How to play Jurassic-world-alive during the covid lockdown?

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How to play Jurassic-world-alive during the covid lockdown?

Problems playing Jurassic World Alive when you’re stuck at home? This spoofer for Jurassic world Alive lets you play the game even in COVID lockdown!
author of this article Apr 08,2021 / Posted by Felix Baynham

If you haven’t heard already, Jurassic World Alive is the newest sensation in the world of AR – a game infused with Augmented Reality. The game processes information to combine reality with graphics to give the players a surreal experience. This creates a hybrid of reality infused with your wildest imaginations, such as huge dinosaurs roaming around the very streets you walk on every single day.

Jurassic World Alive allows the users to interact with hundreds of different dinosaurs in the real world, allowing the players to catch them or even use them in battle. Moreover, Jurassic World Alive players can even extract DNA from these dinosaurs and combine them to create newer dinosaurs. The game is filled with exciting player vs. player events, tournaments, and other exciting events to keep you engaged.

However, recently due to implications of the Coronavirus and the COVID lockdown, Jurassic World Alive players have not been able to engage with the game quite as much. If you are one of the people who were bound by COVID lockdown limitations and thus couldn’t play the game as much as you wanted, there is a solution for you to be able to play ludia Jurassic World Alive while sitting at home!


As described above, the game is a hybrid of graphics and reality – a combination we know as AR or Augmented Reality. It lets you roam around the streets of your town and come across magnificent creatures. In essence, the game works on the same principle as the previously famous AR sensation: Pokémon Go.

If you have played any of these games, you already know that the game requires you to move around a lot – and we say “a lot” because we mean it. You have to walk around town to meet new dinosaurs, walk to event stations where you can take part in player vs. player battles or tournaments. You even have to walk to certain points to collect Jurassic World Alive supply drops.

All of this sounds well and good if you are an enthusiast. However, due to recent COVID lockdown in response to the worldwide pandemic of Coronavirus, governments and local authorities have taken measures to restrict movement. This measure is taken to stop the spread of this deadly disease. People have been confined to their homes for at least over a year. How do you go about playing Jurassic World Alive if you can’t get out of your house? Well, we may have a simple and effective solution for you!


Since your movement out of the house is restricted due to the COVID 19 lockdown, you can’t really go out and roam around the streets to play Jurassic World Alive as you could before. However, it does not mean that you should miss out on any exciting events and opportunities in the game.

If you can’t get out of the house, there is no reason why your location cannot change. You can use a Jurassic World Alive spoofer to change your location to virtually any GPS location you want! A location spoofer is a tool that lets you change your GPS location anywhere on a map without you having to physically move at all. This is especially useful since you can’t move much during the COVID lockdown anyway.

However, knowing what a location spoofer is one thing and choosing a tool for Jurassic World Alive Spoof is another. You need a reliable Jurassic World Alive spoofer that is both safe and secure as well as easy to use. Dr.Fone Virtual Location is a Jurassic World Alive spoofer that you can use to change your location in the game safely and effectively!


Dr.Fone virtual location is a spoofer that lets you employ a fake GPS for Jurassic World Alive. The software is safe and secure and lets you completely spoof your location in a matter of minutes! Here is a step-by-step process to help you use this spoofer for Jurassic World Alive.

Dr.Fone - Virtual Location

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  • Enter the coordinates or address of the target location to spoof your iPhone location.
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  • Use joystick for more flexible GPS control.

Once you’ve downloaded the Dr. Fone Jurassic world alive spoofer, here’s what to do next:

  1. Launch the fake GPS app for Jurassic world alive.
  2. Download and install Dr.Fone Virtual Location on your laptop or computer and open the “Virtual Location” tab on the software.

    Dr. Fone Tool Kit Homescreen.

    The next step is to connect your iPhone to your computer. Now, click the “Get Started button” to get started!

    Dr. Fone Virtual Location 01
  3. Search for a desired location
  4. Once your ios device is connected to this spoofer for Jurassic world alive, simply click the “teleport mode,” which is the third option on the top-right corner of the screen.

    Dr. Fone Virtual Location 02

    Now enter the name of the location you want to spoof your current location to. You can also enter coordinates of the location.

    Dr. Fone Virtual Location 03
  5. Pin your new location using the fake GPS for Jurassic World Alive.
  6. All you have to do now is to choose where you want to pin your new location. You can zoom in and out and even move around. Simply click “Move here” once you are done deciding where to spoof your location. This Jurassic World Alive spoofer gives you a joystick for ios to move wherever you want to. Here is a guide on how to use the Jurassic World Alive with joystick for ios to reroute your location.

    Dr. Fone Virtual Location 04

    Your fake GPS for Jurassic World Alive is now operational. You can check this by launching the game on your IOS device.

    Dr. Fone Virtual Location 05


As you can see, the AR game Jurassic World Alive is a lot of fun when you are moving around the city interacting with different dinosaurs. However, sometimes you are unable to move around so much, especially when there is global COVID lockdown employed due to Coronavirus. This is where you can use a fake GPS for Jurassic World Alive to move your location to where you cannot.

Dr.Fone virtual location for Jurassic World Alive is a safe and secure way of spoofing your location on IOS. You can use this software using the steps given above and play Jurassic World Alive by sitting at home!