3 Ways for Pokemon Go Joystick

Dr.Fone - Virtual Location (iOS)

Use Pokemon Go joystick for easier GPS control

  • Change GPS location to anywhere you want.
  • Select new location by name or coordinates.
  • Automatic GPS movement.
  • Manual GPS movement.
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3 Ways for Pokemon Go Joystick

The Pokemon Go game is entertaining and fascinating that you just want to catch as many Pokemons as you can.
author of this article Jan 13,2021 / Posted by Felix Baynham

You might be wondering, how can I get a third-party app to replace the physical walk? The Pokemon go joystick  will blow your mind. It allows you to move around by controlling the joystick in any desired direction and for as long as possible. A lot gets unlocked using the Pokemon go joystick. Talk of the bonus of walking long distances coupled with catching unique Pokemons.

Pokemon GO Joystick

By now, you might think; isn't there a penalty for using Pokemon go joystick? Well, of course, there are risks; you may even lose your account, but here's the kicker: if you take the necessary precautions, you'll play the Pokemon go for a long time with no speck of trouble!

Part 1: Why do many people seek Pokemon go joystick

At first, it might be fun to walk around in the neighborhood to pick nearby Pokemons. Players are visiting eateries, supermarkets, and some other locations. Soon, however, nearby Pokemons become exhausted. Due to that, players have to visit new environs to get more Pokemon to catch.

Going to new places can be challenging, really, and believe me; many do not want to wait to come across rare Pokemons by chance.

Using the Pokemon go joystick for Android or ios will simulate your presence, making it seems to be in another location when you are probably just on your bed. With just a button's push, controlling the joystick is simply easy to move around different regions.

cute Pokemon GO Joystick

Part 2: Must-know risks for Pokemon joystick

In a revealed post, Niantic explained a new three-strike policy to penalize users with the third party App that manipulates location. However, legit players might leap in triumph. For joystick users, it's a caution to be careful and avoid being penalized. Here's the policy;

  • The first-time penalty is a 7 days shadowban. This ban comes when the Pokemon go the Niantic detects joystick to be manipulating the activities of the App be it the Android or Ios version. Although playing the game is still possible, getting a rare Pokemon is impossible until the ban duration ends.
  • It gets worse in the second warning. Your account will remain inactive for 30 days. No participation whatsoever is possible. Access to fun is impossible until the " temporary ban" is over. This stage signals the warning of a permanent block.
  • The last strike is that accounts get permanently blocked. Participation in the game ends with no hope of return. Hence you kiss the favorite Pokemon game goodbye.
  • using Pokemon GO Joystick

Part 3: Methods of using the Pokemon Go joystick

Playing Pokemon go on your device will require a download of the Pokemon go joystick App. It comes in two versions. I know you are guessing already. Yes, it is the Pokemon go joystick apk or the Apple version- Pokemon go joystick ios.

Using the Pokemon go joystick carefully is vital to avoid a ban or possible virus threat to your device. First of all, note that the process isn't rocket science. If you follow the steps, the results will come out nicely. The first step works for iOS devices, during the next focus on Android.

3.1 Pokemon Joystick For iOS

Tweaking your location is almost impossible, well, maybe not. You can jailbreak it. Why go through the process of jailbreaking when there's a safer method? You can use a third-party app like Dr.Fone - Virtual Location to get Pokemon to go, giving you full access to use a joystick in any chosen location. Want to know the best part? This technique won't alter the location of your device. It's what happened in Rome stays Rome situation. Only Pokemon go changes location.

Dr.Fone - Virtual Location for Pokemon Go Joystick

Teleport iPhone GPS location to anywhere in the world in 1 click!

  • Teleport to anywhere in the world.
  • Simulate movement along a route (set by 2 or multiple spots).
  • GPS automatic movement with joystick.
  • Manual GPS movement with joystick.

How to spoof GPS movement with Joystick or Keyboard:

By the way, if you want to know more about Dr.Fone-Virtual Location? You can enter Dr.Fone - Virtual Location: Spoof Location for more information.

Step 1: First, you need to download the Dr. fone Toolkit app on PC and install it.

Dr.Fone pokemon go joystick

Step 2: Now, connect your iOS device, either iPhone or iPad, with your PC and click on the "Get Started" icon.

