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How to use Life360 to Find My Friends and Family

Meet one of the best apps by Life 360 lifestyle and learn how to find my family friend’s phone by life360 in the article below. Go, read, and have fun!
author of this article Jul 18,2020 / Posted by Felix Baynham

“How can I easily find my family friend’s phone by life360?”

Today, there are tons of apps out there that can let you know the location of your family and friends with only one click. Well, that's great when you are too conscious about your loved ones and want to observe each of their activity. At the same time, it's also essential to opt for a capable app that will not further put you in any kind of risk.

This guide will let you take step by step on life360 to find family, friends, and stolen phone while following some steps. It would be fun and exciting, I promise.

Part 1: How to invite friends or family on Life360

Have you ever heard about invitation codes? Yes, they also work well right here. An invite code makes it super simple to connect and invite closed family members and friends within the app. Whether you want to use life360 to find my family or friends, simply follow the instructions.

You need to take care of the following steps for both new as well as an existing user.

Adding a new member to the Circle will require the following steps.

  • Select the '+’ button on the app screen's bottom.
Select the+ button
  • Tap ‘Invite.’
Tap Invite
  • Select ‘Send Code’ and observe the list of different messaging apps.
Select Send Code
  • Select the app where you want to send the invite code.
  • Select the app where you want to send the invite code.
  • Life360 find family
    • Choose contacts.
    • Modify the invite messages to send to your contacts.
    Life360 find family
    • The person receiving invite code would have to download the app and follow set instructions as given below.

    New users can take the following steps.

    • If you have received any message, including the invitation link, simply tap it. Well, it's an optional step for the new user.
    • Open Life360 app. Log in your account using your email and mobile number, complete your profile, and create a new password.
    • Now, type in the invite code over the new prompting screen. You will miss this step automatically when you have previously tapped over the unique invitation link.
    • An invitation circle will be visible containing other members in the Circle also.
    • You can further select to accept the invitation or decline it.
    • Once it gets added, the member will add to the Map and Circle.

    Existing users can take the following steps.

    • Tap over the Circle Switcher at the top of the screen.
    • Select ‘Join a Circle.’
    • Simply enter invite code and tap ‘Submit.

    Part 2: How to find friends or family on Life360

    The app life360 got developed, keeping in the whole family and friend’s whereabouts. The feature, life360 find phone will be able to search your friends and family. Follow the steps given below.

    Step 1: Download Life360

    In the very first step, you should go to Google Play Store and download the official Life360 app. Set up a profile with a phone number, password, and email. Adding a profile picture is optional.

    Life360 find family

    Step 2: Create Map

    On the primary device, tap Create Map. It will show you the map of the whole world.

    Then, tap Find Me and Life360 will precisely pinpoint your location on the map.

    Here, in this step, if you select, Yes, the app will follow the procedure of sending invite code to your chosen contacts.

    Life360 find family

    Step 3: Add a place

    After that, the app will send you a popup window asking for personal notifications when any of your family member or friend arrives home. Tap Yes to show it. The next step is to add places and add home etc.

    Life360 find family

    To add a place, you can either use the Search function or simply drag the map around. Tap Save after you select the location. Similarly, you can set various places for which the app will show you custom notifications.

    Places are the loveliest feature within the app where you can even set geofences around the most visited locations.

    Step 4: Find family and friends

    Once you set all your family and friends’ devices, the life360 find my friends, will track everyone's location, and show them on the map.

    Particularly, if you want to check out the location of the person, tap their name on the bottom of the app screen.

    Life360 find family

    It will show you their movement history.

    Note: The free version of the app will only let you know about their past 48 hours of history. If you go for a $5 monthly subscription, it keeps track of everyone's location for almost a whole month.

    Part 3: How to use Life360 to find my phone

    Yes, the Life360 app is incredibly helpful in finding your lost phone location. Simply follow the steps given below. Just keep in mind that a stolen phone must have a Life360 app already installed and logged in. At the same time, do not log in with any other device else the app will locate it instead of the missing location.

    Step 1: Open the official website

    The initial step is to log in to your account on the official website Use the same contact number and email address you have already used on the stolen phone.

    Life360 find family

    Step 2: Open map view

    In the map view, you can check the last location of your stolen phone if updated.

    Step 3: Update

    Select the profile to select the phone's location and simply press the Update button. It will help you update the lost phone.

    Step 4: Use your Circle Members

    If you have circle members, they can even open the app and update the missing phone's location. Remember that all these steps will be useless if the lost phone is not logged in or turned off. Even if the battery doesn't work, the location will not show.

    So, this is the process of life360 find my phone!

    Part 4: How to fake location on Life360 to protect privacy

    With great emergence of location finder apps, we are presenting you another efficient app made specifically for iOS.

    It's best for use in that location demanding apps such as dating or other crazy AR games apps. Well, these scenes are not uncommon in today’s digital era, and as compared to other apps, the steps are quite simple as follows.

    Teleport anywhere in the world

    Step 1: Download dr.fone – Virtual Location (iOS)

    After you have successfully downloaded the dr.fone – Virtual Location (iOS) for the life360 find family and friends, properly launch, and install the app.

    drfone home

    Step 2: Tap Virtual Location from several options. First, you must connect your iPhone to the computer, and after that, click Get Started.

    virtual location

    Step 3: Find your actual location on the map in the new window. You can click ‘Center On’ if the area is not correctly displayed. The icon is present in the lower right section of the app.

    virtual location

    Step 4: Activate ‘teleport mode’ by clicking the 3rd icon in the corresponding section. Find it in the upper right corner. Simply enter the place you want to check and click ‘Go.’

    virtual location

    Step 5: Click ‘Move Here’ in the map view to explore the selected place. Your new location will now get fixed over the iPhone to the specific place chosen.

    click ‘Go.’
    virtual location

    So, this is how you can go to find my family friend’s phone by the life360 app. We mainly discussed two apps and would highly recommend for iOS users the dr.fone – Virtual Location. The app is quite simple and easy to use with an update on the latest features. Lastly, we hope that you enjoyed our journey on both apps and will choose the one in the future wisely as per your preferences. In case you want to go for dr.fone for Android users, keep in mind to use a GPS spoofer from Play Store beforehand.

    Let us know your queries or feedback in the comment section below!