6 Proxies to Unblock Sites for Free and Their Safer Alternative
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6 Proxies to Unblock Sites for Free and Their Safer Alternative

This article collects the 6 best proxy sites that help unblock sites free of charge. In addition, there is an alternative to make unblocking websites more safely.
author of this article Apr 26,2020 / Posted by Felix Baynham

Have you ever tried to browse a foreign website or tried to watch videos from that country online?

If yes, then there must be times you were unable to access them. It happens because they are blocked outside that country.

For unblocking such sites for free, you need to have some special programs that will help you get your desired video content or foreign news at your fingertips. There are plenty of proxy websites and special tools out there. You can use them to reach the desired foreign country’s content easily.

If you are worried about getting the proxies, then worry not! We are here to help you.

In this article, we are going to introduce multiple ways to unblock websites free of cost. Keep reading to know more.

6 Proxies to Unblock Sites for Free


This proxy not only unblocks free websites but to ensure privacy is protection, access to websites worldwide, speed and SSL encrypted protection. It can bypass any kind of filters set by your government or your company. Due to the SSL encrypted connection with the proxy, your browsing activity and data remains anonymous and safe.

URL: https://www.proxysite.com/

unblock sites free - proxysite


To unblock all websites for free, hide.me is a great option. They encrypt your connection to offer VPN like benefits. Accessing blocked sites anonymously is no longer difficult for you. Best ping time, access controlled servers that support OpenVPN, SoftEther, SOCKS, SSTP etc. ensures better performance. It doesn’t store IPs permanently and pretty simple to setup. It supports all BitTorrent clients. Be it Smartphones, Smart TVs, Windows, or a Mac system, it supports all of them.

URL: https://hide.me/en/proxy

unblock sites free- hide.me


Proxfree unblocks sites which are restricted due to censorship and allows anonymous access to the internet. This proxy site bypasses restrictions while keeping your browsing anonymous. Proxfree unblock websites, posing as an intermediate between the target site and you. The proxy IP is only exposed to the destination site, ensuring your activities are SSL encrypted by the server.

URL: https://www.proxfree.com/proxy/

proxfree unblock sites


With Filterbypass.me, you can unblock any website free of cost from across the globe. It has 128 bit SSL security for your browsing. It even bypasses restrictions on social media websites and lets you stream from dailymotion and YouTube as well. This proxy site is reliable and fast to browse websites from across the globe anonymously.

URL: https://www.filterbypass.me/

unblock sites free - filterbypass.me


If your office policies or Government has blocked your favorite websites, then what can you do? Well, you can unblock sites online free using atozproxy.com easily. It unlocks restricted websites and functions as a mirror image for the desired site. SSL encrypted, mobile friendly design, and ultrafast speed are few of the promising features of this proxy.

URL: https://www.atozproxy.com/

unblock sites free - atozproxy


Smartdnsproxy can unblock website online free helps you unblock restricted websites faster. Around 400 channels across 39 countries are accessible with this proxy. Multiple device support is possible with Smartdnsproxy. No matter which country the content is from, you can seamlessly access any restricted website.

URL: https://www.smartdnsproxy.com/

unblock websites free - smartdnsproxy.com

Latent Risks in Free Proxies

Identity theft

As your information is transferred to the free internet unblockers while browsing, there are chances it might get stored there. Imagine the proxy site got hacked, your data is then open to the perpetrators who can steal your identity SSI number or your health insurance claims as well.

IP tracked during internet surfing

Though, your IP is not exposed to the target site. The website unblocker online is free and mind track or store the IP. Possible security breach with the proxy site might put you in trouble.

Location being tracked

Your real location is not entered with the proxy site, when you try to unblock any site for free. But, the proxy knows it all and what if they might get a cyberattack and your location is exposed. You might be in trouble, if the site has censored issues banned in your area.

Internet connection is established on plain tunnel

Proxy or the free internet unblockers use an ordinary passage to connect to the internet. There is no vigil check on the security aspect. So, your identity information, credit card information, and online banking data might be at risk.

Safer Alternative to Unblock Sites

If you want to unblock all sites free, but ensuring a secure online experience, VPN is a better catch.

Acting as a moderator between you and the server, it camouflages the blocked sites from your ISP. These VPNs are fast, reliable, and secure to carry out any transaction. VPN services are trustworthy, reliable, and faster when compared to free internet unblockers.

When you think of signing up for one such service, ensure that you have gone through every aspect of it for utmost security.


NordVPN is one of the trusted ones in the market. It encrypts your browsing records to prevent perpetrators from sneaking into your information. It prevents snoopy advertisers and annoying Ads from bothering you or stealing the data.

Apart from accessing censored content, you can also stream websites at high speed using NordVPN. It’s better than using free software to unblock sites and pay the price of identity theft. It ensures you to unblock all sites freely, without any restriction of location.

Video Tutorial: Set up NordVPN within minutes

Here comes the step-by-step guide to set it up:

Step 1:  Download NordVPN from its official website. Click the ‘Tap Virtual Ethernet Adapter’ checkbox and ‘Next’ button onwards before hitting ‘Install’.

unblock websites - vpn

Step 2:  Once the software gets installed, launch NordVPN and then login to your account. Hit on the ‘Quick Connect’ button to establish connection with the VPN server. The green country pin light ensures you have successfully connected.

unblock sites -set up vpn

The following features make NordVPN stand out:

  • You can access public Wi-Fi securely without any malware or spyware attacks.
  • NordVPN blocks annoying Ads and hides your IP to keep intruders at bay.
  • It supports up to 6 devices from different platforms through a single NordVPN account.
  • No bandwidth expiry, when you consume content while abroad.
  • You get dedicated IPs, VPN apps, and proxy browse extensions for safe internet access and online transactions.