How to Spoof Grindr GPS on iOS Device?

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How to Spoof Grindr GPS on iOS Device?

Are you looking for optimum ways to fake GPS Grindr location for privacy reasons? Why not enter this content to explore effective ways in establishing the desired task effortlessly?
author of this article Oct 12,2020 / Posted by Felix Baynham

Robert recently signed into the Grindr environment and struggling to change the location for security reasons. Seeking assistance to spoof location in his gadgets precisely.

This article helps Robert to fake GPS Grindr location using optimal methods. He can protect his privacy by mocking the location in his device.

The Grindr app works by accessing the locations of the profiles. It connects the nearby users by flashing their profiles on the home page of the Grindr app. It is unsafe in disclosing the location details to dating websites like Grindr. It is a dating app exclusively for the gay, trans and bisexual individuals. It is highly advisable to secure your location details while surfing the profiles at this platform.

fake gps grindr

Part 1: Why do we need to spoof Grindr GPS?

You must spoof the Grindr location for the following reasons.

Privacy reasons

As you all know that while working with dating webpages it is necessary to hide or fake the location details of your profile for privacy reasons. It is a social platform connecting people worldwide and therefore you must take necessary steps to stay safe on this platform without involving into cyber issues. When the user’s data gets into wrong hands then it will lead to unknown serious consequences.

Data leaks

Recently Grindr app has leaked the personal data of the users along with their health information. The Grindr app triggers automatic data sharing process when the user signup. Along with health statistics, the Grindr app also shares email address and location details to unknown people around the globe. It has revealed HIV positive profiles along with location information with other users across boundaries.

Fake Profiles

Most dating webpages have fake profiles misleading the other serious users. It is unsafe to disclose the location data to those dangerous people hidden behind the fake image. When they access our address through this platform, then it might lead to unwanted issues in future.

Part 2: Ways to Spoof Grindr GPS on iOS

You can spoof Grindr location optimally in unique ways. To spoof location on the iPhone, seems to be not as easy as that of Android devices. The Apple gadgets have a strong program to prevent the location faking techniques. Bust still you can establish your needs. Just try out the below-discussed method for successful results.

Dr.Fone- Virtual Location

This application is available for Windows and Mac version systems. There is a separate tool kit for Android and iOS gadgets. It has a user-friendly interface and you do not require any technical skills to work on this program. It is enough if you follow the below guidelines to spoof Grindr location effortlessly.

Glimpses on its Features

  • Easily fake location just by a few clicks.
  • You can fake multiple locations using this app.
  • There are options to set two specific fake spots on the map as per your needs.
  • Use the Joystick displayed at the bottom left side of the screen to move around the map swiftly.
  • Set fake locations anywhere around the globe by tapping the right controls quickly.
fake location with dr.fone

Steps to fake GPS Grindr location using Dr.Fone - Virtual Location

Step 1: Download the tool

Visit the official webpage of Dr.Fone and download the program in pace with your OS version. Go for the Windows or Mac according to your needs and click the download button. Install it by following the wizard instructions.

Step 2: Connect your iPhone

Make use of a reliable USB cable and connect your iPhone with the system. Then launch the Dr.Fone tool in the system. Select ‘Virtual Location’ option on the home page. Then, click ‘Get Started’ option in the next screen.

Dr.Fone full tookit

Step 3: Enable ‘Teleport’ mode

In the next window, a map view appears displaying the current location details. Press the ‘Teleport mode’ button which lies third at the upper right side of the screen. Enter your favourite location in the text field and tap ‘Go’ button.

dr.fone teleport mode

Step 4: Set the fake location

Click ‘Move Here’ button from the pop-u window. Your device location is changed to the new position automatically.

dr.fone move here

To view the new location, you can open the Maps in your device to verify the changed location. All the location-based apps and games use the fake location when they are active in this phone.


You can spoof the location on iPhone without jailbreaking using the iSpoofer program. It is a reliable tool compatible with Windows and Mac systems. It supports iPhone gadgets with iOS versions from 8 to 13 and works well with iPad OS.

Quickly look at the stepwise procedure

Step 1: Download the iSpoofer app based on your system’s OS version and install it. Connect your iPhone with your system and launch the tool.

ispoofer app

Step 2: Now, surf through the location on the map and tap at the point where you want to fake the location.

fake location with ispoofer

Finally, hit the ‘Move’ button to shift the location of your device over the selected point.

Part 3: What to pay attention while spoofing Grindr GPS on iOS

While spoofing Grindr GPS on iOS gadgets, you must overcome some interrupting factors which comes on the way.

  • The fake GPS activity on the iOS gadget might affect the default settings of the installed apps.
  • There are some harmful websites blocked based on geological location. Due to spoofing location on your device, it may connect with the prohibited webpages at the cyberspace.
  • Even after deleting the fake GPS location on the device, sometimes the device might struggle to sense the original location.


Thus, it is high time to conclude the discussion on fake GPS Grindr location. Choose the effective method to spoof location on iOS gadgets. This article has given you enough data related to the interruptions and consequences of the GPS spoofing on iOS devices. Protect your privacy on the risky dating websites Grindr using a reliable location spoofing program. The Dr.Fone-Virtual Location is the perfect tool to fake your gadget location in no time. Connect with Dr.Fone and explore its incredible features in spoofing location on your devices effortlessly.