How to Fake GPS of Pokemon Go on iOS Devices
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How to Fake GPS of Pokemon Go on iOS Devices

Do you want to safely use fake GPS on Pokemon Go in iOS devices? In this guide, we cover what is faking GPS, how to prepare your iPhone, tools you can use, and how you can avoid getting banned when GP
author of this article Sep 19,2020 / Posted by Felix Baynham

No matter how much anyone tries to deny it, Pokemon Go is one of the most loved mobile games in 2020! Every mobile gamer knows that it is an Augmented Reality smartphone game that encourages the payers to move around to find Pokestops & rare Pokemons. But as we are sitting in the middle of a pandemic, going outside is dangerous. In times like this, fake GPS Pokemon Go on iOS or Android makes so much sense.

In this article, we are going to talk about how to fake the GPS of Pokemon Go on iOS devices in 2020. But, before we get to start with that what does faking GPS in Pokemon Go even mean?

What is faking GPS in Pokemon Go

As mentioned above, Pokemon Go is an Augmented Reality mobile game that includes real-life elements to make the gameplay more real and fun. But, what if you want to enjoy this game without moving around? Or what if you can’t find any rare Pokemons near you?

Faking GPS in Pokemon Go basically means that you are hunting for Pokemons & Pokestops in a location where you are not actually present. It means that, according to your Pokemon Go app, you are walking around catching Pokemons in a completely different location but in real life, you are sitting in your living room.

Now that we know what is faking GPS in Pokemon Go, let’s begin with how to fake GPS Pokemon Go in iOS devices.

Part 1: What preparations required before faking GPS

Before we begin with Fake GPS Pokemon Go iOS, it is crucial to understand that you’ve to be extremely cautious about it. Niantic - the developer company of Pokemon Go sees this as a violation of its rules and might impose a soft ban on your account if it notices suspicious activity with it.

Step 1: Go to “Settings’” in your iOS device.

Step 2: Open “Privacy” and then click on “Location Services”.

Step 3: You will see a list of apps that have access to your location. Select Pokemon Go from the list and choose “While Using the App”.

This will make sure that no flags are raised when your cell service is from South Asia and you are hunting from Pokemons in New York, the very next minute.

The idea when you are using Pokemon Go iOS fake GPS is to be logical with the movements and not let Pokemon Go raise a flag because of illogical movements and sudden location changes!

  • Apart from this, make sure you have turned off the “Find My Phone” service on your device. Doing this will make the process of faking smoother as it will not be able to detect the location of your device with ease.

Part 2: 2 Solutions to fake GPS of iOS Pokemon Go

Now that we know how to prepare your iPhone to safely fake GPS Pokemon go iOS, let’s have a look at the top 2 solutions to fake GPS of iOS Pokemon Go.

3.1 Dr. Fone iOS location Changer

Dr. Fone iOS location Changer is one of the most recommended tools in the Pokemon Go iOS fake GPS category. Some of the unique features of Dr. Fone iOS Location Changer are:

  • It allows you to change your iPhone GPS to literally anywhere in the world.
  • You can use its Joystick to make the GPS movement freely and more believable.
  • It also helps to simulate GPS movement along any real paths that you draw.

Here’s how you can use this tool to fake GPS Pokemon Go in iOS.

Step 1: Click on the link mentioned above and download it on your PC or Mac. Install it and launch the software.

Step 2: Connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac and click on the "Virtual Location" button. Hit “Get Started”.

Step 3: Click on the third button to enter into “Teleport Mode” and enter the location you want to move to. Now, click on “Move Here”.

dr.fone-move here

Step 4: Once the location is changed, you can open the Pokemon Go app on your iPhone and start hunting for rare Pokemons in your new location!

3.2 Location Spoofer - iSpoofer

Location spoofer - iSpoofer is one of the most widely used to fake GPS Pokemon Go on iOS devices. Here’s how you can easily use iSoofer to fake GPS Pokemon Go in iOS 2020.

Step 1: Go to the above link and download iSpoofer on your Windows PC or laptop. Open the software.

Step 2: Connect your phone to your laptop and click “Trust” to authenticate the connection.

Step 3: Based on your device, iSpoofer will download some code-like file. The following screen would be a map view! Now, adjust the pinpoint to change the location to wherever you want it.

location spoofer

Now open the Pokemon Go app on your iPhone and enjoy Pokemon Go in your new location.

Part 3: How to prevent softban by Pokemon Go

Though the above-listed tools are safe to use, you have to be super-cautious to avoid getting soft or even permanently banned by Niantic. In this section of how to fake GPS Pokemon Go iOS, we will list a few tips you can use to not get banned while GPS spoofing Pokemon Go in your iOS device.

Tip 1: When you are playing Pokemon Go, you are constantly communicating with the game servers to locate Pokemons in a particular location. So, you’ll have to be careful to not raise some flags in fake GPS Pokemon Go iOS 2020.

So, let’s say that you moved 1000km away from your last location. Give the game time to register the location change. Use this chart to prevent a soft ban for location changes and their respective cooldown period before catching new Pokemons in the new location.

pokemon go cooldown

Tip 2: Set a believable speed when moving around when you are using fake GPS Pokemon Go iOS 2020. Most of the GPS spoofing apps mentioned above allow you to simulate a path on a chosen route at a speed of your choice.

Make sure that you are choosing the speed as well as the route to be natural & believable.

Tip 3: While you might have fun doing it but don’t keep changing your location where you are using fake GPS Pokemon Go iOS. If one day you are in New York and the next second you change your location to thousands of miles away, it is simply not believable and you might get banned for it.

Change your location to one of the most popular places for rare Pokemons such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, United States. And enjoy playing the game by catching rare Pokemons.

Tip 4: While playing and capturing Pokemons, make sure that you have set the location settings to “Device Only” mode.


If you follow all the steps mentioned in this guide, the probability of you getting banned by Niantic will reduce significantly. Besides these, if you get any new Pokemon Go updates, make sure that you clear data before opening the new app and using fake GPS Pokemon Go iOS.

Now that you have the cheat sheet of how to safely fake GPS in Pokemon Go on iOS devices, try them now and enjoy playing the game from the comfort of your couch!