Secrets You Should Know Behind Grindr Xtra Hack

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Secrets You Should Know Behind Grindr Xtra Hack

Grindr Xtra Hack is an iOS simulator that you can download on your Mac to run the Grindr app. Here are some Grindr Xtra Hack secrets that you did not know.
author of this article Jan 12,2021 / Posted by Felix Baynham

Grindr Xtra is a dating app for mobile which is used by Gays, Transvestites, Bisexuals, and Queers. This is the premium version of Grindr, which gives more features that help you get better and fruitful partnerships. Grindr Xtra Hack is a free version of the Grindr Xtra app which allows you to get access to these advanced features for up to 12 months at no cost.

Grindr Xtra premium

Part 1. What is Grindr Xtra hack

Grindr Xtra Hack is a workaround mod that allows you to access Grindr Extra at no cost. You get many options that allow you to narrow down on your perfect partner. This increases safety when meeting people and also gives you the ability to narrow down your searches for fruitful results. You do not have to go through a lot of partners to get your right one; simple use Grindr Xtra Hack and find “the one” within a short period.

Grindr Xtra allows you to get access to features such as:

  • No banner ads
  • Better personalization of your profile
  • Ability to share private messages and photos
  • View up to 6X more profiles than before (Up to 600 at one go)
  • View profiles with only photos.
  • View people who are currently online
  • Send multiple photos at one go

The advanced feature list is long and that is why Grindr Xtra is popular compared to the free version.

Part 2. How to get Grindr Xtra Hack for free

As mentioned above, Grindr Xtra Hack is a mod or patch that you use to get all features of Grindr Xtra for free.

To use Grindr Xtra for free, follow the steps laid down below. You should have the knowledge of using Flex on your iOS device.

You need:

  • Flex 2
  • Jailbroken iOS device
  • Grindr Xtra

Step 1 - Launch Flex on your iOS device and click on “Add” (+) and then “New App” and choose Grindr

Step 2 – Click on “Add Units” -> Executable “Grindr”.

Step 3 – Now look for the below lines and enable them as shown.

  • (unsigned int) cascadeLimit
  • (BOOL) isXtraUser
  • (BOOL) profileSwipeEnabled
  • (BOOL) pushNotificationsEnabled
  • (void) setPushNotificationsEnabled
  • (int) xtraSubscriptionDaysRemaining
  • (int) xtraSubscriptionSecondsRemaining

Step 4 – Edit the values as shown

  • (unsigned int) cascadeLimit 10000
  • (BOOL) isXtraUser TRUE
  • (BOOL) profileSwipeEnabled TRUE
  • (BOOL) pushNotificationsEnabled TRUE
  • (void) setPushNotificationsEnabled TRUE
  • (int) xtraSubscriptionDaysRemaining 30
  • (int) xtraSubscriptionSecondsRemaining 120

Step 5 – Proceed to the main screen and then activate these changes

Step 6 – Now restart Grindr and you will have unlimited access to all the features of the premium Grindr Xtra.

Part 3: Troubles when you use Grindr Xtra hack

Certain challenges come with using Grind Xtra hack. Note that this is a hack and therefore some features may not be available. Here are some of the troubles you may run into when using Grindr Xtra hack:

  • Inability to upgrade your subscription after 12 months.
  • Inability to upgrade to a newer version of the app.
  • The hack may not completely remove the ads and you will get in-app interruptions such as filling out surveys etc.
  • You may get an unprecedented amount of mail from people you do not prefer.

Part 4: 3 best alternatives for Grindr Xtra hack

Although Grindr is one of the most popular dating apps for gays, trans, bi, and queer people, there are several other alternatives that you may use. Here are the top Grindr Xtra Hack alternatives:

1) Scruff

Scruff screenshot

Launched in 2010, Scruff has quickly become popular among the LGBTQ community for finding partners for all purposes. The app gives you access to more than 12 million members all over the world, who you can find by customizing your search options.

The app comes with several different inbuilt communities so you can choose one or more according to your needs. Some of them include Jock, College, Military, Queer, Chaser, Twink, among many others.

To have your profile on scruff, you must show the location of your device, and make sure you do not post lurid images. (Images showing nudity, swimming trunks, towels, etc. are not allowed. You should have decent pictures on your profile.

You also have access to special features such as

  • Scruff Venture – This allows you to find gay people when you are visiting other countries
  • Scruff Events – This gives you access to gay events being hosted in your location according to the distance specifications on your profile.
  • Scruff Match – this is a feature that allows you to swipe right to invite a person or swipe left to reject. The match results are shown according to your profile specifications.

2) Swagy

Swagy screenshot

Swagy dating is another alternative to Grindr. This app comes with a great feature that ensures that all profiles are verified. This feature ensures that the results you get are real, and ensures your safety when using the app to meet people online.

Swagy dating app also allows you to meet people offline. This is because you can easily access contacts that you can use for calls and texting when you are offline.

Swagy also removes profiles that have obscenity and nudity pictures. You may post fully clothed images, but none that have any form of nudity.

3) Hily

Hily screenshot

This is another free alternative to Grinder Xtra. Users log in using their Facebook profiles and this gives a sense of security. The app will not be shown on your Facebook profile which ensures that your sexual nature is kept private from friends and family.

Hily allows you to choose your mates by swiping left or right, and you can instantly chat with those that reciprocate the invitation to connect.

Most dating apps sort people and give results based on the look, preferences, and appearance. Hily goes a little further and sorts people by the number of likes they get, matches and dialogues. This way, you can be sure that the profiles you are matched to are very close to what you like.

In conclusion

Grindr is one of the best dating apps for the Gay community and offers a great way to meet partners online. With Grindr Xtra hack, you can access the premium features of the app and enjoy safe and accurate results. If you cannot get Grindr Xtra Hack, you can access the alternatives shown above and enrich your personal love life. With these apps, you no longer have to guess hen meeting new people. You already know who they are and are comfortable from the get-go.