “Get Started”.
  • Now, tap on the “+” icon to choose the time period for location sharing.
  • After this, you need to choose the “Select People” and from the list, choose the one with whom you want to share your location.
share location google maps-2
  • Hit on “SHARE” and you will notice a message which notifies you that the contact you’ve selected is viewing your location.
share location google maps-3

Solution 2: Share current location with WhatsApp

Do you know you can also share your current location with your family and friends via Whatsapp? This special feature of Whatsapp makes it one of the best apps for live location sharing. So, no matter where you are, you can stay connected with your loved ones via Whatsapp messaging as well as by sharing current location in Google maps via Whatsapp. If you are ready to share your live location, we will help you know about the basic steps involved in current location sharing on Android via Whatsapp.

  • Open your Whatsapp app.
  • Tap on the “Chat” tab that is provided on the top-left corner of your mobile screen.
  • Choose the contact person, with whom you want to share your current location on Google maps.
  • Tap on the “paper clip icon” that is given on the bottom-right corner of the screen followed by “Location” option.
  • Tap on the button “Send your current location”. This will mark the location where you are. In case you wish to share your location updates, you can choose “Share live location”.
share location via whatsapp

Following all these steps will enable you to share your current location via WhatsApp.

Solution 3: Share current location with Find My Friends

In this digital world of smartphones, parents, bosses, as well as family members, can easily track each other with apps like “Find my Friends”. This app gives you a great advantage by giving you control over who can locate you and whom you can locate. You can use the “Find My Friends app” on any Android devices. You can also use this feature to ask your friends about their live locations.

Now, let’s know about the steps needed to share current location without Google Maps:

  • Once you get your device, open Play Store and look for the Find My Friends app on it. Install and launch it.
  • Once it is launched, tap “Next” and sign in with your email or use your phone number.
find my friends 1
  • After entering email ID/number, make sure to enter the password after that and tap “Next”.
find my friends 2
  • Now, you are on the map screen. Here, you need to tap on the three horizontal lines at the top left.
find my friends 3
  • In the menu, you can see “Join Circle” and “Create Circle”. You can go for the option as per your choice before sharing location.
  • Now, tap on “Location Sharing” option and toggle on the switch. The location will be shared to your circle now.
find my friends 4

Solution 4: Share current location with Life360

Life 360 is a real-time current location-sharing app that provides the best ways to coordinate with your family and friends. This app lets family members when someone enters a predefined location like home or school. Thus, this app is helping parents in knowing about the live location of their kids. These handy apps use Google map current location sharing to know the live location of people.

Thus, let’s know how you can use this app to share your current location on Google maps via Life360:

  • Download and install the Life360 app from Google Play Store
  • Open the app and tap “Get Started”.
life360 1
  • Enter your phone number or sign in with email and press “Next”.
  • Enter the password of your choice and tap on “Next”.
life360 2
  • Tap on “Settings” now and tap “Location Sharing”.
  • Toggle on the switch on the next screen now.
life360 3
  • And voila, your live location is sent to your family or friends you want.

The Bottom Line

If you want to know where your family members are right now, you can easily locate them via different apps. With the digitalized world and the availability of smartphones in each hand, it is quite easy to locate each and every individual. These apps like Life 360 and Find my Friends are making our life easier each day. Now we don’t need to worry about the safety of our kids or elderly family members as we can easily know their current location. Thus, use the unique and innovative features of these apps to share your current location on Google maps via these innovative apps.

Stay safe, secure, and connected with these innovative apps and features!!