How to Change App Store Region On iOS Devices?
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How to Change App Store Region On iOS Devices?

Wondering how to change my App Store country on iPhone? Read the guide below and learn everything you should know about changing the App Store region on iOS devices.
author of this article Sep 07,2020 / Posted by Felix Baynham

Recently, a user reported that App Store won't let him update because "account not valid for UK store and must switch to US store". If you are too going through this similar kind of situation and don't know how to change the App store region, then you're in the right place. Certainly, there are some dos that you need to follow in order to change App Store region on your iPhone or iPad. But, once getting them right, it becomes straightforward to accomplish your task. To make it easy for you, we have come up with a comprehensive guide on changing a region in your App Store.

Part 1: When Do We Need To Change The Country On App Store?

There could be several scenarios when you might need to change the region in your App Store. Let's have a look at common ones:

  • When you no longer live in the region where you had set up your iOS device.
  • You may have to turn to the American App Store as the app you want to use is available in that store only.

Whatever your reason is, changing the App Store region isn't a big deal. But, of course, there are certain things you should know before achieving your task.

Part 2: Things You Should Know Before Changing App Store Region:

Before you change the region in the App Store, make sure to do the following things.

  • Cancel all subscriptions, be it iTunes Match or Apple Music subscription.
  • Wait for any pre-orders, Season Passes, movie rentals, or memberships to complete. Also, wait until any pending store credit refunds to complete.
  • Ensure that you have a payment method for your new region or country.
  • Redownload your music, apps, books, and TV shows on any device that you might use to read or play them in the future. It could be possible that some content might not be accessible in your new region or country.
  • Spend your store credit left on your Apple ID.

Following these above precautions is necessary for changing your App Store region seamlessly.

Part 3: How to Change App Store Region to Install Geo-Restricted Apps?

One of the most common reasons to change the Apple App Store country is to get geo-restricted apps. Perhaps, it's yours too as well.

Let's now learn to change your App Store region on iPhone/iPad/iPod:

Step 1: To start with the process, open your App Store on iDevice.

Step 2: Click on your "Profile" icon that is located at the top right corner of the screen. Now, you need to log out of your existing Apple ID.

app store sign out

Step 3: Once logging out from your previous ID, you need to create a new Apple ID to change your App Store region. For that, go to the!&page=signin and click on the "Create Your Apple ID" option.

Step 4:Fill out all the required fields and choose the new region, from where your targeted app belongs to. Then, click on "Continue".

choose the new region

Step 5: In a while, you will get a verification code through email. You need to enter that code on your iDevice to create your new Apple ID.

Step 6: Go to your App Store app and look for the app you would like to download. Once you tap the Install button, you will get a message where you need to log in again with your new ID.

Step 7:After the sign-in with your new Apple ID, you will have to enter your billing info and payment method. And choose "None". You can enter any number you like.

appstore enter payment info

That's it, now you iDevice is ready to get geo-restricted apps. Hopefully, you now clearly understand how to change to the US app store or any region app store.

Part 4: How to Change App Store Region after Moving?

Wondering how to change the country on App Store after moving? If you move to a new region or country, then you can easily change the region or country that's linked with your Apple ID.

Below is the step-by-step guide to change the App Store country after moving.

Step 1: On your iDevice, open the "Settings" app.

Step 2: Click on your "[Name]", then click on "iTunes & App Store".

Step 3: Enter your Apple ID, and then click on "View Apple ID". Here, you may be asked to log in.

Step 4: Click on "Country/Region". Then, click on "Change Country/Region".

 click on Change Country/Region

Step 5: Now, you can enter your region or country where the app you want to download is available. Then, agree to the "Terms& Conditions".

Step 6: Choose a payment and then, enter your payment info and billing address. Then, click on the "Next" button. You need to enter a valid payment method for your new region.

Part 5: How to Change App Store Region without Creating a New Apple ID?

If you have come so far, then you probably know that changing the App Store region to download geo-restricted apps comes with a major flaw. It is creating another Apple ID every time you want to change the country or region.

So, it's understandable to look for a way to change region in App Store without the need for creating a new Apple ID. To do so, you need to search online to find an Apple ID whose region belongs to the area you need. In other words, you need to find someone who can provide you an Apple ID for the region you desire. But, doing so can put you at a risk.

As soon as you enter someone's Apple ID on you iDevice, you effectively surrender possession of it. And if a person from whom you borrowed an Apple ID is a cybercriminal, they will definitely not let go with ease: they can block your device through the "Find My iPhone" feature in iCloud. This feature is used to prevent strangers who have found your stolen or lost device from feely perusing its data and to show your contacts on the device screen so that the finder can reach you to return the device.

In your case (changing the App Store region), the device isn't lost. Isn't, it right? As soon as you enter someone's Apple ID, the device is right away added to that person's list of connected devices in iCloud. Therefore, that person could do anything they want with your device. In short, all we want to say here is that you should consider this way of changing your App Store country at your own risk.

The Bottom Line:

That's all on how to change App Store region on iPhone/iPad/iPod. As you can now see that it's easy to change the country on App Store when you right way to do so. No matter what your reason is for changing the App Store country; make sure to follow the precautions discussed here beforehand. This will help you achieve your task without any problems.