Dr.Fone pokemon go joystick start

Step 3: You will see a world map where you need to set your fake location. For this, on the search bar, search for the desired location.

pokemon go joystick map

Step 4: Now, Dr.Fone - Virtual Location adds a joystick function to facilitate GPS direction control in multiple modes. The joystick is located at the bottom left.

pokemon go joystick

There are two ways to use the joystick:

Method 1: GPS automatic movement: Click the middle start button to start the automatic movement. Then change the direction at will by:

  1. Click the left or right arrow.
  2. Drag the point on the circle.
  3. Press the A and D keys on the keyboard.
  4. Press the left and right on the Right keyboard arrow.

Method 2: Manual GPS movement: Keep clicking the up arrow in the program, and long-press the W key or Up key on the keyboard to move forward. Perform reverse operations by continuously clicking the "down" arrow or long-pressing the S key or "down" key on the keyboard. Of course, you can also use the above 4 methods to adjust the direction before going forward or backward.

After following the simple steps above, using the joystick option is easy, alongside switching locations easily. Similarly, moving towards Pokemon is easier by increasing the speed of the joystick.

3.2 Pokemon Joystick For Andriod

Now, let's outline the Applications that's to be available;

  • Download -Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer
  • Download- Fake GPS joystick routes and go

Step 1: Install the applications above. Then find SETTINGS on your device --click on ABOUT PHONE-- then tap continuously for 7 times on ABOUT PHONE to allow the developer mode.

Step 2: Scroll to the LOCATION SETTINGS, then alter the --GPS to high accuracy. This setting allows the FAKE-GPS to perform appropriately.

Pokemon GO Joystick method 1

Step 3: Activate the GPS of your device, open the installed joystick route App. At this point, test the route's functionality by dragging the pointer around to any location of choice. You are getting the hang! Move to the next step.

Pokemon GO Joystick method 2

Step 4: Find the installed Fake-GPS to the SETTINGS, then select the NON-ROOT option-- now, TAP ON JOYSTICK to enable it.

Step 5: By now, you should see a red dot. Drag the dot to any region or place you want, then hit the activate button to get the Fake-GPS working. This next action will blow you off. Open your Google Maps application, and it will place your location at precisely the place you chose on the Fake-GPS.

Pokemon GO Joystick step 4

Step 6: Drum roll! Launch the Pokemon go, and your location will peg you at where you chose initially. For example, if you selected Paris in France in the Fake-GPS, your site on the Pokemon Go will be the same. To change the location if you want to explore another place, adjust the Fake-GPS location.

3.3 For Rooted devices Andriod

For users with rooted devices, Niantic prevents Pokemon go from working on such devices. Rooted devices are usually the ones getting banned frequently due to fake GPS location. Nonetheless, a rooted device that plays Pokemon go quite well if you follow these steps.

Step 1: Install the Magisk Manager app and install it.

Step 2: Search for MAGISK HIDE and tap on it to click on the Apps you wish to hide your root from, which in this instance is Pokemon Go.

Step 3: Restart the device and refer to the steps for unrooted android devices above.

pokemon go joystick precautions


As fascinating as the Pokemon go joystick hack android is, precautions should be taken to avoid detection. These precautions are necessary for the iOS platform also.

  • Do not change locations swiftly

After picking a location, it can be tempting to leave the place quickly and move to another. I agree, but leaving quickly will only trigger an unusual movement likely to cause a ban from the Pokemon company.

To teleport from one location to another requires patience to avoid being caught. Remember;

  • Always switch locations after 4 hours: Say, for example, you are in France. It's simply impossible to be in America in 20 minutes. Likewise, when you switch your location, give enough time before selecting a new location.

Don't Move Too Fast

Another important thing to watch out for is the speed of the joystick. It's understandable if you want to move around fast to cover long distances and get as many Pokemons as possible. However, moving the joystick too fast will only cause suspicion, and your account may be flagged for irregularities and eventually get banned.

The bottom line is; don't get carried away enjoying the run, and as a result, you move faster than normal.

Pokemon GO Joystick not fast

Avoid Using a Bot

To keep moving the avatar non-stop without using the thumb is yet another problem. Holding the joystick down with the thumb can be tiring, even more boring. Consequently, using a BOT to do the job may come to mind but refrain from using it. Your account will most likely be noticed and banned.

This is crazy, but trust me, it works like magic. Use an "orange" to hold the joystick down and let the fingers rest while your avatar continues to move and gather Pokemon.

Avoid Dual Log in

Using dual accounts on the same device is best avoided. Especially when you use the Pokemon go joystick, avoid multiple account log-in. Yes, you have a friend, and allowing another user to benefit from the Pokemon go joystick hack sounds a lot interesting.

As kind or generous as the gesture may sound, it could cause a ban on both accounts.


Follow the tips in this article for using the Pokemon go joystick effectively without getting your account banned.