How to Use iTools on Pokemon Go for GPS spoof

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How to Use iTools on Pokemon Go for GPS spoof

Stuck at home, addicted to Pokemon Go, but getting only limited Pokemons to catch? Enable your iPhone to catch more Pokemons from a single location by using iTools virtual location and get endless Pok
author of this article Apr 09,2021 / Posted by Felix Baynham

Well before lockdowns due to the Corona Virus Pandemic, gamers were finding hacks such as iTools for Pokemon Goto enable them to find more Pokemons from a single location. While some were sitting in class, many others were bed ridden due to an injury caused by an accident trying to catch Pokemons at various locations. Figuring out means and methods to feed Pokemon Go addictions, the game creators themselves have been trying to salvage the situation to prevent Pokemon Go related accidents. Learn how to use iTools for Pokemon Goand find out if it’s really worth all the hype.

Use iTools program to spoof Pokemon Go

iTools has often been used by gamers to spoof the GPS and essentially use it for Pokemon Go, though it has other uses as well. It is an alternative to the iTunes app (data management tool by Apple) for the iPhone.

Here’s a guide of how to use iTools:

Mode 1 using the program:

Step 1: Connect the iPhone to the PC with a USB cord and click on “ToolBox” when the home screen of the device opens up on iTools.

itools mode1 1

Step 2:  Select “Virtual location” within the “ToolBox” page and wait for the map to show you your current location as your starting location.

itools mode1 2

Step 3: First select your new location either from the map or directly by entering the location in the search bar and select your new preferred location and click on “Move Here”. Then reopen Pokemon Go to find yourself in the new location.

itools mode1 3

Step 4: After setting your virtual location on iTools, open Pokemon Go, and the game will automatically set your location to the location you chose. While you are in this location, catch Pokemonin that location.

itools mode1 4

Step 5: Click on the new area, “Move Here” will pop up as an option.Click on this and your location will be moved to there. Now walk around virtually using a joystick or keyboard.

itools mode1 5

Mode 2 using the iTools App:

Step 1: Install iTools from the official website both on your device as well as on your Mac/PC. Connect the device to the system and access feeds on the desktop version. At the same time on your iOS device access Poke Sniper.

itools mode2 1

Step 2: Teleport to the nesting location of the Pokémon which you want to raid with:

itools mode2 2

Step 3: Confirm the Nesting Pokémon location and type you have chosen on the screen earlier.

itools mode2 3

Step 4: Choose the “Nest Filter” to find the country where you wish to teleport to:

itools mode2 4

Step 5: Apply the “Field Research” filter to proceed further. Afterwards, filter the Pokémon which you want to play with on a certain server and you’re done.

itools mode2 5

Use iTools mobile dongle to spoof Pokemon Go

You can also opt to use the iTools mobile dongle by using the Hosted mode. Playing on hosted mode basically implies that the movement should be transferred through the host controller. You can revoke the status if you so wish to do so by turning it off by clicking the “Cancel” button.

Step 1: Open iToolsGo in the iOS device that requires being hosted. Find the “hosted mode” button, Click on “Confirm” to proceed.

itools hosted 1

Step 2: Launch iToolsGo on the host device and select the “Host” option to choose the devices that you want to control.Start controlling the devices once you have confirmed the list. And if you wish to exit, click the “Exit hosting” button.

itools hosted 2

Step 3: Turn on the iToolsBT dongle, Enter the setting of your iOS device and Select the name iToolsBT-80xxx-MFI and pair the same

itools hosted 3
itools hosted 3

Step 4: Connect the Bluetooth by taking the following actions:

  • Open iToolsBT and click the “Bluetooth” icon and select the same name of dongle ends with BLE.
  • itools hosted 4
    itools hosted 4a
  • The bluetooth will be on when the Bluetooth icon appears with a green label at the bottom right corner:
  • itools hosted 4b
  • To stop simulation, either turn the dongle off or disconnect the BLE module in the Bluetooth list.

Alternative option when iTools fails to work

Frequently reported issues by users

Users have often had several complaints regarding the use of iTools location spoof to catch Pokemons. A few of these that top the list are as follows:

  1. Safety: Several gamers have shown their concern regarding the safety of using the iTools software stating that iTools is not 100% safe. Niantic, the parent company of Pokemon Go could ban your account if you spoof your location too much.
  2. Faux game: Many gamers complained that after getting to a spoofed location, they couldn’t catch Pokemons or Hatch eggs.
  3. No teleport: Some users complained that an IOS update made their teleporting non valid despite all efforts.
  4. Some people also complained that the iPhone to be used needed to be Jailbroken to use iTools.

Need a better and less complicated option? Try dr. fone

Keeping things simple, dr. fone – Virtual Location (iOS) allows you to fake your GPS through your desktop instead of your phone to ensure there is no need to jailbreak or download an app that may not be allowed by iTunes. No additional dongle needed or different modes to confuse you or be stuck if you have misplaced the dongle. You will still be on Game on mode catching Pokemons from the best of locations and catching many more of them, with more chances of also catching Shinies!

Dr.Fone - Virtual Location for Pokemon Go Joystick

Effective PokemonGO Spoofer for iPhone

  • Teleport to anywhere in the world during gameplay.
  • Simulate movement along a route (set by 2 or multiple spots).
  • GPS automatic/manual movement with joystick.
  • Allow to set the movement speed as desired.

Instead of different modes and the complexity of iToolsPokemon Go, here one simple how to guide to spoof your location.

Step by Step Tutorial

Step 1: Getting to your desired location

Select the "One-stop mode" on the upper right and Select the place you want to go to on the map. Drag the slider in the lower part to set how fast you want to walk or move and click "Move Here".

virtual location 08

Step 2: Start the simulation

Either chose to simulate between 2 spots and in the new popup box, enter a number to define how many times you want to go back and forth between the two places, then click "March" to start simulating the movement.

virtual location 09

Step 3: Multi Stop Simulation

Pass by multiple places along a route on the map by using the "multi-stop mode". Select the "multi-stop mode" (the 2nd one) in the upper right and select all the spots you want to pass one by one on the same route to prevent the game developer from thinking that you are cheating.

virtual location 11

Step 4: March MarchMarch

Just like in one stop simulation, Set the moving speed in the lower middle, and click "Move Here".Specify the number of times to go back and forthand click "March" to start the movement simulation.

virtual location 12

Final Verdict

As a gamer, you will always be spoilt for choice whether you want to use dr.fone – Virtual Location (iOS) for its convenience and ease or you want to use iTools for Pokemon Go or with the newest updates see what Niantic has added and if spoofing GPS is in built on the game itself. Whether or not softwares come, gamers will find a way. Keep looking for more stories, till you find your ideal way. Try these methods now and decide for yourself.