Best 10 GPS Joystick Apps Worth Trying on Android and iPhone
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Best 10 GPS Joystick Apps Worth Trying on Android and iPhone

GPS Joystick is fake GPS apps, which allows you to cross-check location-based apps by changing your location via joystick control.GPS Joystick will overwrite your location in all over the world
author of this article Jul 18,2020 / Posted by Felix Baynham

In the web world, there are several apps including Facebook, Uber, Google etc. that uses your location to provide their services according to your location. Which means, all such apps need your current location to work properly. But there are some occasions when you don't want to share your actual location to these apps and that is the time when you need GPS joystick to show fake location to such apps.

Part 1: Why do we want GPS joystick?

GPS Joystick

Here are a few scenarios when you need GPS Joystick:

  • If you want to create an American Facebook id from a different country like Canada, Mexico etc.
  • When you need to create a Canadian Gmail account at Google while sitting in a different country.
  • To access those websites which are not allowed or banned in your country.

There are several possible reasons because of which you would like to use GPS Joystick apps. Some of the popular apps which are favorite of a number of people are mentioned below:

This article introduce you the best 5 GPS Joystick Apps for iOS/Android

Part 2: Best 5 GPS Joystick for iOS

1. Dr.Fone

Mock location on your iPhone in a single click:

Dr.Fone app creates virtual GPS location and makes sure to other location-based apps on your iPhone to believe that you are actually at that virtual GPS location.

Dr.Fone GPS Joystick

Here is a video for Dr.Fone-Virtual Location

You can know more at: dr.fone – Virtual Location (iOS)


If you want to win points effortlessly by moving conveniently between different locations in location based games.

Can hide yourself from tracking by your parents, employees etc.

With GPS Joystick, you can download all the desired apps or games despite the location ban.

To use the following apps:

  • Pokemon Go
  • Social apps like Instagram/Snapchat/Facebook
  • Dating apps like tinder
  • Bypass media blackouts


You can't rely upon this app when you are using it underground situations. Because signals are affected by the large buildings.

Overall rating: 4.5

2. iTools

iTools helps iOS users to easily spoof GPS location of their device. Virtual joystick helps to control the location is fun itself.

iTools GPS Joystick


  • Add pin mode for setting your route
  • Customize and display walking speed if you`re using walk or pin mode.
  • Support AutoLoop Mode(cycle)
  • Improve user experience of connection and quit
  • Support virtual joystick to control your direction


GPS spoofing may be beneficial for several tasks, but at the same time it can be a huge threat to child's safety. You will be unable to track them while they are using such app.

iTools Pricing Plans

iTools GPS Joystick price

You can install the itools app at:

3. iTeleporter

This ultra-handy portable dongle is very beneficial to spoof GPS location of your device or system.

Carry our ultra-handy portable dongle to spoof iOS system-level GPS location whenever you need.

iTeleporter GPS Joystick


iTeleporter is ultra-handy portable dongle which helpsto spoof iOS system-level GPS location anytime, anywhere you need.


If used for unfair means the same benefits can turn ugly. For example using GPS spoofing to access the next series of Homeland before its broadcast in the country can be against international copyright laws.

iTeleporter GPS Spoofer Pricing

iTeleporter GPS Joystick price

You can install the itools app at:

4. Fake GPS Location Spoofer Free

With this free Fake GPS location spoofer app you can easily change your location by finding new location and set it as your current location.

Fake Location Spoofer GPS Joystick


It is a simple GPS location Spoofer app, in which you can search any location in the world and set it as your location.You can choose you desired location and set it as your current location. Major point is it is a free app, you don't need to pay for using this app.


Because of Pokemon Go's popularity, Fake GPS Location Spoofer was being used to fake your location to earn points easily. But developers of the game developed workarounds to prevent use of Fake GPS Location Spoofer. But if you still keep on trying the fake GPS app then you may be banned.

You can install the Fake GPS Location Spoofer Free app at:

5. GFaker

Very easy to carry due to small size, GFaker is a great plug and play device to fake your location.

GFaker GPS Joystick


GFaker is portable due to small size. Easy to carry everywhere and use whenever you want. All you have to do is simply Plug in and locate yourself wherever you want.

Good news is there is no need to jailbreak your iPhone, so there is no risk for personal data.


