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The Way to Find the Best Tinder Girls

A lot of men join tinder to get laid or find his better half. But it is not easy to find the best tinder girls and get their attention. There are certain things that you must know about the psyche of
author of this article May 09,2020 / Posted by Felix Baynham

Are you tired of being single? Do you want to get laid with tinder women? Or are you tired of being rejected by the tinder girls? Well, if you are looking for some helpful tips to get girls on a dating application, then you have landed at the right place. Most men and women use tinder nowadays to find their partners. No matter what you are looking for, we will give you the necessary tips that will help you in satisfying your needs.

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The use of tinder is quite common these days. No matter whether you are a young man or some old guy in his 50's, this application can help you in getting laid within a few hours. All you must do is to get the attention of the best tinder girls, get her number, and ask about her desires. You can like and dislike various profiles by swiping on the pictures on tinder. It allows you to upload your basic information and pictures which is key to getting hot tinder girls. Although most attractive girls receive messages from multiple guys every day, the girl may be looking for more than one date. Above all, mostly hot tinder girls go on multiple dates and later select one of them to continue dating.

Types of Tinder girls

First, let's talk about the types of girls you will see on tinder. It is very important to identify the type of girl you are dealing with and change your dating game. This is crazy that most guys use the same approach to contact and interact with different types of tinder girls. No matter whether we are considering fat girls on tinder or hot tinder women, all of them fit in the following five categories.

The Texting Girl

Some tinder girls are always available for texting, but they will never agree on a meetup. Here's the deal, the texting girls want to proceed with a virtual relationship, but they continue making excuses whenever you ask them out. The excuse might be a gynecologist appointment, a plan with friends, or someone's wedding, or birthday party. Such girls want to discuss their life with others, but they will never fulfill your desires. Therefore, it is better to stay away from them. Once you have asked them out more than thrice, there is no good in going after them after the third rejection.

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Those girls which are "emotionally unavailable"

Such girls only treat their tinder friends as a second option. They will never share their problems or relationships with you. This is because they are unavailable for an emotional relationship. If you only want to hook up for some time, then go for them. But do not start an emotional relationship unless the girl gives you a green light. Want to know the best part? Such girls will stop replying after 2-3 dates. And whenever they feel that you are slipping away, they will pop up. Above all, you cannot do anything about them. Just avoid getting attached to any girl unless you know about her personal life.

Girls who are looking for commitments

Most people indeed use tinder only to get laid, but some girls are looking for serious relationships. Such girls can either belong to a group that broke up after a serious relationship or career coated women. Some career girls are too much involved in their work that they hardly find any time to find a partner. Therefore, they seek help from applications like tinder. If such a girl likes you, she will clear her intentions in the first few meetings. Some girls might be looking for emotional support. We can say that these girls must be your real goal unless you are looking for a one-night stand.

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Party girls

You may be wondering why haven't we mentioned the party girls until now. Well, here they are. Party girls will love to go in bars and late-night hangouts. Moreover, you need not carry their emotional baggage as they maintain a "cool girl" image for the entire world. Playing hard to get with such girls will not do any good for you. One must maintain a dominant cover to get such girls. But some of these girls might be talking to 10 other men. Therefore, whenever you feel like the girl is betraying you, then trust your instincts.

Clingy and Desperate Girls on Tinder

Some girls are just waiting for a chance to throw herself on a man. They will start sexting, the moment someone asks them out. Such girls will either turn out to be a stalker or someone who recently broke up with her boyfriend. These girls came on tinder to fill up their emptiness with someone. But once you start caring, she will show her true colors. She will discuss her problems and issues to lighten her heart. Plus, such tinder girls will also open about her past relationships. But if she is one of your stalkers, then you must run away from her.

Finding the best Tinder Girls

Now, we have talked about all types of tinder girls. Let's begin the fun part. It is not easy to interact with the best tinder girls. But once you have uploaded some sexy pictures and appealing bio, then you are good to go. Just follow the above-mentioned rules for approaching any girl.

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Check her profile

Before swiping right, make sure to check the profile of the girl properly. If you do not want to waste your time, then it is better to do a little research before making your first move. Try to find out about her interests. Check her pictures. Moreover, try to choose someone who uses her real and filter-less pictures. The first three pictures explain a lot about the tinder girls Reddit. Swipe right if the girl has posted enough pictures to give you an idea about her life. Moreover, make sure to search her on Facebook to know more about her.

Match her

The second step is to build your profile enough to give a good first impression. Like TV shows that most women like to watch. It will increase your common interests with women. Moreover, instead of liking every girl, make sure to look for common interests to find your best match. Explain your interests and hobbies in your profile. Moreover, take pictures in different poses to use on tinder. Taking a picture with any pet like a cat or dog is also a good idea.

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Talk to her

Once you have found your ideal tinder match, the next step is to interact with the girl. Well, most guys do not get a reply to their boring "Hi" or "Hey". Therefore, use a different approach to get a reply. Show her that you are interested, but there is no need to act needy. Try to play it cool. Tell her about yourself and your intentions in the first message. Explain why do you like that woman and why you want to hang out with her. Compliment her and ask questions about her to show that you are interested.

Ask her out

Once you have started receiving messages from your match, take your game to the next level. Do not forget that tinder is a dating application. Therefore, do not delay in asking the girl for hang-out. 1 - 2 days of waiting and texting are enough to ask her out. Some girls have no intention of dating or any serious relationship. They will only waste your time. Therefore, if any girl does not agree to go out with you 2- 3 times, then it is better to stop talking to her. Take the girl on a coffee or lunch instead of an exhibition or concert.

Clarify your intentions

Although most people use Tinder for finding ideal one-night stands, do not forget that it is a dating application. It is important to clarify your intentions in the first meeting. Tell her about your interests and your future. Moreover, most girls love it when men take an interest in their lives. Thus, ask her about her life, routine, family, and previous relationships. Once the girl is comfortable with you, then clear your intentions about her and tell her why you want to continue dating her.

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Hope you find the right one

Tinder is one of the most popular applications that are used for finding hot tinder girls. If you follow our pieces of advice, then you will get your perfect match. But you must build your bio and show some patience because the competition is quite high on dating applications. Optimization of the profile, identifying what kind of pictures gets swiped, and the best tag lines are some important rules to get your perfect match. There are all types of girls on tinder. Instead of acting like a creep, build your scale, and then ask any girl out.