Review of Change iPhone Location
start screen
IOS Spoofers
Work for all the apps
No risk detected
No jailbreak
Easy to use
Convenient Handling


Makes you Anonymous
Availability of sources
No threat to security


Legal issues may bother
Doesn't work so well with iOS 13
Apps may ban you


Work for all the apps: This device is handy for spoofing locations on all the apps, like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Pokémon Go, etc. Once you have plugged in the widget to your iOS device, now it gives you control to use a moderated location on any existing application of your device.

No risks detected: Connecting a spoofer device to your iPhone or iPad doesn't harm your iOS device anyway. Neither it steals your data. You will be able to spoof your location only until the device is connected to your iPhone. Once you have plugged it out, your phone will start showing its real location again.real roads on the map.

No Jailbreaks: For faking your iOS device location, location spoofer doesn't alter factory settings. Your device remains ton percent authentic as it was. It doesn't use any software patching; it is just an external hardware GPS altering device. way you want.

Easy to Use: It doesn't require any hectic procedures, like coding. Only plugin, and by supporting an application installed on your phone, you can easily spoof your location.

Convenient Handling: You can carry this device very smoothly, due to their size. Also, connecting this device to your phone doesn't alter other activities like charging or listening to music. You can continue charging, meanwhile spoofing your location.


iOS models to work with
iOS models
iPad Air/iPod touch/iPad mini/2/7/10/iPhone X/XS/XR and before
Mobile apps to change GPS
Mobile LBS apps
Tinder/Life360/Pokemon Go

Pricing Supported Features
External Device mini $189 Charging port
External Device $199 Charging port, audio jack
External device Bluetooth wireless $269 Wireless Bluetooth connection

How to Use the Program

Choose Teleport mode from the upper right.
Search for your desired location to teleport.
Click "Move Here" to teleport to the location.
In 1-stop mode, select your destination.
Confirm your path and click "March".
Pause at any point at your convenience.
In Multi-stop mode, select any places to pass by.
Set the times to go back and forth.
Pause or march on at any point you like.

User Experience & Reliability

After unpacking, this device seems like a pen drive, not exactly that but a similar one. It works fine, and no app gives legal warnings. Hence, it is compatible with all the applications. But if in future applications add patches to detect these spoofers, it can become a problem.

Reliability: - In terms of reliability, this location spoofer device works well; Apple verifies the factory in which the product is made as an external accessory manufacturing factory.

Convenience: - It is effortless to carry the device in your pocket, and you can use it anytime, no matter wherever you are. It is lightweight and doesn't add any extra weight to your phone.

Delivery: - It is being delivered to customers through a very fast international express delivery system.

Customer support:- customers can 24*7 reach manufacturer from website and helpline numbers.

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