Easy Steps to Spoof Pokemon Go iOS
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Easy Steps to Spoof Pokemon Go iOS

If you’re looking out for a perfect way to how to carry out Pokemon go spoofing iOS, you’re on the right page as this article is curated with step by step guide on spoofing Pokemon go iPhone
author of this article Sep 19,2020 / Posted by Felix Baynham

The game Pokemon Go is a global sensation and is enjoyed by everyone. Thanks to its unique idea, Pokemon Go requires the player to follow the guide, reach locations, catch Pokemons, and attain rewards.

The locations on the Pokemon Go are spread out globally. One cannot acquire every location and yet continue playing. That’s when location spoofing comes to the rescue.

How does spoofing work? How does one carry out spoofing Pokemon go on iOS?

Don’t worry, these questions will be answered in this article with steps on how you can use location spoofing on your iPhone without any hindrance and enjoy Pokemon Go to the fullest!

Part 1: Do you Know Pokemon Go spoofing iOS?

The most attractive feature about Pokemon Go is its gaming-design and playing it on an iOS is more exciting. It is a location-based game that tracks your location and then shows you the available Pokemon in the nearby vicinity. The location will have the Pokemon and it can be anywhere on the globe irrespective of the distance. To attain them, you will have to reach the location and earn rewards further. To earn maximum rewards and Pokemon’s, you will have to cover maximum locations that are not physically possible always.

As said, Pokemon Go is a location-based game, now once the player has covered all the nearby locations, but the game is still is not over. Now, the player needs to discover various new locations all over the world to catch them all. So, to do so players opt for Pokemon Go spoofing.

Pokemon Go spoofing apps give you access to various locations from around the world and with access to multiples locations, you’ll be able to catch more Pokemons. This is exactly why gamers tend to opt for Pokemon Go spoofing iOS apps to spoof/fake locations. Although, safety comes first and one should go in for a reliable and highly secure spoofer Pokemon go iOS app.

Part 2: Easy steps for you to spoof Pokemon Go iOS

Looking for a safe location spoofer for Pokemon Go on iOS?

Dr.Fone Virtual Location iOS fits in perfectly as the safest and reliable ideal location spoofer specifically for iOS users. By using Dr.Fone Virtual Location for iOS, you can easily take the gaming experience of Pokemon Go to the next level as this app will help you in easily faking and navigating your location to any part of the globe. This will help in catching more Pokemons and earning more rewards which make the game for fun.

So, to enhance your Pokemon Go experience, go ahead and install the tool today!

Let us know in the step-by-step guide on how to use Dr.Fone Virtual Location iOS and carry out spoofing Pokemon Go on iPhone.

Step 1: First things first, Visit the official website of Dr.Fone Virtual Location iOS and download it from there. Once you download the tool, further the process by installing it. Launch the tool now to begin. On the main interface, make sure to click on “Virtual Location” tab.

click virtual location tab

STEP 2: Get your iOS device and use the USB cord to connect it with the PC. Once you’re connected to the computer from your iPhone, hit “Get Started” right away!

get started right away

STEP 3: Once you’ve completed these steps, a new tab will open where you will see your current location on the map. In case, the map is varying, go to the lower right part of the page and press the “Center On” icon.

press center on icon

STEP 4: To start with the process, you’ll have to first activate the “Teleport Mode”. For this, go to the upper right and click on the third icon. Now, you will notice the search bar on the screen in the upper left section. Here, enter any location you want around the globe and press “Go”.

activate teleport mode

STEP 5: Upon entering the chosen place in the bar, a pop-up box will appear saying “Move On”. Press that instantly. It will show you the distance of the place you entered.

saying move on

STEP 6: You have successfully changed your location to the one you opted for. To ensure this, click on “Center On” icon or locate the location your iPhone. Even on the device, the location will be the same.

Here is how your desktop will display the location

display the location

This is how your iPhone will display the location

how your phone show the location

There you go, you have successfully installed Dr.Fone Virtual Location iOS and can now successfully carry out spoofing Pokemon go iPhone.

Part 3: How about Spoof Pokemon Go Android?

Every phone device can access Pokemon Go and enjoy its intriguing gaming experience. Location spoofing is the major aspect that has to come to light with the Pokemon Go craze. Various applications provide you with location spoofing and enhance your gaming experience.

Although, the question is - can all devices use location spoofing? As mentioned above, iOS has Dr.Fone that is the most reliable spoofing app. But what about spoofing on android devices?

For android too Dr fone does the job for you, just click here and acquire a list of applications suitable for android devices Pokemon go spoofing, along with their step to step process and potential risks.

You can easily opt for any of them on your android devices and carry out Pokemon go spoofing instantly!


With this article, you have successfully understood how you can easily enhance your Pokemon Go gaming experience by using Dr Fone, the safest spoofer for Pokemon go in iOS. We also learned how android devices can be spoofed, too.

Finally, Pokemon Go is a fun pass-time game and one should try it out and enhance its experience by trying out the spoofing methods mentioned. We hope that you enjoyed reading this post. For such similar posts in the future, stay with us and get enlightened!