Clash Royale Strategy: Top 9 Clash Royale Tips You Need to Know
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Clash Royale Strategy: Top 9 Clash Royale Tips You Need to Know

In this article, we are going to take a look at 8 different Clash Royale tips and see how they can help you overcome different barriers throughout the game.
author of this article Apr 28,2020 / Posted by Felix Baynham

Clash Royale is no doubt an entertaining game for each and every player who loves experiencing the battlefield at first hand. To help you succeed in this game, I have a detailed Clash Royale strategy that comes equipped with different Clash Royale tips.

For you to win this game, you must carefully select your opponents and attack them appropriately. Since most of us haven’t learned the skills yet, the best way to get over this game is by using the Clash Royale strategy. If you want to succeed, go through each, and every Clash Royale tips explained in this article, and I’m sure you will be in a position to conquer your enemies.

Part 1: Play the Waiting Game

As much as you may want to attack your opponents, it’s always advisable to study your opponents before attacking them. However, if you have at hand some initial and good looking cards that could help you out, dispatch them to confuse your opponents and destroy their tower in a surprise attack. If you don’t have these cards, then let the elixir bar build to good usable levels and then launch an attack.

Clash Royale tips - Play the Waiting Game

Part 2: Record Clash Royale using iOS Screen Recorder

While playing Clash Royale, you may want to record your skills and see how good you are at a later date. To do this, you need a screen recorder. Though many screen recording programs are available, not all of them can guarantee you the best recording services. It’s for this reason that we have iOS Screen Recorder program. With this program, you can record your game, save it for a later date and share it amongst your friends. If you are still stuck, this is how it’s done.

How to Record Clash Royale with iOS Screen Recorder:

Step 1: Launch iOS Screen Recorder

Download and install iOS Screen Recorder on your PC. Run and launch the program.

Step 2: Connect Your Devices

Connect your PC and your iDevice to an active WIFI connection. Once you have initiated this connection, click on the "iOS Screen Recorder" to activate the connection. Once you have an active connection, you should be in a position to see the same screen display on both of your devices as shown below.

Clash Royale tips and tricks

Step 3: Initiate Mirroring

In an upward motion, swap your finger on your screen to open the "Control Centre". Under the control center, tap on the "AirPlay" option and confirm the request by tapping on the "Done" option. In your next interface, tap on the "dr.fone" icon and confirm the request by tapping on the "Done" icon.

Clash Royale tips

Step 4: Start Recording Clash Royale

A new interface with the recording option will open up the moment you confirm the "dr.fone" connection in our previous step. Tap on the "Red" icon to initiate the recording process. You can pause the recording by tapping the red button again.

Clash Royale tip

There you have it. You can now employ Clash Royale tips and record each and every move you make during the game.

Part 3: Join the Clan

The Clash Royale clan can be very helpful especially if you happen to be stuck in a particular level. Apart from chatting in these rooms, you can exchange and donate playing cards to other players. Exchanging cards can help you improve your overall deck while the donating cards can help you increase your coffers. This tip is of great importance to each and every clan member.

Clash Royale strategy

Part 4: Always Watch Your Watch

Your elixir attack usually reaches fever pitch during the final 60 seconds of the usual three minutes. For you to get the best and the most out of your elixir, make sure that you launch an attack during these 60 seconds. The chances are high that you will cause your opponent some serious damage. Another great Clash Royale tip is to release the fireball and defend it tooth and nail up until the 60 seconds have elapsed.

top 9 Clash Royale strategies

Part 5: Attack Wisely

You may be tempted to attack another tower immediately after you have successfully attacked the first one. However, the best offense has always been the best defense. In this case, the moment you have attacked a single tower, sit back, relax and counter your next move. Wait until the clock runs down before going for another attack. You should only continue the attack if you are up against a stronger enemy who is ready and capable of damaging your towers.

Clash Royale strategy

Part 6: Distract Your Enemies

The distraction game works perfectly well especially if you don’t have the right cards or the right amount of power to fight off your opponents. If you may have noticed, Clash Royale units don’t make a tower beeline for protection purposes. What this means is that you can distract these groups by sending one of your weak units. What happens from here is that, the enemy unit will move towards your shipped unit, hence giving you the opportunity to attack the enemy tower.

top 9 Clash Royale tips

Part 7: Boosts Your Troops

An excellent Clash Royale tip is to boost your troops using the spells. With these spells, you can scupper your advances and increase your attacking front. In this case, it would be highly advisable to consider the Freeze and the Zap spell. The Freeze spell will derail your enemies, while the Zap will function by weakening your enemies.

Clash Royale tips and strategy

Part 8: Go After Huge Towers

If you want to score more, always go for the hard targets. In this case, your hard target will be the massive towers rather than the small and easy to destroy ones. For you to go through these targets, you will have to arm yourself with a good army which must include the river-leaping Hog Rider or the Giant. With this in hand, you will be in a position to effectively take out the huge towers.

Go After Huge Towers

Part 9: Balance Your Battle Deck

When playing Clash Royale, it’s highly advisable to balance your deck effectively, to make sure that you are well equipped when it comes to battling off your enemies. On your deck, ensure that you have unit balances, splash damage units, long distance weapons and tanks.

Balance Your Battle Deck

From the points and tips gathered in this article, we can conclusively state that it’s possible to record Clash Royale tips while recording the game using iOS Screen Recorder. Regardless of your level of experience, having with you a Clash Royale strategy should be a must if you want to surpass your opponents and win the game.