How to Manage Life360 Circle Members Effectively

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How to Manage Life360 Circle Members Effectively

Wouldn’t it be great to know the location of your family members and stay connected to them all the time remotely? So, let us learn about the Life360 circle app and its functions.
author of this article Apr 10,2020 / Posted by Felix Baynham

“Can anyone please help me with a tool that helps me stay connected with my elderly parents no matter where I am?”

Well, yes. Here is an award-winning application that helped many families to stay connected even when they are miles apart from each other. Life360 is a location sharing and a safe social networking app for your family designed by a San Francisco based IT company with the same name. The software also received funds from tech giants like Google and Facebook. Anyone in your family or friends can share their location with you or track each other using the Life 360 circle feature. This feature sends alerts when someone from your family leaves or enters into a new location. Build your own private group and talk to them free with Life 360 circle.

How to manage life360 members effectively 01

Part 1. What is a Life360 circle?

How to manage life360 members effectively 02

Life360 circle is a unique feature of the Life 360 application that keeps your loved ones close to you. It is a group of your favorite people. Every person in the circle can share their location, chat with each other, and do a lot more. You can know how fast the member is driving, what is the battery percentage of their phone, etc. This application is mainly available for download in Android and iOS phones. The Life360 family circle comes empowered with crash detection technology. It notifies other members in your 360 family circle if any emergency occurs with a member.

All in all, getting the real-time direction of the members of the Life360 family circle is simple with this software.

Part 2. How to set up a Life360 circle of your own?

When the user creates its first circle, then, by default, the app considers it as Life360 family circle. It is not necessary to add only family members in the loop. You can also add your friends, babysitters, dog walkers, closed relatives, and marathon pace team, etc. Creating a circle is not a tough thing to do.

Step 1. Firstly, if you are using an Android or iOS smartphone, then install the Life360 circle app in it from the Play Store or App Store. Tell your family members to do the same.

How to manage life360 members effectively 03

Step 2. Create your account by tapping on “Get Started,” or if you already have an account, then log in. Follow the instructions displaying on the app to create your account and provide all the crucial details. Grant the permissions asked by it.

Step 3. Touch the + button present at the bottom of your screen and then on Create a circle. Name it according to your wish and tap on Save. After creating the ring, only you will be on the map.

Part 3. How to invite members to a Life360 circle?

As you have learned to create a circle, it is time to add members. You can decide whom to add in the loop as per your choice. When you create the circle, then you are the admin, hence only you have the right to add someone or remove him or her. However, adding them is not possible. Instead, you have to invite them.

Step 1. The step to start with is to install the application first in your device. Make sure it is an iOS or Android smartphone because other devices do not have support to run this app.

How to manage life360 members effectively 04

Step 2. Touch the + button located at the bottom of the application’s screen. Next, tap on the invite option. Further, hit the Send Code option to view the messaging applications installed on your phone. Select your messaging app to invite others.

Step 3. Now, choose all the contacts you want to add in your Life360 family circle. Send them a pre-filled invite via message to the selected contacts. When you send the code to them, they have to install the Life360 circle app and make their account by providing info like phone number, email, password, etc.

Part 4. Purple icons/dots on Life360 circle members

How to manage life360 members effectively 05

To get quick details about a member’s driving and location details, you can visit their profile and tap on their name or picture. It will provide you a history of the member’s location and much more. But, to get more details about any member in your circle, use life360 solid purple circle is viable.

It will tell you the details of their most recent drive or trip, and also where the phone of the member was while connecting to the Life360 server. This way, you can check where they were roaming the whole day and thus track anyone from your circle with a little effort.

  • Now, if you are on the free plan, you will be able to see the history of only two days while the premium plan offers a history of 30 days.
  • It is impossible to delete the entire user’s history, but you can remove the account.
  • You can view the history with the help of a history list by visiting the official link at and logging in to your account.
  • You cannot save or take out the print of the history list. If you still wish, then take the screenshot of the file to view later.

Steps to view member’s history using the Purple icon

How to manage life360 members effectively 06

Step 1. Open the Life 360 app in your device and visit the member’s profile whose location history you want to view.

Step 2. Go to the bottom right and tap on the Life360 purple dot. This icon looks similar to the map location pin. Tap on the Life360 purple solid circle to open the Day Detail screen.

Step 3. When the Day Detail screen opens, you can use the arrows to select a date to find out the location history of a member on that particular day. The slider at the bottom screen highlights the new drive or trip updates of the member.

Part 5. Green icons/dots on Life360 circle members

How to manage life360 members effectively 07

There are two more icons, or you can say dots in the Life360 app that you should know about - Life360 green dot and Life360 orange circle.

Life360 green dot represents that the user enabled the drive detection feature or not. It checks and informs others about the location and activity of a member in the circle. It helps detect unsafe driving and behaviors such as phone usage while driving, high speed, etc. The Life360 orange circle indicates the location of the place where a crime got reported before.

Steps to turn on drive detection for you

How to manage life360 members effectively 08

Step 1. Launch the Life360 application and go to Settings in the menu

Step 2. Finally, tap on the Driving Analysis and drag the given button to the right until it becomes green.

Steps to turn on drive detection for your Circle members

Step 1. The app must be on the phone of every member before turning on drive detection for your family or friend circle.

Step 2. The dots should be green on their phones so that you can detect, and in case the ‘Drive Detection Paused’ gets displayed, it means the member has turned this featured off.

Step 3. Lastly, tap Driving and drag the button right. Wait for an instant until the button turns green for enabling notifications for a circle member. Similarly, pulling it to the left will disable notifications.

So, that was it! Now, I hope you all will be able to successfully manage your Life 360 family circle easily with all the tips above.