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Pokemon Go Spoofing Android apps: Which is the best?

Enjoy more Pokémon’s collection with Pokémon go Spoofing app Android that helps you to spoof your location in-game by adding the joystick.
author of this article Sep 19,2020 / Posted by Felix Baynham

Part 1: Brief introduction

Pokémon Go is a popular and addictive smartphone game app that is based on the augmented reality of the present time. This game has transformed the real-world element into the game environment as the game heavily depends on the gamer present location. Pokémon Go is considered as an only online game that cannot be played at the comfort of your couch. In order to play this exciting and amazing game, the gamer needs to step out of their room to discover the new Pokémon near his or her location.

But you must have knowledge about the current pandemic situation where moving out is not at all safe for any people. So you must be thinking now that the pandemic situation might stop you from playing the game. But this statement is not true, as you may find smart Pokémon Go spoofing Android app, which could be the best solution to play Pokémon go. These spoofing apps are designed to help the game to effectively spoof the real-time location of your smartphone. Hence it means you could easily fake your location and play the game at your home within your comforts.

Part 2: Best 5 Pokemon Go Spoofing Android apps

There are many popular Pokémon go Spoofing app android that you may find easily in the app store. The best part of the secure Pokémon goes Spoofing apps is that help you to level-up your Pokémon game that, too, at your home comfort. Check below; you will be able to find the best five Pokémon Go Spoofing Android apps:

1. FGL Pro

FGL Pro is the free app that is designed for Pokemon go android application. With this effective app, you could easily spoof the location of your smartphone that, too, in real-time. You could easily catch your favoritePokemon through this app easily by changing your smartphone location from anywhere in the world to anywhere.

Features of FGL Pro:

  • It offers the best option for the gamer to choose a location all over the globe
  • Help you to easily use the location spoofing app
  • It also provides multiple options for share routes
  • Share your fake location with anyone you want to send.


  • It is easy to download and use
  • It is a free application


  • It contains many ads.
features og fgl pro

2. Fake GPS Location

With Fake GPS location app, you could teleport the real-time location of your smartphone that, too, with just two clicks. It is the best Pokemon Go spoofing Android app that is available for effective use. In order to use this app, you do not require any technical skills, as it is easy to use the app for android.

Features of Fake GPS Location:

  • Easy to find location locked to last mocked location event
  • Save location and use them later
  • Easily select a location on the map
  • Quickly change GPS location to the selected location


  • Easily to download and access fine location
  • It offers an option to save locations for later use.


  • It requires to be rooted
fake gps location app

3. Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer Free

Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer free is the popular Pokemon go Spoofing app android and is available with most versions of Android. The best thing about this app is that you do not need to root the device, and it provides the real-time location of your smartphone.

Features of Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer Free

  • With Internet permission, this app helps to display the map view
  • It allows mock location and ins location
  • Standard spoofing
  • It also helps in creating routes


  • Easy to use and download
  • It could easily integrate with other apps through the share button


  • There is a chance of getting banned on Pokemon Go game.
features of fake gps go

4. Mock GPS with Joystick

Mock GPS with Joystick is the best tool that could be used on all android devices. It is easy to download and use this application. The best thing is that you could quickly and easily update the location using a Joystick while the application is running.

Features of Mock GPS with Joystick:

  • It provides the best option for teleportation
  • It is configurable
  • Easily and quickly update location with Joystick
  • Save the recent location.


  • You could easily download and use this application in your Android device
  • This application is free for use


  • Too much instability and crashes a lot.
mock gps joystick

5. Fake GPS location Go- GPS Joystick

Fake GPS location Go-GPS Joystick provides you with an option to overwrite the real-time location of your smartphone. The best thing about this app is that it comes with Joystick features that could effectively help you to teleport your smartphone location in very less time.

Features of Fake GPS location Go- GPS Joystick:

  • It helps you to mock your location with a single click
  • You could easily search or select any place to play the game
  • It does not require any root
  • It helps you to save any location that you want to save.


  • Fake GPS location Go-GPS Joystick comes with a customized joystick mode for the player to play.
  • It is free and easy to download and use


  • Fake GPS location Go-GPS Joystick involves a lengthy process to mock the locations.
fake gps location go


All the best spoof Pokemon Go Android app helps the gamer to easily fake the location and effectively increase the collection of Pokemon. You may choose any of the best spoof pokemon go app for your device and enjoy playing the game at anyplace.

However, if you are an iPhone owner, here is a tip - Dr.Fone-Virtual Location iOS is the best iOS tool that could help you easily and quickly spoof your location on Pokemon Go. And the best part is that you do not have to worry about any security concerns. This spoofing Pokemon Go tool comes with a user-friendly interface and helps you to easily mock your location just with a click. Dr.Fone-Virtual Location is the best solution for Pokemon spoofing iOS as every major iOS device supports it. Here you could also look for any location by name or by entering its coordinates as well.

Now that you know how you can make the best of Pokemon Go, what are you waiting for? Just choose one of the apps and start playing. Let us know which app is suitable for you in the comment section below. Happy playing folks!