It is true that GPS spoofing may be beneficial or appropriate in some situations, but remember one thing that you are faking your identity or location which means you are hiding your original identity of location which not appropriate task in some cases.

GFaker Pricing

GFaker GPS Joystick Price

Overall rating: 4

You can install the GFaker app at

Part 3: Best 5 GPS Joystick Apps for Android

1. NewGPS! Joystick

Do you need to share your location with friends, but accuracy of your GPS location is wring due to internet? Then don't worry use NewGPS! Joystick is single solution to all your location based problems.

NewGPS! Joystick


NewGPS is popular app to fake your GPS location for the other apps which uses your location to provide their services. Originally this app is for those users whom GPS location is not showing correct automatically. So they can use this app to change their GPS location to the actual position.


Geo location spoofing for sure allows you to change location and access those sites and apps which are banned in your area. But this could be harmful to you. Just sit back and think why those apps or websites are banned in your location/country? So accessing those sites and apps may prove harmful for you.

NewGPS! Joystick Pricing

NewGPS! Joystick Price

This app is free available on play store with in app purchases.

Overall rating: 3

You can install the NewGPS! Joystick android app at:"

2. Fake GPS Location - GPS JoyStick

With Fake GPS Location app you can select any location instantly in the world using joystick.

Fake GPS Joystick


  • Select any location in the world using the joystick
  • Changes GPS location instantly and easily
  • Change your current location at any location you point the joystick
  • teleport anywhere by entering latitude/longitude directly from the joystick
  • Pause and continue the route directly from the joystick
  • Walk automatically by creating and saving a route using any number of points on a map


Previous searches and previously visited site data along with your location is stored by search engines and some websites. All such data is used to serve you ads and other options in a better way or we can say as per your interests. So changing or hiding your Geo location may not be the best idea always.

Fake GPS Location - GPS JoyStick Pricing

Fake GPS Joystick Price

In App Purchases and ads

Overall rating: 4.5

You can install the Fake GPS Location - GPS JoyStickandroid app at: html=en_IN

3. FGL Pro

FGL pro has FGL Joystick simulator, which is the best option available in the app. It works very fine with almost all the apps available for android.

FGL Pro Joystick


FGL Pro works fine with every android app. With FGL Pro you can change your device's location anytime anywhere. FGL Joystick simulator is the best option available in this app. It has almost all the features as compared to all the fake location apps in market.


Data vulnerability is also a major concern with GPS spoofing apps. Majority of paid apps don't so. But some apps may be saving your logins and other details. So you should read the small privacy policy print before using such apps.

FGL Pro Pricing

FGL Pro Joystick Price

Overall rating: 3.9

You can install FGL Pro app at: html=en_IN

4. VPNa Fake GPS Location - Mock GPS Go

Best thing about this app is you don't need to root your device to use it. You can choose your desired coordinates and set that location as your current location.

VPNa Fake Joystick GPS Location


  • No Root required!
  • The app will mock your GPS coordinates
  • Choose your desired location and press Start
  • Save Locations and simply use them later


Anonymity is not always a good option. Some companies use your personal data to resale products which you might be interested to buy for your convenience. So by hiding your real info you might miss some great products which are beneficial for you.

VPNa Fake GPS Location - Mock GPS Go Pricing

VPNa Fake Joystick GPS Location Price

Offers in app purchases

Overall rating: 3.8

You can install the VPNa Fake GPS Location - Mock GPS Goapp at:

5. Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer Free

It is also a free app with in app purchases. It works great with all the available android 6.0 and above versions.

VPNa Fake Joystick Go


  • Works fine with all all Android versions.
  • Root mode is not available on Android 6.0 and above.
  • Faves and history
  • Routes creation
  • Change the update interval
  • Integration with other apps via share button


Visiting the websites which are banned by government of your country may costs you a lot. Because those sites may have such content uploaded which might be harmful for you and against the government's laws.

Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer Pricing

VPNa Fake Joystick Go Price

Contain Ads

Overall rating: 3.6

You can install the Fake GPS GO Location SpooferFreeapp at: html=en

That's all the best GPS Joystick apps mentioned above. You can download and install any of the above given apps as per your operating system. Hope this post may be beneficial for you and above mentioned apps may prove boon for your needs.